i'm a model if you know what i mean

“do you know the shittiest part about being a model ? the fact that people think it’s still fucking 1990. things change, industries change and the amount of times i’ve seen the word iconic thrown around in the last six months is about to drive me up a wall. what does my wealth have to do with anything ? or my instagram follower count ? i mean, i get it, trust me i do – naomi and cindy and christy and kate are all fine and fucking dandy but it’s 2017 ! she’s too skinny to be the face of a nike campaign, they say. i bet most of them are sitting and eating deep fried twinkies while thinking i give a shit about them and their not asked for comments.”

anonymous asked:

i think faith's a lesbian too, who feels attraction only towards women n none towards men, but sleeps with them for other reasons. also, please dont the split attraction model towards non aces, sleeping with men doesn't make you attracted to them

i wasn’t saying that sleeping with men automatically means someone’s attracted to them. i was just saying that faith does sleep with men and she does enjoy it… while mentioning that i’m still pretty sure she’s a lesbian. my personal relationship with sexuality or whatever is pretty screwed up anyway, so i’m probably not the best person to hit with this stuff my dude… but still… i’m glad you mostly agree with me!!! i wanna make a Good Post one day about faith+sex when it comes to men bc i think it’s an important thing to discuss in conjunction with her characterization but i’m terrible with words, as evidenced by the reason you sent this ask at all, so who knows when that’ll happen


appreciation post for one of my big sisters

i love you so fuckin much, you’re such an amazing mother and sister and wife and friend and i couldn’t ask for a more incredible person to have as a role model. you’re my protector and mean everything to me dude. you’re my chicken and im ya nuggie. i cant thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. always had my back and always ready to jump in if someone disrespects me. you’ve given me another brother, and you’ve both shown me unconditional love and support. anyway, I love ya


Okay, legit Rebels criticism:

Why does Hera never actually WEAR her goggles?

I mean, they’re always on her head, but they’re never DOWN. They’re never…doing what they’re supposed to do, and being, you know, in front of her eyes.

And you can’t even say that there’s never been a chance (IN TWENTY-FIVE EPISODES), because…

Ship repairs!


…okay, I guess she’s never flown a speeder, but SHE’S HAD THEM ON HER HEAD THE WHOLE SHOW, why has she never put them over her eyes? Does the model not move yet? Have they not figured out how to make it work? 

They did it before!