i'm a mature woman

Azula is a fourteen year old child

She is not a monster

She still has the potential to be redeemed (post-ATLA show)

She is fourteen and she is a child and not a horrible evil psychopath to be condemned to hell.

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age of consent is 16 in the uk it's not illegal. what makes it so dangerous at 16 but not at 18? sugar babying is dangerous at any age but acting like those 2 years make a huge difference is a bit weird. I'm a mature young woman I can handle whatever it is thats out there.

Listen…. listen…. please everyone listen. The age of consent does not mean it’s legal to have sex with anyone of any age. I’ve said that about a million times, so please all young girls out there remember that. When I was 16 I felt the same way. I thought I was so mature and could handle anything. But let me tell you that you are at an age where 2 years does make a huge difference. The fact that you believe it’s okay to sugar at 16 just shows that you really aren’t as mature as you think. Sugaring under 18 is illegal. Sugaring under 18 is dangerous. Sugaring under 18 is not okay, and I can’t believe I have to keep saying this.

The censorship of Willow and Tara’s relationship in season 4 goes to show how sheltered Willow and girls of her time would have been to lesbian experiences or romance between women. This is still the case now for so many young lesbians including myself. (I accepted my sexuality around the same age as Willow. I had dated boys like Willow did. I had actually dated more boys than Willow did. You see where this is going?) 

Saying Willow is bi rather than could have been (definitely not “should have been”) is a microaggression against lesbians. It is lesbophobic. Stop it.

Yes, there are issues with bierasure in it now (read: Buffy) but you can’t just point at a lesbian who went through compulsory heterosexuality in high school over 15 years ago and label her bisexual when she’s been out and proud for years.

I firmly believe the decision to not fully explain this on the show came from not wanting to turn their relationship into a gimmick. I believe it was done out of respect but also due to their limitations on what they could say. Willow herself says on countless occasions, however, that she is a lesbian and clearly has no interest in being with men ever again once she accepts her own orientation.

Respect this. Respect lesbians. Respect our experiences and our stories. Actively seeking to erase us is wrong.