i'm a man on fire

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!


I saw @xgracigloo(x) and @actualkana(x) do their versions, and I just had to try my hand at it.

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when u take the kids out of their deeprealms so they can interact only to throw them back into being on their own an hour later

related to this

and this happened too


i had to

also i’m not doing all of the other costumes because fuck that

I don’t know if everyone is like this, but I find it really cool that the wings of fire series can suck me into the world so completely that when the dragonets come across a human I think, “oh, what a cute squabbling animal, I would totally have one as a pet- OH WAIT THATS ME”


 he feelin it 

No one could ever have prepared me for the feelings I have for Khaji Da and Jaime Reyes, and more specifically for the BluePulse OT3. 

I had never even really considered it??? Like, Jaime and Bart wormed into my soul early on, but including this adorable fucking piece of shit scarab? Never crossed my mind.

But now I just have so many FEELINGS and keep WRITING SHIT and keep CRYING

and basically I blame you @fire-fira

Thank you for ruining my life. It’s a beautiful destruction and I love it.


AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I DID IT!! I cleared Ares Realm for the first time ever!!! I’m so happy~! And I was worried I wouldn’t have the damage to do it! Going all out on Soymilk Armatus SA was so worth it, since Aqua Limit is my MA gift that keeps on giving!

First team is the water-based team I used to clear floors 33 and 35. Since I’d limit broken my SA Soymilk Armatus to water, he became my mystic finisher of choice for the extra edge for hitting Barbatos and Kratos with their weak point. Fire Armatus had the higher attack, plus I could use a guardian to activate his hidden element without a penalty, so I gave him an earth element weapon and let him go beat up Saleh for me. Still needed a bit of luck, as I had Asch, friend Asch, Earth Armatus Rose, and Velvet chaining their delays onto Kratos to buy me a ton of turns at the start of that run to get an aura'ed arte healer on the board and had a few timely arte heal triggers (especially on Sophie and Edna) on the final floor to keep me going while Saleh hit me for 55k damage every 4 turns.

I’m so excited now! Can’t wait for the item summon to open up and limit break my Saleh! And here I thought I’d only get one!