i'm a mac user

catkey23  asked:

For the Pidge/hunk windows/Linux question -- both computers their main operating systems runs windows but Pidge installed Linux on everyone's computers so she could turn them ALL into her own personal render farm. You've seen the 3D shit she pulls out of nowhere, illegally scanned halts faces, 3D blueprints... that bitch has a render farm

what does this say

kamehamekomaeda-deactivated2017  asked:

I hate to bother ><'' but I just got into digital drawing and I was wondering what software you use? I downloaded a lot but I'm not sure what's best and some software isn't available to me because I'm a mac user ): thank you for answering if you do hhh

ah its not a bother at all!! I use this program called MediBangPaintPro. its for free, you can get it here! Also if you register in their web page you can download a bunch of brushes and manga tones and stuff (lmao they should hire me cause i keep advertising their product im crying its just a really good software ok also its for free so yea)