i'm a little upset about the girls

it’s very surreal. sometimes life feels like it’s all a bit too much, but other times, you’re 21, sitting on the couch and reading harry potter with a cartoon playing in the background, and it feels very simple. very calm. and in that moment you feel a wave of gratitude for your life, because you appreciate these little things you have. and sure, you’re still upset about Cute Freckled Girl or worried about work the next day, but at least you’re still here. and no, your life is far from perfect, you still have nightmares and panic attacks, but you also have more moments of peace than you realize. and that, in some way, keeps you grounded

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Mom came in with two kids, lil girl & boy, probably 3 & 4 y/o, respectively. They were getting a cinnamon roll & the little girl asked a question, mom said no. I'm setting out a fresh coffee urn I look over at our donut case & see her lift up the lid, reach her little hand in & tear off a chunk of the nearest cinnamon roll & pop it into her mouth! I wasn't upset, just told her mom. She was so nice about it, said she'd buy it ofc & the little girl got what she wanted in the end (more or less lol)

Had a cashier that her customers baby was chewing on a pack of gum. When mommy noticed she grabbed it and went to put it back on the shelf (yes they do that a lot) and the cashier told the lady “I’ll take that for you” so the lady handed it to the cashier that promptly scanned it and threw it in her bag.


Yousana drabble/one-shot

Yousef was excited to go to the stupid karaoke event.

He really was, really.

Seeing Sana again after they hung out on Friday? Being able to talk to her freely without being afraid of Elias possibly being hostile about it? Not feeling insecure about not being a Muslim?

He was excited.

So imagine his shock when he walked in and all he saw was Even singing while Sana was grinning and cheering him on.

His blood was boiling.

He told her everything about him - okay, maybe not everything, but he told her the basics. She knew the reason he stopped believing in Allah was because of him. She sought out Even, probably asked him to come so that they could make up or whatever. And possibly get him to believe in Allah again.

Hell no.

She was trying to change him and no matter how sweet her smile was or how bright her eyes were or how adorable she was whenever she got excited about something as insignificant as cockroaches, she couldn’t.

She can’t change his beliefs.

So he ignored her.

After seeing Elias arguing with Even’s friends, he had the idea that things would not be going well so he immediately had to seek Sana out to help her brother. He didn’t want to speak to her but he couldn’t just let Elias lash out.

Right after she left to help him, her friend Noora started speaking to him.

“Bad day?” she smiled knowingly, observing his annoyed expression.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“Ah, Sana. She’s the most loyal sibling I’ve ever met,” Noora commented.

He shrugged. “Elias and Sana might annoy the fuck out of each other but if you hurt one of them, you hurt the other.” That was actually a direct quote from Elias when he warned him before inviting him to the stupid SYNG event.

“She’s usually loyal,” Noora sighs. “Especially as a Muslim, I just can’t help but admire how dedicated she is. With all this Russ stuff, she still manages to practice her religion without a struggle.”

Yousef shrugged. If he heard one more word about Sana, he was going to scream. All he wanted to do was to forget the girl with the cute dimples and kickass basketball skills.

“I remember once we went to this party last year and there was this Penetrator guy hitting on her and she rejected him in such an embarrassing way that he couldn’t even talk to us anymore,” Noora recalls with a laugh.

Yousef couldn’t help but crack a smile. The same girl who could barely meet his eyes had no trouble telling off some random stranger.

She had no trouble trying to change him either.

“It’s actually pretty cool that she’s loyal to the whole rule about only marrying Muslims. There’s a lot of non-Muslim guys who have shown interest in her but she’d brush them off without a problem.”

That caught his attention. “What?”

“Yeah, she told me that Muslims could only marry other Muslims. She was pretty strict about it.”

Yousef clenched his jaw.

Why even bother with her anymore if she was going to end up marrying some random Muslim guy?

The thought of it made his heart clench. He didn’t want to picture her with anyone.

“Actually it was because I was interested in you,” Noora laughed, catching Yousef by surprise. “She told me that I’d be better off without though.”

His eyes hardened. “Did she, now?”

Noora tilted her head. “Yup. She said something about Muslim guys like you only using Norwegian girls until they want to get serious about a Muslim girl or something like that.”

He wanted to laugh. He’s been losing sleep and smiling for hours thinking about a girl who thought he was that low and disrespectful.

He wanted to stop loving her.

He wanted to forget her.

He wanted to never think about her again.

Yousef found himself smiling a sinister smile. “Well, I’m actually not Muslim.”

Noora widened her eyes and coughed. “What?”

“I don’t believe in Allah,” Yousef shrugged.

Noora grinned. “So I guess you’re not concerned with only marrying Muslim girls?”

He forced a smirk. “No.”

“In that case…” Noora leaned forward and touched his chest with her small hand. Her eyes drifted towards his lips and he knew exactly what she was thinking.

He slowly moved towards her and lowered his eyelids.

All he could see was Sana smiling as he handed her flowers. Sana laughing as she sneakily stole the ball from him. Sana’s terrible carrot peeling skills. Sana’s rant about the universe with her eyes wide and excited and bubbly like a cute, curious little girl’s. Sana’s challenging stare whenever someone questioned her abilities.

He needed to stop thinking about her. He needed to stop thinking about the girl he’d never have.

Without a further thought, he threw Sana’s beautiful face out of his mind as he leaned forward and met Noora’s lips with his own.

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I hate the double standard (*SOME*) plus girls have. I've always been skinny, never weighting more then 115. I'm 5'6 so what little weight I have stretches makes me look even skinnier. I always see memes about how "Men don't want to cuddle a skeleton" or "Real men like curves; dogs go for bones" & "Real woman have meat" etc. They can make/reblog/share/post shit like that~ but all hell would fucking break loose if I called one of them a fat cow. I NEVER would, I'm not a cunt. But still. :/

It’s true that people can be shitty to skinny people, I’ve seen them call skinny girls in my school anorexic, but rarely. And that’s harmful and upsetting, I get that.

This ask rubs me the wrong way. Why would you even want to call someone a fat cow? Like of course people would be angry and upset if you called them a fat cow wtf? That’s nasty and hurtful. This doesn’t make any sense.

Those things you see that say “real men like meat on their bones” are rooted in misogyny and also hurt fat girls, because it revolves around what men like and it also sexualizes fat girls as well, and enforces the idea that women’s appearances and weight only matter if men like them. Not to say it doesn’t hurt skinny girls as well, that kind of thing hurts all of us because of misogyny. You can’t say that fat people and skinny people deal with the same bullying because the truth is they don’t. Not even close. Fat people are jokes in TV shows and movies. Skinny people represent just about ever character, especially main characters.

I know some people can be made fun of for being skinny, usually when they’re really skinny. I get that. But you need to realize that society is fucking terrible to fat people. Maybe I read into this ask wrong, I just woke up and I’m still half asleep but it really did rub me the wrong way.

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I'm going to be honest. At first I was a little upset about the whole Jackson situation then I read your post and then I smacked myself for thinking that way. I looked at the pictures myself and girl they looked like twists. There are more important things than getting upset over some damn hair. I hope this whole thing blows over for Jackson cause he doesn't deserve this abuse. I may not know him long as you do, but he doesn't deserve it.

He doesn’t deserve that slander look at him! xD

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One time, I got was pretty upset with my siblings (I'm from a pretty large family so that happens pretty often but not about anything serious). I turned my frustrations towards stress baking and baked the all the cookie dough we had which made like 24 cookies. As revenge, I decided not to share even though they like watched me make them. So I took them up to my room and little 12 year old toothpick of a girl me ate every single last cookie in one sitting out of spite.

this is the level of spite i strive to achieve in my life holy shit

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i just want pidge to grow her hair out. like she was obviously upset about having to cut it so i want her to grow it out again, and because she grew it out i want there to be a fight between her and lotor where she has her helmet on and he says the classic "no man has ever beaten me" line and pidge just, pulls her helmet off and all her hair falls down (maybe mirroring lotor's reveal a little) and goes "good thing i'm a girl" and goes at him again.

Hair competition Lotor VS Pidge, winner gets Voltron

  • *phone rings*
  • Santa: *answers it* "Santa."
  • Klaus: "EH, YOU FUCKING MY GIRL?!"
  • Santa: "WOAAAAH! Hold up, hold up, hold up! Okay? First of all!"
  • Santa: "....."
  • Santa: "Good evening. The fuck? I understand you a little upset about something but that ain't got shit to do with your manners, motherfucker. Second, uh. Which girl belong to you? I fuck a lot of hoes this time of year."
  • Klaus: "MC, motherfucker!"
  • Santa: "MC?"
  • *flashback of being with MC*
  • Santa: "OHHH, MC! I ain't know she was yours! Look! Congratulations, by the way because she know how to jingle some motherfucking bells, you feel me?! But yeah, I'm fucking her. What's the problem?"
  • Klaus: "......"
  • Klaus: "The fuck you mean what's the problem?!"

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I really hate that one of my favorite artist's seems to be making a comic about 'poc' superhero girls who are 'woke'. Even the title is kind of cringey and corny too with the word 'woke' in it. I really wish I can find artists who are non-sjw people. It always seems like I keep finding the ones who secretly are and spring that fact on fans. Especially other black artists. I'm tired of hearing them rant about white girls this or that and get upset when fans ask why they only draw non-white ocs.

I feel you there, bro. A part of me dies a little on the inside when I see a favourite artist fall down that rabbit hole.

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I'm with you on loving the new ppg's art style! I'm a little upset for the original voice actors since they weren't considered for the roles, but I will definitely give it a chance!

I was referring to this style actually 

Anyway, the new art style is okay. Sort of blends in with most of CN’s shows. And I guess I’m kinda sad about the voices too, but I’m also glad in a way? I’m glad it’s different. I’m glad kids these days would experience it differently. I like to imagine them growing up saying, “did you know there was a Powerpuff Girls series form the 90′s, like what’s going on with the voices and art style ahsdkaj” I mean that’s kinda cool, right?

…and you can call time a concept or whatever, but it’s real. It’s minutes ticking away, working against me. The truth is: I didn’t get enough time with her. I didn’t. She’s going to leave, and it’s inevitable that my world will change. School will be so different. The white walls aren’t just white walls when she’s there; they mean something to me. And sure, I know I existed before I knew her, and I'll exist after she’s gone, but I can’t help but think that life has gotten so much better since I met her. I’m happier. She made me different, and now she’s leaving. I hope that even after that happens, that who she was and how she changed me, will still stay around for a while, even if she won’t.
—  “conversations with my sister” by chloe roberts
Pregnant | JB | (requested)
  • The whole crew was hanging out at Kylie's house waiting for Justin to finish up at the studio and join us.
  • I start messing with my hair, nervous at the plan I had to finally tell Justin I'm pregnant.
  • I've tried to a few times but I chickened out too soon.
  • There was a ring from the doorbell followed by a few knocks and I bit my tongue, staring intensely at the tv in front of us which was playing some 1990's movie.
  • The crew has great taste.
  • Kylie returns with 3 boxes of pizza in hand and I sigh in relief.
  • "King who in the hell is going to eat all of that?" Za starts.
  • "Me bih. If you guys don't want any that's fine, I'm okay with eating 3 whole pizzas." Kendall chimes in.
  • "I thought models had this special diet thing going on." Khalil says as he grabs a plate from the kitchen and motions me over when he catches my gaze.
  • "I have a bunch of stuff in fridge if you guys want instead but let's be honest here, who's really gonna turn down L.A. pizza?" Kylie laughs.
  • "Y/n you okay?" Kendall snaps me out of my trance
  • "Yeah! I'm totally fine." I say, forcing out a happy expression.
  • Kendall smiles at me and I walk around to get a plate.
  • I take out two slices of pepperoni pizza and set them on my plate before continuing to grab 4 cookies out of Kylie's cookie jar. I don't notice the crew's stare until I pull out a jar of pickles and lay 3 on each slice of pizza.
  • "What?" I say through a mouthful of pizza.
  • They all look at me for a second longer then burst into laughter.
  • "That's funny because that's exactly the way Kim was when she was pregnant with NW." Kylie says after the laughter dies down.
  • I avoid her gaze and look at the floor uncomfortably.
  • "Wait, y/n are you pregnant?"
  • I look up at her then look away, hoping someone would say something to change the subject.
  • There's no way they could know before Justin, he'll be pissed.
  • "W-what?" Was all I managed to let out.
  • "Did Justin get you preggers?" Za repeated and they all continued to stare, growing impatient of my lack of response.
  • "Yes." I whispered and they all cheered.
  • "I knew you were packing on but I didn't want to say anything mean..." Kendall says and I lightly push her.
  • "So does Justin know?"
  • "No. I was planning on telling him today when he got back but I don't know,I'm really nervous."
  • "Don't be. We'll be there for you. Besides, Justin loves you, I doubt he'll be upset." Khalil soothes.
  • "Oh my god I'm gonna have a little godchild!" Kylie cheers.
  • "You know I have to chose a godmother right? And I already have someone in mind." I joke.
  • "Uh-uh Kendall hold my phone I'm about to beat this girls ass."
  • "You can't touch her, she's pregnant." I hear Justin's voice sound from the doorway.
  • "You uh, y-you heard all of that?" I ask as he makes his way over to me.
  • "Yeah, Za let me in but...we're gonna parents y/n! Why didn't you tell me sooner." He asks, his arms now wrapped around me.
  • "I was afraid you were gonna be mad."
  • "Babe I would never be mad. I mean, I'm a little disappointed that the crew found out before me but I'm not mad."
  • He leans down and presses his lips against mine for a few seconds before Za interrupts us. "Hey, hey! Enough of that! Let's get back to the movie."
  • Justin pulls away and he smiles at me "He's just jealous."
  • I laugh "He should be."
  • ___________
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  • We need more 5sos and 1D requests in our inbox lol. They're getting a bit lonely😂
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psa: jensen and misha probably sit around and talk about their daughters together and how they brush their little girls’ hair and maybe they discuss hair brushing techniques so the tangles don’t tug so much. oh my god thEY PROBABLy jUST sit back at the end of the day and swap stories in kinda hushed, tender voices about what it means to be a dad and what it feels like when their little girl just looks up at them with big eyes anD THEY JUST MELT ALL OVER AGAIN AND THEY BOTH FIND COMFORT IN THE FACT THAT THEY’RE BOTH IN THE SAME BOAT AND GOSH DARN JENSEN AND MISHA WITH THEIR DAUGHTERS

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My parents basically just completely turned down me getting a short haircut, and I'm feeling down about that because they told me no because they said I would "look like a boy". I'm a closeted ftm and I just feel really upset about it because they constantly point out how I'll always be their "little girl" and I'm going to grow up and be the first women (insert any male dominant company name) president. it just really hurts me and I don't know what to do.

Fox says:

Tell them you want to look like Emma Watson, who totally looks like she could be the first (insert any male dominant company name) president?

If that doesn’t work, and you know your parents love you and won’t abuse you for this, do it behind their backs. It’s hair, and it’s yours, and it’s gonna grow back.

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my first boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and I'm extremely upset as he's the first person I've had sex with. I haven't stopped crying, but I am little happy about it too.. in the relationship he spoke to his ex, he added girls on Facebook (he told me he found them hot) and he didn't exactly break up with me nicely either. He also messaged me last night telling me he'd made a mistake, we spoke for a while, then he decided he didn't want to be with me again after all. What should I do?

tell him you have one last thing you want to do with him then take him on a romantic drive in the morning. if he gets suspicious, just tell him you’re going to the beach to see the sun rise so you two can have a ~~clean~~ breakup. but just as he starts feeling comfortable and kicking back in shotgun, take a surprise exit to the nearest landfill and dump his ass there to rot.

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Hi, I saw your post about the princess of North Sudan movie and I'm just a little confused even after looking other articles up about it. I don't want to seem rude or anything, so If I do by asking/saying anything I do ask/say those are not my intentions. Anyways I'm just confused as to why its's so offensive or why people are getting upset over it being disney's first African princess movie but played by a white girl, the real story is about a white girl

You don’t understand why the first African princess being white is offensive ?

The real story is about a father from Virginia who went to “unclaimed” land/ a place where he saw no white people & claimed it as “his own” and attempted to dub himself king and his daughter a princess, if that’s not the epitome of colonization I don’t know what is.

& Disney is over here trying to make a movie about it, basically romanticizing colonization.

Lastly, representation is everything. Do you how know many little girls (including myself) would have LOVED to have an African princess that looked like us, while growing up?

By making a movie about Africa, in Africa and not featuring Africans, they’re attempting to erase an entire group of people. Particularly Sudanese people, in this case.

With all those writers Disney has, you’re telling me they couldn’t imagine up a story about a black African princess ? Spare me.

If they’re going to write a story about a white African princess in Sudan, from Virginia they should change the name from “Princess of North Sudan” to “White people want everything” or “White people have done it again” maybe even “White People: it’s not ours but it’s ours”

you wanna know what makes it so painful tho, and esp to Klaus

the reason Hayley even did this. I could see if she got super desperate and felt that Hope was in such danger so her only option was to run and run fast 

but that’s not why she did it. she’s not stressed about Hope when she makes the decision she’s in the bayou chillen at a damn funeral. She’s not desperate for hope’s safety at all

she did it because Jackson told her she had to choose, because she was faced with loosing the wolves and Jackson that’s why she did it and that’s why it’s so painful

because she straight up made Klaus the damn villan in his child’s story, not dahlia not anyone else but Klaus. She briefly said some shit about that family but the brunt of her criticism of the mikaelson family and most of her reasoning was about Klaus. So to make herself feel better about her decision to abandon the only family that Hope has, the family that has fought for her since she was in the womb she made them the villans, she made Hope’s father the villian so she could leave with Jackson and her wolves and just live happily ever after  and that shit is not okay. 

and it’s ESP not okay because KLAUS WOULD NEVER DO THAT SHIT TO HER. Like you can’t get me to believe that prior to this shit klaus would ever do that shit to Hayley. I know he wouldn’t beause HE COULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY. He didn’t have to embrace her, she didn’t even think he would, she thought he wanted her dead or at the very least out of her daughter’s life almost all last season and Klaus could have done that shit easily, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to take his daughter’s mother away from her and he let himself open his home and his heart to her against everything he’s ever known. He let himself trust her when he doesn’t trust people, he let himself care about her when he didn’t have to care and he knew it was dangerous to do so. He did it anyway for that little girl and for the life he wanted to give her, a life that included her mother and Hayley just spit on the face of all that shit and I’m upset

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do you have stretchmarks/ if so, do you like them? how do you deal with them? i'm smaller than you except the chest is a lot larger & i am usually pretty body positive about myself and okay with the way i look but every time i see my stretch marks it really upsets me :( i've been trying coconut oil but i'm not really sure if it's working yet. anyway though, do you have any advice about this?

hey you! (: I most definitely do have stretch marks and yes, they hold a special place in my heart.  however, that wasn’t always the case.  much like you, there was a time when I was getting more comfortable with my body as a whole.. but things like stretch marks or cellulite etc still bugged me and I thought it was something I needed to change.  back when I was a little girl (probably like 8), I started getting them and had no idea what they were and was just generally curious.  one day I ended up showing my grandpa (who was incredibly loving and pretty much the best) and he was like, ‘oh no baby, you don’t want those’.  so I think hearing that kind of stuck with me and it didn’t get any better never seeing stretch marks in the media.

at some point I realized that people of all sizes get stretch marks though. my sister has stretch marks on her lower back and she’s nowhere near being fat, my boyfriend has some too.  I just realized that they’re nothing to be ashamed of and the ideal of everyone having perfectly clear, non marked skin is just as unrealistic as everyone needing to have a certain body type.

granted, I know how hard it can be and I still struggle with similar things myself.  stuff like having blemishes on my face or thighs or the scar on my tummy from having gallbladder surgery years ago or the shape of my belly button.  I still struggle with those things and have to remind myself that they are also just natural and just as okay as the rest of me.  being fully body positive is really hard (especially when it comes to yourself) because there are SO many things that we are taught should be a certain way.  so even if you tackle one..you still have to work on others. for me, this means getting bathing suits that don’t all cover my belly button or scar on my upper tummy.  

as for ways of making them lighter, I’ve heard a lot of people use bio oil or cocoa butter.  I just want to let you know that there is nothing wrong with you or your body or stretch marks and I hope you become more comfortable with them - whether that be from them being lighter or coming to terms with them.

here’s an older picture of me with my scar, stretch marks, and cellulite all in it.  the scar/stretch marks are a bit hard to see because of the lighting, but they’re definitely there.

8193) I sometimes feel alienated by other trans women because of how little genital dysphoria I have. I'm perfectly happy being a girl who happens to have a penis, I'm proud of it even, but then I hear other people talk about how upset their genitals make them and I feel bad, like I'm "less trans" or not as valid.