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You Will Forever Stand Alone

Fandom: Knights of the Old Republic
Pairing: F!Revan/Carth Onasi
Warning: character death 

 Title comes from something Malak says to Revan: “You belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.” I wrote this, as one does, in a text message at around midnight because I wanted to give @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels some feels to tell people about. It comes from two things: an exploration of Revan choosing the dark side ending without being wholly evil (inspired by something Kreia says about Revan becoming dark lord out of necessity) and the cut dark side ending with the Carth romance. 

I would say enjoy, but, well. 

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Dorian/Trevelyan, Post Trespasser.

For @daficswap​ round 5. Featuring @lateforerebor​ /  @trashwarden​‘s Vaxus Trevelyan, Dorian, and their adopted son Felix.

Also known as oops I tripped here’s a silly fic about babies and why can’t we just hate the people who were cruel to us for all the wrong reasons.

ANYWAY I loved reading  up on Vaxus, you have such an expansive history of character reference to work with!!! I hope you like, if you want me to change anything at all then please, let me know.

Dorian supposes that hating Halward Pavus would be easier if his father never loved him.

This is not a new thought—not a new thing to be churning around in his mind, this little bright and gleaming cog among all the filthy, jumbled clockwork that makes up Dorian’s memories of his father. The one that still turns right, when all the others would stutter and fail without it.

Sometimes he wishes it would tarnish. That he could find some long-repressed memory that will show his father’s to be a false thing from the start—and then he might wash his hands of the whole mess. Move on with his life, and let the name Pavus and a seat in the magisterium be the only things he takes from his father.

He almost—almost succeeds.

Then Felix falls, rather neatly, into their lives.

“Your son is still screaming.”

Dorian is certain that Vaxus’ response is, in fact, utterly inappropriate for young ears. Never mind that the beholder of said ears is but two hours into his fourth day on Thedas, or that the words themselves cannot be heard over his unending howling.

“What? Speak up, please, I cannot hear you over the sound of a very small despair demon.”

Dorian finds it utterly unfair that Vaxus still has the ability to laugh. All he’s been able to do is grow ever more snappish and disheveled the longer this goes on.

Vaxus is in bed, although he’s managed to sit up now. Blinking slowly, and a smile spreading across his features that is as equally vexing as it is charming.

“He’s a baby,” Vaxus informs Dorian, a level of amusement in his words that is simply ridiculous, for how little sleep they’ve both gotten. “They do that.”

Infuriating man.

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I Caved, I Doodled The Wolf Son

anonymous asked:

Okay I loved the finale but one thing that drove me nuts is I live in Virginia and there are literally no cliffs in our state like that, or anywhere around us on the eastern seaboard. I know it's just a little detail but I feel like it's important for some reason and I'm annoyed

‘hannibal’ tried to fool us all into believing there’s cliffs by the sea in virginia, but you didn’t buy it

i guess we could say you…

called their bluff