i'm a little high not going to lie


I can’t get my guitar wet! What should I do?

→ ( @breakmaki )

TINO WASN’T GOING to lie. He’d been somewhat on edge with Maki since their last meeting, the latter half of said afternoon flashing over and over in his head, his own words–disgusting–echoing in his ears, successfully keeping him from getting a good nights’ sleep the day it happened. It had been hard for him to figure out how best to approach her again, but thankfully, with a bit of imagination and creativity, he found some whimsical little way to start their next session together.

Earlier today, he’d told her via text to meet him in the library, detailing the exact aisle she had to go to, five minutes after the last bell. He’d admit that a part of him feared she wouldn’t come, but the moment he saw her form wandering close by, he hid just behind the shelf he’d asked her to visit and cleared a few books aside. Reaching for the spine of a big hardcover–Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura by Namiki Sosuke in its glorious entirety–he waited until she slipped into the shelf before his to look for him, and pushed the hardcover off to fall in front of her and grab her attention.

The moment she’d stand up to return it, Maki would see his pretty face, framed between rows of books. That ought to be cute.