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“Neith’s Arrow” Part IV

A Nesryn Faliq Fan Fiction    

[Part I], [Part II], [Part III]

    Nesryn Faliq admired the way Salkhi’s feathers shimmered in the sun’s reflection off the snow as she secured the last buckle of his saddle. Such beautiful hues of brown, gold, and even a hint of red danced in the light. Nesryn turned and took one of the bundles from the pile Sartaq and Houlun were still adding to for the other aeries, stuffing it into one of the four saddlebags slung across the ruk’s back.

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AU where Jin’s haircolor matches whatever food or drink he’s had the most of in the last 6 hours.  Luckily he likes tea, so it’s easy to keep his hair a fairly standard dark brown color.  

Then a bakery opens up right next door to his apartment that has the most delicious pink champagne cupcakes….Jin can eat six of them at a time.  The bakery is run by a fastidious young pastry chef named Yoongi always gives him an extra cupcake or two with every order.   Jin tells himself this is why he visits the shop all the time, not because of the adorable shy smile he gets from the bakery owner every time he visits (this is not entirely the truth). 

Yoongi would deny staring at Jin covertly whenever he visits the shop, but that would be a lie.  Such a lie, in fact, that it’s Yoongi’s gasp (and his startled yelp of ‘holy fuck your hair is fucking pink..’) that alerted Jin to the issue at hand….

Indeed the four pink champagne cupcakes PLUS the two Pink Velvets Yoongi stuck in for free that Jin had managed to down in less than 45 minutes (with - oops - a pink lemonade to drink)  had turned his hair pinker than pink.  

Jin is horrified, and in his rush to get out of the shop he gets his bag tangled in his chair and it crashes to the ground along with the glass he had been drinking his lemonade from.  He flees, holding the hood from his hoodie tight around his bright pink hair.  

A week later, after the pink was gone and Jin gets the confidence to face the cute Baker, he enters the shop to apologize and to pay for the glass he broke.   To his surprise Yoongi is happy to see him, excited even, and offers him a freshly frosted pink champagne cupcake - which Jin turns down.  

“You see Yoongi my hair turns the color of whatever I eat the most of, and I’m afraid your cupcakes are just too good to resist.” As he explains, Jin eyes the cupcakes with sad eyes.  “I just know I’ll eat 6 again and my hair will be pink again!”  

“Well, what’s the problem with that,” Yoongi says  “I liked the pink, it suited you.  Now have a cupcake if you want a cupcake - and I know you want a cupcake so here.”  As he shoves the Pink Champagne cupcake his way, Jin notices Yoongi is blushing.  He also notices that Yoongi’s cheeks are tinged with almost the exact same shade of pink as the frosting - a pink that matches his hair almost perfectly.  

So Jin has a cupcake.  Then he has another one.  And many, many more after that.   

All that Glitters is Goldby @somethingmorecreative1

Percy and Annabeth are best friends, but as swim season and the end of Senior Year approaches, they have to figure out what their feelings are for each other, especially as Percy considers a school that’s a thousand miles away from home


For @m-oarts

AU where Will is a missionary who was sent over by his king to convince the neighboring Danes to convert to Christianity. Their own king curious about the customs “William” brings but also very interested in Will himself. 

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Jealousy and Vitex // ablondeinunionjack

The Doctor and Rose were constantly trying to make things for the better now in Pete’s World. It was hard, to say the least. They were many rows and domestics. Many old digs and sleeping on couches and all too big and alone beds. They were beginning to make things work a little better, even had a proper first date when a Vitex party showed up. And Jackie was making sure the Doctor and Rose weren’t skipping this one. The paparazzi was interest by itself of who Rose Tyler’s mysterious new “beau” is.

However, Rose accused him of manipulating her feelings and not even behaving like the two hearted alien in space I’m a different universe she dreamnt of so often and they got in a pretty big fight. He had brought back “stupid ape” and other harsh words. They all had the intention of hurt.

However, the party wouldn’t stop because of them so the pair walked on all glued on smiles and arms wrapped around each other as the paps took pictures of them. The couple grinned at each towhee but as soon as the cameras were gone the Doctor pushed Rose away, being the social thing he was and chatted. Soon, a familiar face came.

Jane Garner approached him, she was the entertainment for the party. Singer, dancer, actress you name it. She was tall, had an hour glass figure, and did her makeup and wore her dress in away that begged for men’s attention. Definitely got the Doctor’s. They flirted obviously, hands toying with each other. Although the Doctor would rather be spending his night with Rose. He loved her so much it hurt and he hated when they argued. He wish he was dancing with her, giggling in her ear and tickling that spot he knew was weak near her ribs. And whisper in her ear that he loved her as he did on that damned beach. However, he had a point to prove. That he wasn’t some pet that Rose always expected to come crawling back to her. He danced with Jane, twirling her in his arms with his classic playboy smile and wink. Her laughing and talking loudly, seeking attention. He’ll show Rose.

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Blurb about marrying Niall?

(Ahh, my main goal in life.)

Alright, so you’d probably get married in Ireland and have a very traditional Irish wedding. And you’d be so so so worried, rushing around wanting to make sure everything was perfect. Niall would be worried too, because you’re his princess and he just wants everything to be prefect for your big day.

But when you finally get to walk down the aisle, and you see Niall’s smiling face and glassy eyes… suddenly it doesn’t matter that the napkins for dinner weren’t exactly the right color. Or the fact that you’re great uncle didn’t show up. Or that there was a small, seemingly invisible spot on the bottom of one of your bridesmaid’s dresses. 

No, all that mattered was that perfect, sweet boy, standing along side his brother. In just a few short minutes, you’d be pronounced husband and wife. And everything else could be in shambles, as long as his blue eyes were still shining.