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An Unforgettable Face 2

Short Ereri AU comic + drabble: Levi needs to confirm things for himself. It’s not like he’s thirsty or anything. Sequel to this.
Warning: NSFW under cut

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skitpojke  asked:

Wolfstar HC with the secret Santa prompt?? 🎄

“i got you for secret santa so i got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me - and that i’ve been in love with you 1234567 years”
• ok so they both work in a call centre, working diagonally across from each other
• when it’s quiet, remus will spend his time writing in a battered journal, sirius has asked him what he writes - remus blushed and told him he writes short stories
• they’re friendly, sometimes remus will steal a cigarette on their breaks + sirius tries so hard not to blush or stare at remus’ lips
• he’s so far gone it’s ridiculous, and the most memorable conversation they’ve had was over stale biscuits in the break room
• and yet sirius feels like he’s in love
• (bless my child, someone hug him)
• so when sirius draws remus’ name out of the box his heart stops
• on one hand this could go terribly, sirius could buy an awful, offensive gift and remus would hate him forever, the world would end
• on the other hand, remus could love the gift + then love sirius and they’d be together forever, get a dog and be Super Gay
• sirius just has to not overdo it
• he over does it
• ofc he doesn’t mean too!! it starts of as little things, ‘oh remus would love this scarf, oh-oh that’s quite expensive… wtH it’s christMaS??’
• and then suddenly sirius has bought remus Too Much Stuff + he doesn’t know what to give him bc it’s all great but it’s not anything special
• there’s like 3 days left before the gifts have to be put under the tree in the office + sirius is panicking, wandering around london trying to find something
• and he stumbles upon an antique shop, with dusty windows, candles and cobwebs
• but then sirius sees it, + it’s perfect + it puts everything else he’s bought (and returned) to shame
• it’s an old typewriter
• he wraps it (badly) + probs leaves a really lame note like ‘for the stories we’ll make together one day, dinner?’
• and sirius is dying so so badly omG did he really write that?? wtf was he doinG omg?????
• they go for dinner