i'm a kraken from the sea

  • Namjoon: ugh, i have a headache
  • Jackson: oh do you want some pain killers?
  • Namjoon: no i don't wanna forget i took one and overdose
  • Jackson: y'know that's good bc i knew a guy who overdosed
  • Jackson: and like, he ripped off his clothes and jumped in a fountain at the mall
  • Jackson: and screeched "BLIGH! I'M A KRAKEN FROM THE SEA!"
  • Namjoon: i heard that was you
  • Jackson: ....anyways nice seeing you
  • Noodle: ugh, i have a headache
  • 2-D: oh do you want some pain killers?
  • Noodle: no i don't wanna forget i took one and overdose
  • 2-D: y'know that's good bc i knew a guy who overdosed
  • 2-D: and like, he ripped off his clothes and jumped in a fountain at the mall
  • 2-D: and screeched "BLIGH! I'M A KRAKEN FROM THE SEA!"
  • Noodle: i heard that was you
  • 2-D: ... anyways nice seeing you

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- the kraken is a many-armed, ginormous mythical creature that dwells in the oceans of norway and greenland. it was known for attacking ships that travel in its domain, stereotypically during a storm. it is said that the scandinavian sailors who came across it were most likely describing a giant squid. it also has sister depictions, such as scylla from greek mythology.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me in the week following 4x03:</b> look come this time next week it will all be better - there's a secret episode, obviously, it's the only thing that makes sense - ALL the evidence is there, we're still finding more as we speak; i swear, you blink right now and someone's found more evidence - and it's going to air this Sunday and then everything will be better. It's going to be GENIUS. The Appletree Yard is fake, and Mofftiss are the cleverest men to ever clever. The lost special is real, people. "Everyone always stops looking after three," but we won't! We know better!!<p/><b>Me when the Appletree Yard was not a secret episode:</b> oh. Ok then. Well. Obviously the secret episode will air on the fifth week, then - Appletree Yard is scheduled for five weeks, but there's only four episodes of it - hahaha, BBC thinks they're so clever, but we have them figured out. The evidence is all there, it's so OBVIOUS; come at me, lost special<p/><b>Me when Appletree Yard ends and no secret sherlock episode is shown:</b> ...oh. right. Well. Clearly it's actually going to happen on March 8th then. You know - that poster in 4x02: "the secret will be revealed on March 8". I know we were all hoping it would be sooner, March is pushing it a little, but at least we know we're getting it on March 8th<p/><b>Me when March 8 passes with no secret fourth episode:</b> ...Right. Ok. Yeah, I'm... done. I'm out. I'm finished. Clearly there is no 4th episode. There was never a 4th episode. We've all just deluded ourselves into believing there would be. All the "clues" we spotted were just wishful thinking. It was just us making mountains out of molehills. Mofftiss aren't as clever as we thought they were and season 4 really was just that badly written and disjointed and plotholey. I haven't been this disappointed and crushed since the cursed child. Excuse me while I go sit in a corner and ponder the futility of faith<p/><b>One of the sherlock team:</b> *tweets vaguely about easter and how it's a time for new life and things coming back from the dead*<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> *notices that the ambassador in 4x01 was playing chess and talking about how three months is an awfully long time to play chess, points out that it will be exactly three months since tfp on Easter weekend*<p/><b>Me, as my hope rises like a kraken from the sea:</b> fucking hell. I'm never going to give up hope, am I<p/></p><p/></p>
In Defense of Karin Uzumaki!

‘Ello, everyone! I’m back again for another segment in my “In Defense of” Series! ;D This time, it’s of the lovable Red Hair from Naruto! ^_^ And C’mon! You guys should’ve known I’d be doing her! ;D In any case, let’s begin! ^_^

1. Karin’s weak/useless.

Really? Because Sasuke seems to disagree with you, hence why he relies on her healing abilities:

2. Karin’s Ugly.

Subjective but beauty’s in the eye of the beholders. Plus don’t you think that’s a pretty ridiculous (Not to mention sexist) reason to hate a character?

3. Karin’s a Rapist.

(Sighs) Nevermind the fact that the panel these people use aren’t even the OFFICIAL translation and the official translation states her desire on wanting to seduce him. Sorry guys but seducing =/= rape. Plus, this is a manga meant for preteen boys so why would Kishimoto incorporporate something of that nature in his manga.

4. Karin’s feelings for Sasuke are just lust!

Which is why she awakened her chakra chains for him? 

5. Karin’s a “Whore”/”Slut”! Correct me if I’m wrong but how is she any of those things when she’s only loved ONE guy?

6. Karin’s a selfish horrible person!

Which is why she sympathized with Juugo’s condition or threw Taka to safety during the Killer Bee fight? Or better yet her saying of how she wanted Sasuke to be happy?

7.) Karin’s a Kraken. …..

Yes….she definitely resembled a gigantic, legendary, mythical beast from the sea. Maybe her haters are calling her legendary and mythical? =P But seriously I never understand why her haters called her a Kraken and if someone knows, it’d be much appreciated if you told me =P

So yeah, these are the main arguments I’ve seen against Karin and hopefully you all enjoyed this post of mine! ;D Uzumaki Queen FTW! ;D

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  • Luca: I'll sell you some of my adderall.
  • Yukiya: No, thanks. I'm off pills.
  • Luca: That's a wise choice. 'Cause I knew this guy; he had this like crazy freakout 'cause he took too many behavioral meds at once and he just like ripped off his clothes and dove into the fountain at Gedonelune mall and was like "Blah! I am a kraken from the sea!"
  • Yukiya: I heard that was you.
  • Luca: ...Well, it was good seeing you, Yukiya.