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Since this cute lil OC technically belongs to @spinetrick, I consulted heavily with her (and also got some help from @beta-19​) when coming up with this list of general Lob headcanons!

Likes: discordant noises, taking apart machines, breaking stuff, making sculptures out of trash, shooting people in the kneecap, humans, ricardo

Dislikes: working, losing limbs
(Ricardo shares these dislikes, although the limbs he normally loses are usually misplaced other dead Rick limbs)

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Its been awhile since I’ve drawn any OHC art! It feels good to draw my son again :’) I recently went to a live showing for it and it was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life. JKos is honestly such a gifted person 😭🔥💜 I had to draw some parts of the show

Also I take commissions now! Hit me up if you’re interested and I’ll share my prices

Perso Janitor

Roooh de l’intérêt pour mes bébés! Merci!
Mais soyez gentils avec eux, ils en bavent déjà assez.

Mon histoire se base sur le trio que voilà! Engagé dans l’agence de concierge Bishop, ils s’occupent de toute la pagaille mise dans leur ville. Les contrats affluent entre la CIA et même certaines mafias. Pour les concierges, peu importe d’où vient le taf, tant que la paie est bien juteuse, ils ferment les yeux. Sauf qu’à force d’être confronté à ces horreurs, on finit toujours par tomber sur un os. Sauf que l’os en question est dangereux et va commencer à s’en prendre à eux pour avoir nettoyer ses divines créations sanguinaires.

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@team-sleeps Please ignore Richard. He just doesn’t like to admit he finds Ricardo highly relatable too.

anonymous asked:

Not a fuck customers but. It's time for finals at the university where I'm a janitor and so my building is full of students studying even into the night. Today I came in and one of the labs was full of them, which yknow, no big deal, I mostly just pull trash in there - But one of them brought his dog. Her name is Nova and she was super friendly and smart and he let me take a picture of her to send to my friend who's a huge dog lover. Made my night after the stress of nearly being late to work c:

What if, the Bellhop was out of the Maw or really busy doing something in a certain section of the ship and when he comes back it’s just

“Apologies for my absence, my work occupied more time then I had anticipated. What have I missed-”

He just sees the Janitor running around without arms, the chef twins flipping about the meat, the food and guests scattered all over the floor, and the Lady’s headless body tapping her fingers.