i'm a huge mess right now

I can’t help but feel like I’m forgetting something…

So Kairi had stated in KH1 her lack of memories from her home. And I never realized that Kairi didn’t have memories of just the place, but of the people, specifically people like her grandmother. Also, Radiant Garden having been lost, her grandmother would have, with some luck, survived and end up in TT with Leon and the others, right? Just imagine if Sora had unknowingly bumped into her in KH1… Anyway, then I realized: K’s grandma was pretty old, she had gray hair and a slouch. If the heartless didn’t get to her, suppose her age did. Then it becomes this whole process of realizing Kairi doesn’t/can’t remember her own grandmother or even realize she’s probably already passed since it’s been like 10 years. If she ever does happen to remember, then there would be this huge sense of loss and guilt for being unable to remember her own relative… It’s really been messing me up and had to draw something so I can bring it up.

ok so if I’m not wrong there’s some kind of twist that’s happening soon right?? and it’s gonna be a positive twist??? well I’m really trying to stay positive and hopeful about all of this and idk if it’s just me but I feel like there’s something missing with this sl. it’s not all making sense and I feel like there is something that is not being said. so I’m really hoping that this ‘twist’ is going to make this one huge mess make sense, and everything will start to become ok again!! idk I’m just trying to stay positive right now :/

ROAD TRIP AU for ur group

just think about it

  • them arguing over which music to play and in the end they just play the funkiest songs they can find like the playlist of shrek or what does the fox say and slowly everyone of them start singing along to the songs until they’re all screaming their lungs out and performing them dramatically
  • there’s always this person that’s like “are we there yet” and “can we stop here? i nEED TO PEE” and everyone’s like goddamn it we just had a break ONE HOUR AGO WHY DIDNT YOU PEE “i didnt have to” FUCK YOu okAy fINE 
  • one of them constantly falls asleep on other peoples shoulders but thats not the worst thing the worst thing is that they’re SNORING SO LOUD what the fuck but nobody says a thing and lets them sleep and when they wake up everybody is like “GOD KEEP UR SNORS TO URSELF” “u couldve woken me up” “nah u looked so peaceful”
  • EVERYONE falling a sleep on each other, none of them care, there’s not enough space for them all but they just HAVE to do it somehow and some just kind of fall down the floor or just half and their limbs are all tangled in each other but they just dont care its okay its fine they just want to sleep
  • them arguing over who drives next because nobody wants to drive in the middle of the night and dont want to be the only one awake when everyones peacefully sleeping and they just switch every couple of hours
  • them stopping in the middle of the night at stores that open 24hrs and look like a huge fucking mess and probably have bad breath cause they just woke up and its 3 am and now we’re here in this store and want to buy snacks and everything is SO BRIGHT and “why the fuck are you sitting in this shopping cart its not right give it to me let me sit in it”
  • and last but not not least: HOLDING HANDS DURING THE RIDE i dont care who or how many its just super cute 
the signs as cr1tikal quotes
  • aries: "What the fuck's got your asshole on your titties!"
  • taurus: "Feast your eyes on this. I'm the fucking limbo champion."
  • gemini: “I wouldn’t shove this pineapple inside my wienerhole if this was the last pineapple on earth.”
  • cancer: "Oh, you don't want these hands, you little Spy vs. Spy creature."
  • leo: "Putting on a little... Corn dog lipstick. The most sensual of all sticks for lips."
  • virgo: "Scientists agree that drinking without a mouth will lead to a huge mess."
  • libra: "I'm gonna use a little cyclops blood here, that never hurt nobody."
  • scorpio: "Are you hiding your dildos in hydrofluoric acid?"
  • sagittarius: "Now we're cookin'!"
  • capricorn: "Its face kinda looks like Megaman. Or Donald Trump. If he was a pumpkin. ...Donald Trumpkin."
  • aquarius: "Look at me jerk off on the top right with a kitchen whisk! I'm going berserk over here!"
  • pisces: "Edge of Glory can turn that shitty knife into a titty knife, giving you perfect slices."

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Hi Speedy, I'm supernovasoundwave and I'm a big fan of yours. You've always said that if any of your fans need someone to talk to, you'd talk to them, so here it goes...I've been seeing all this stuff about how Transformers Prime behind the scenes was a huge mess and a failure and there's so much hate going on right now and it really hurts because TFP gave me happiness and now everyone's calling it shit and I just would really appreciate some advice on how you deal with hate like this? Thanks.

I would actually LOVE to address the shit I have been hearing about Transformers Prime. 

Listen to me very carefully, all of you, I don’t care what anyone has to say, what Hasbro says, what some panel at some convention says, what that guy walking down the street says, Transformers Prime won MULTIPLE Emmys. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker reprized their roles as Optimus and Megatron. The animation was PHENOMENAL.

Yeah I don’t favor Season 3 either, but that doesn’t mean the whole series was a mess.

That show got me through depression and gave me hope. That show helped me through the god-awful hallucinations and seizures my brain tumor brought on. That show was my G1. Anyone who thinks it’s suddenly a “shit show” because someone somewhere didn’t like how it ended can kindly leave me and my fandom alone.

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ngl i'm kind of scared for 2017!phan because i've seen a lot of people saying that phil might move out because he's thirty or something might happen and they might quite YT or they might have a massive irreparable argument and arghhhhh... what are your thoughts on 2017!phan and their rebranding? i'm such a mess right now ;-;

honestly i don’t think anything is going to happen. i think that they’re very comfortable with their lives right now and they’re really happy together. they’re not going to quit youtube, it’s their entire life and it’s their career, and it’d be a pretty huge thing to just walk away from. they’re both dedicated to their jobs as youtubers, they put so much effort and time into their videos and other projects that have spun from youtube, i find it very hard to believe that they’re going to leave any time soon.

i think that 2017 is going to be a very chill, relaxed year for the two. just them going back to being youtubers and hanging out with friends. doing more collabs and telling more stories. but at the same time, those two are so good at hiding things and keeping things a secret, so they could be planning something huge for 2017. but i don’t think anything necessarily bad is going to happen. there isn’t going to be any moving out (at least….separately) and they’re not going to have an irreparable argument. it’s not like they can plan when they’re going to argue. in the end, none of us really know what’s going to happen because there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes.

based on what their lives have been like in 2016, i think it will all be good and happy things to come in 2017. maybe getting a dog. maybe moving into a house. maybe something else

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I like how Abby threatened Kaylee's mom with her lawyer. Like I'm sorry freak show but I think your lawyer is too busy right now getting you out of the huge legal mess you got into.

She threatens everyone with her lawyer.
She threatened me with her lawyer at that comp I went to for filming lol needless to say he did not call.

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So you earlier told me to go listen to all of Taylor's albums on repeat for a year because I was a fake fan and I've already started the process. I deleted all the music from my phone and have had all her albums, from Taylor Swift to 1989, repeating throughout my day. And frankly, I'm a huge mess right. a big, feely mess. the journey I've experienced in only a day is making me weak. So thank you. I'll get back to you a year from now.

my impact!

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“Please listen to me-” LIRRY!!!!!!!!!!!

“Liam, relax.”

“Relax?” demands Liam, whisper-screaming because they’re having this conversation in the middle of a bloody shopping center. “Relax? I proposed to the prince of England, how am I supposed to relax?”

Harry sighs, but his half-smile is still intact, mouth quirking up at the sides and making his dimples pop. Even when he’s being infuriating, he’s still gorgeous, and it just riles Liam up more. “He said yes,” Harry reminds him, holding up his hand where the shiny ring sits, glinting in the light.

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