i'm a horrible at it

I had a really, really horrible day and I’m feeling so upset and sad and just UGH. Please cheer me up by sending me positive vibes - your favourite headcanons, something good that’s happened to you recently, something you’re proud of - really anything that’s happy and positive! Ask box is open (as always)!

Hey guys ! Quick PSA;

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been very active on here, and that’s because I’ve been so overwhelmed with school work, and busy with other activities, that I’ve had no time to write any replies on here.

I really apologize for my inactivity; I feel horrible, but I just don’t have it in me, after all that happens in my day, to come on here.

So, to try and get active again, (without overexerting myself too much,) I’ve made the decision to become temporarily semi-selective.

Anyone I have a thread with already, I will keep our thread going; but I’m going to be picking and choosing the memes or thread requests I reply to.

The purpose of this isn’t to purposely exclude anyone; it’s to make sure I don’t continuously overwork myself daily because I have multiple replies to do, and I’m stressing about those that I won’t get done.

I’m not entirely sure how long I will need to be semi-selective. When things slow down and I get at a comfortable pace; I will resume interacting with anyone and everyone.

Thank you if you took the time to read this !

I hope y’all understand

anonymous asked:

hi! look i've never been to a TS concert and i was wondering if you could tell me why the floor seats have chairs? that way you can mark your actually seat? instead of running fast to get closer as possible? i hope you can answer me <3

there’s a section without chairs (pit) and then there are multiple sections WITH chairs (floor) so if you want an actual seat close to the stage, you get floor seats and then you know for a fact you have a specific view. if you want to risk not being close to the stage and just trying to get to the show early and be the first in line for pit, you get pit tickets


I blame this entirely on the Didscord. This is YOUR FAULT. I hope you’re proud now.
So how long does Oikawa run around with that sign stuck to his back? :’D