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((Aaah, I totally love how you write Skids and I think you do a wonderful, spot-on job!! I really enjoy our interactions and always look forward to them. Truthfully, Roller/Skids was a pairing I never even considered before making this blog but I'm completely hooked now, haha. Sorry this is a little late!))

askdjf  thank you! you’re a lot of fun to RP with and the threads with skids and roller are some of my favorites because these two are just so good.

tbh skids/roller just. it was just gonna be a crush on skids’ part and then Things Happened and now we’re all Invested and i love it.

Roller Coasters

Ever body compares life to a roller coaster but then my friend pointed out that going down was the best part unlike in life when it’s the worst. I said it’s still like that because in life people destroy themselves with drugs, drinks, sex, fame, and fortune. And they have the time of their lives destroying themselves as if they were on a roller coaster that’s going down. But when people realize they are destroying their lives they just lean back and enjoy the fall down.

Nothing like painting an OC through all this Kid Rollers art.

Also, before you say anything about the palette, no one said I couldn’t use that palette on Overlay and Color Burn :P