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Roller Coasters

Ever body compares life to a roller coaster but then my friend pointed out that going down was the best part unlike in life when it’s the worst. I said it’s still like that because in life people destroy themselves with drugs, drinks, sex, fame, and fortune. And they have the time of their lives destroying themselves as if they were on a roller coaster that’s going down. But when people realize they are destroying their lives they just lean back and enjoy the fall down.

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Hmmm, until a good roller rink au exists, I'm just going to imagine that "Waiting to be Found" started with a roller rink hookup instead of a club... And that insta story of Phil skating past Dan on the wall and making eye contact is how they first noticed each other...

I endorse this. 

I had a dream that the bad guy from the man of steel movie told me that if I want to be happy, I need to spend more time roller skating with Junkrat.

I’m gonna go with my subconscious on this one.

Nothing like painting an OC through all this Kid Rollers art.

Also, before you say anything about the palette, no one said I couldn’t use that palette on Overlay and Color Burn :P