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Sesshomaru’s mother tho...
the vampire diaries: a summary
  • season one: oh my god, why didn't i find this show sooner? the plot is amazing and there's so many interesting characters! this is actually the best tv-serie i have ever seen. also, how cute isn't stefan and elena together? i totally ship them. and wow i love damon and his iconic lines lmao. i know he's a bad person but i love him and i have no regrets. also how cute isn't human elena? so precious! bonnie's a witch? yOU go girl! caroline please, calm down
  • THAT PLOT TWIST ENDING THO THIS IS WHY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW. omg i'm so excited to see katherine i loved her in the flashbacks. i'm really excited for season two : )
  • season two: seriously, so glad i started to watch this show! i still love damon, no regrets. i know he's a horrible person but i still like him. and we finally get katherine! she's such a queen she's my absolute fave. and stelena! omg i love forwood. and vampire caroline?? sign me tf up.
  • this season has amazing storylines, i love the doppelgänger, sun and the moon curse and the mikaelson storyline.
  • i wish i would have found this show sooner, it's SO good. ITS MY FAVORITE SHOW ON THE PLANET I LOVE IT SO MUCH : )
  • season three: yet another amazing season with amazing storylines. i mean ripper stefan? yes. klaus mikaelson's accent tho. the love triangle is starting to take form! why did elena and damon kiss twice tho i'm disgusted, stelena is the true love.
  • ok overall this was a good season with good storylines expect for a few minor mistakes *cough* elena *cough* still super happy i decided to watch this show tho : )
  • season four: lmao omg does anyone know why season four only was 5 episodes long? i mean why would they only show 4x01-4x05 and then jump straight to season 5 lmao that makes no sense. :)
  • oh wait i remember why now its because elena acted like a dumbass
  • season five: the whole show is going downhill now. i mean there are some good storylines expect for the travelers which was boring and pointless af, delena, stefan suffering, bonnie being dead, more delena, katherine dying, forwood breaking up... you know when i think about it maybe it wasnt such a good season after all but at least we got klaroline and AU stelena. did i mention i have hated damon for two and a half seasons now can you believe i used to love him wHO WAS I
  • i dont regret watching this show tho, i mean it's messy but i still like it. : ) i guess
  • season six: what the fuck is going on in the writers room? this season had a lot of potential. i mean, no humanity caroline? sign me up. bonnie finally standing up for herself? thank you. kai parker? thank the lord for him. but nooo, barley got any chance to enjoy that because the season was filled with romantic steroline where stefan had no idea what the hell was going on 99% of the time and more delena that was useless the only thing that wasnt pointless about this season was that it yet again showed why damon and elena is terrible for each other. also a character loses their memories? wow i have NEVER seen that happen before.
  • i'm starting to give up on this show, it gets messier and messier its so bad haha. : )
  • season seven: so nina left? i feel so happy for her that she managed to get away from this trash. so what's in store for this season? lmao idk and idc i mean i'll watch the first few episode and give it a try but OH MY GOD WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED TOTAL BULLSHIT i'm not even going to bother watching this trash anymore its so boring where are the action wheres the season 1-2 vibes WHERES KEVIN
  • season eight: omg last season on tvd thank god it's ending!! i mean i'll watch this season obviously because it's the last one..... actually nvm scratch that idk what i expected this whole show is still trash and we're only six episodes in?? this is supposed to be the last season can you at least pretend that you can write a good show. AND STOP WITH THE RETCONS. lmao the vampire diaries?? yeah terrible show. terrible.
  • me when tvd has ended: wow I really miss tvd. it was one of my absolute favorite tv shows :(

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NC - long or short au idea - seriously tho, punk skater Kara covered in tattoos and and piercings crashing the Lois and clark wedding and dancing with Cat. I just love punk skater Kara and and I need more of her and Cat

“Who on earth is that?” Cat asked through gritted teeth, pointing at the girl who just entered the lobby.

She saw Clark follow the line of her sight and when he let out an honest-to-god Midwestern curse, she arched an impressed brow.

“That would be Kara, my cousin. I asked her to clean up a little but apparently, I was talking to a wall.” Clark mumbled before crossing the elegant hall of the Metropolis Halldorf Hotel to go talk to his relative.

Cat smirked at how people were looking at the intruder, their judgmental disapproval written all over their face and the offense clear in their eyes as they openly stared.

Kara, since it was the girl’s name, was wearing a boyfriend baggy jean that was falling loosely on a pair of very destroyed Converses, shoes that must have been black, once upon a time. Her dark gray tank top was floating around her thin and athletic silhouette, revealing a sport bra underneath. Her bare arms were covered with black ink, tattoos of all shapes and forms, some featuring bright colors and some already faded away, the ink becoming blue with hints of green. She had long golden hair that covered her broad shoulders and framed her face rather gracefully, despite the beany plugged on the top of her head and the huge, aviator sunglasses hiding her eyes.There was something fascinating, to that out-of-place attitude, Cat had to admit. The girl was holding a skateboard in her right hand and scrolling through a brand new iPhone with the other one, oblivious to the general ambiance floating around her.

Cat watched at the talk between cousins quickly escalated into a dispute and she considered joining in when Kara suddenly threw her skate on the floor and jumped on it, fleeing the discussion and then the hotel entirely.

“Well. That went perfectly, I’d say.” Cat snorted as she came to a stop next to Clark.

“She’s so … impossible. I told her she could come back when she has something nice to wear. It is a wedding, after all.” Clark explained, but he was clearly tensed and annoyed.

Cat chose to leave him alone and went to get herself a drink, still wondering why she was attending her archenemesis’s matrimonial ceremony in the first place.

“Oh, so you do clean up nice, after all.” Cat chimed in, stopping next to an almost presentable Kara Danvers near the punch bowl.

The girl had gathered her hair into a sophisticated braid, and she was wearing a black woman suit, with a white shirt and black suspenders and a pair or shining, polished black shoes. She had deep blue eyes, Cat noticed as she stared into that rebellious ocean for a second too long.

“Oh, you’re Lois’s bitch-ass rival. She said there was a chance you might show up.” Kara said and the blunt sassiness made Cat wince a little. She wasn’t expecting such a brute attitude, not from the cousin of the most well put together man she knew.

“You could say that, yes. Cat Grant, if you have utility for a name anyway.” She replied with a short nod and Kara barely reacted. “I know your name is Kara, so now that this is out of the way … Do you think it’s possible to get anything stronger than that pathetic excuse of a fruit salad they call Punch?”

That, at least, got a reaction. Kara smirked and moved her hand to search through her inside pocket, retrieving a black and sliver flask she handed over to Cat. 

“Careful, this is really strong.” The girl warned and Cat noticed the piercing the center of her tongue, a small and metallic ball catching the light every time the girl spoke. She had another one, a small ring at the corner of her bottom left lip and one, unused, in the right side of her nose.

She stared at the flask and then held out her glass for Kara to pour the alcohol. The girl arched an amused brow, but she did as Cat wanted. The beverage was of an old amber color, sparkling under the sunlight and smelling like some very old and fancy Bourbon.

“Oh, I haven’t had one of those since I went to Ireland, years ago.” Cat whispered after the first sip, savoring the rich flavors of the cereals mixing in her mouth, burning her tongue with memories and awashing her whole body with the familiar warmth caused by good booze. “I’m surprised you got your hand on such a precious drink.” Cat absentmindedly said and Kara frowned, instantly putting her walls back up.

“Why? Do you think the way I look, the way I dress or the way I lead my life mean that I don’t know how to enjoy good stuff?” She snarled and before Cat could say anything, Kara put her flask away and walked away. Cat grumbled under her breath, something about those Danvers people who were always flying away from hard talks and conflicts.

“You should stay away from Kara. She’s a sweet kid, but she’s … trouble. She’s going through some rough things, and she’s pushing everyone away.” Lois warned when Cat explained what had happened around the punch bowl. The bride was smiling and apparently, she was very happy about her day but there was a shadow in her eyes when she talked about Kara.

“Yes well. She is such a Danvers, honestly. I have no idea how you can put up with people who are so immature or so afraid they feel the need to walk away every time the conversation becomes a little hard.” Cat retorted while sipping at her punch, refraining herself to make a disgusted face at the insipid taste of it. After the very fine Bourbon, drinking this fruity drink was terrible.

“Oh really. I suppose in that case, I don’t have to ask you for a dance.” Kara’s voice echoed from behind them and both women turned around to face the rebellious Danvers. She had removed the vest of her suit and rolled her sleeves up her arms, ostensibly showing off some of her tattoos. With her hands in her pockets and a smirk on her lips, she was the very image of a hipster crashing a conservative party.

“Well, you’d have to properly ask, but we both know you’re too afraid to do such a thing. Beside, what guarantee do I have you won’t abandon me on the dance floor, if we ever get into another heavy talk you won’t be able to handle?” Cat replied with a glare, hiding the fact she was feeling strangely attracted to the younger Danvers at the moment. There is something to be said about the tattoos, the piercings and the suspenders in such an official and traditional gathering.

“I have a solution for that. How about we don’t talk? May I have this dance?” Kara asked, boldly, as she stepped in to invade Cat’s personal space. She hated that kind of move, and she was usually the one doing it, but she found that having this strange, free-spirited mind in her immediate proximity wasn’t bothering her as much as it should have. Kara smelled like Bourbon, Lemon zests and pine wood and it was kind of heady, fascinating.

“I suppose you may, yes.” Cat sighed before taking Kara’s hand, under the dumbfounded eyes of one confused Lois Lane.

“Will you snap at me if I tell you I’m surprised you’re such a good dancer?” Cat tried after a few waltzes and a more energetic dance with Kara.

“No, but when you think about it, it’s not that strange. I skate a lot, I have balance and I know how to move my body. I also happen to remember my father’s lessons, of when I was just a little girl.” Kara replied and her tone was soft and a little sad. Cat instantly knew there was a tragedy behind the deep and sparkling blue eyes she’s been drowning in since Kara asked for a dance.

“Well, I’m glad you do.” Cat simply said before pressing her cheek against Kara’s front to dance a slow to the sound of Thinking out loud, by Ed Sheeran.

karasuno reaction about kurotsuki
  • Hinata: WOAHH Tsukishima I don't know you and kuroo-san are dating
  • Tsukishima: I'm not--
  • Kageyama: Look at all these doujinshis and fanarts about you two
  • Tsukishima: Doujinshi???
  • Yamaguchi: I have all of them
  • Nishinoya & Tanaka: *GASP* WTF YAMAGUCHI?? LEND US SOME!!
  • Tsukishima: Listen--
  • Sugawara: *browsing the internet* OK BUT WHY I'M THE MOTHER OF THE TEAM? AND DAICHI IS THE FATHER?? ISN'T IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND??(out of topic)
  • Asahi: Calm down everyone--
  • Sugawara: Listen up childern, don't ever go to the internet ever again. Don't even search your name there. It's a lie and you will regret it for the rest of your life. Mommy just want you to be save and not getting hurt ok..
  • Shimizu & Sawamura: *suga seriously tho...*
  • Hinata: But the part where Tsukishima & Kuroo-san dating is true right?
  • Sugawara: It is true based of all this doujinshis and pictures
  • Everyone: *nods* hmm our mom is right
  • Kuroo: Guys let me clear this things up, Tsukishima and I aren't dating. Everything you saw is a fanmade it's not canon. Yes, there're people who ship us. The world is crazy right? I mean I'm 100% straight. I like girls especially the one with long legs and long hair--
  • Tsukishima: Kuroo-san, your hand is on my butt

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How do you draw so adorably!?

step one!: draw a face make sure it’s extra chubby!

step two!: wonder why you started drawing all this cute stuff when you really just want people to take your art seriously and be able to make awesome comics instead of hecking magical girls all the time and cry because you can’t escape the cute even if you wanted to…

Step three!: cute!


The story is inspired from “The Grateful Crane”, a japanese fairytale. A man and his wife lived happily together but one day, he fell sick and since they were too poor, they couldn’t afford medecine. To save him, the girl decided then to do something irredeemable.

_(:3 」∠ )_ Hello. Merry Christmas. *disappears with an evil laugh*… Nah seriously if anyone knows how to use sony vegas feel free to drop a message cause I still wanna save it as mp4 without losing its quality orz hope you’ll like it tho ! TvT <3

ps : also please check the description of the video~ !! _(┐「ε:)_♡

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😂😂👏🏽👏🏽 I NEED TO SEE THIS ??

Seriously ? They are so successful, it’s going to be hard not to replace them in future acts…   😂The Ant-Mans daughter wth?? This can’t be legit lmfao.

A brief history of me trying to pick my favorite male DigiDestined, Digimon Adventure edition
  • 1999: Matt bc angst and ANGST IS GOOD
  • 2000: Yeah, but Izzy tho
  • Late 2000/Early 2001: tAI MAYBE??
  • 2001-2008: TAI TAI TAI TAI DEFINITELY TAI (and Izzy)
  • 2008-2015: Ok well I'm going to keep SAYING Tai, but really I love them all and can't choose
  • Secret feelings simmering for years, finally boiling over immediately after Ketsui: IT'S JOE
  • 2016-Present: Yeah, but TK tho

I understand those people that keep complaining about the Cas-centric episode in season 12. I truly do. Because, you know, Sam and Dean have only been in all the freaking episodes since the very first one.

Do you ever just

Realize how much you love woman. Like their so soft and they have curves and curves are great. Also boobs are amazing. Butch girls too their great because their big and strong and could like fight some one for me but also like femme girls who are soft and like make up and dresses. And trans girls and demi girls. Like dude I just fucking love woman so much their amazing I could talk about them forever.

No but seriously tho, that whole Lana vs Naomi Smackdown Women's Title match...

Like… why ya gotta go and disrespect Naomi like that? Why? She’s the CHAMP. Girl should have had a CHAMPION’S match at a PPV. Against someone who can go toe to toe with her style and make it look GOOD. Not this….. experimental debut…. thing.

I mean don’t get me wrong, it was a good match. But like…….

……we *just* had a BADASS women’s LADDER MATCH.

We had THAT.

And then…. we got this.

Lana is undoubtedly an amazing talent with great potential. She’s great on the mic and I guess she’s memorable enough for another blonde girl in the ring.

But Naomi is one of a kind, and as champ, she deserves better than to be stuck with mediocre af booking.

“It’s just wrestling, honey, get over it”.

I know, okay, I know. I KNOW.
Doesn’t make it any less annoying, bruh.

like tbh, i love drunk girls. they give you like this incredible truthfulness. like is there anything more raw than a drunk girl crying over something? like it could be anything. idk. drunk girls experience true emotion, and should be taken seriously. God bless drunk girls. they care for people. they’re not afraid to call you out on your shit. they will love you and pet your hair and say “no honey” when you talk about how bad you think you are. they will curse the boy’s name who broke your heart. and they will hold your hand and dance with you if you want. idk. drunk girls are pure. i love them