i'm a genuis

they should totally have a tumblr dating site where you meet people in the same fandoms with similar otp’s and you know they’re guaranteed to be awesome and have a good music taste and have the same stupid sense of humor and then on tumblr they have a couple’s page where you see tho one’s that met eachother through tumblr dating and they’re all cute and sweet aND I REALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN NOW

Best Fake Drug Idea

I want to get miracle fruit tablets, convince people to try them, then give them vodka mixed with lemon juice (tastes kind of like lemonade after taking the tablets), just to make sure they can feel a noticeable effect and then have them try citrus fruit like “man, this is the drug that’s like taking a bunch of shots but also makes everything taste weird”.

I’m planning to hide and scare my dad’s girlfriend.
I made a fucking fake body to hide under my covers in my bed. incase they checked. I also mastered how to creep around my house, in dead silence without making a noise.