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I'm not sure if this has been said yet but as a plus sized FTM trans kid I COULD NOT find a binder and I was freaking out. But then I found an amazing little store through storenvy called Shapeshifters that makes custom binders! They're $50 each so a bit pricey but they fit amazingly and they actually flatten me even though I have a G cup bra size naturally. I would definitely recommend any plus size trans guy to them! They go through storenvy OR their own website! Worth the investment!

holy shit thanks for letting us know this is really important like,, holy shit

binders that can actually flatten a large chest !!!!!

if anyone else has used this store please let us know what you think of it as well - there are a lot of people out there who want to bind but can’t get binders that fit because most binders seem to be made for thin people with nothing above d or dd cup bra sizes

thanks a lot for this, anon

Hamilton characters as things I've heard in class
  • Hamilton: I have a pretty big ass I don't get it I'm a dude, I mean, it's a good ass though
  • Burr: Who was the person, who <i>FUCKED</i> A LLAMA.
  • Laurens: What can I say, I like nudes and dudes
  • Lafayette: Bitch I'm <i>proud</i> of my nipples
  • Hercules Mulligan: How about this pick up line, <b>*clears throat*</b> neener neener here's my wiener
  • Eliza: Did you really just wake me up to ask if weed I legal in Texas
  • Angelica: I regret my parents not using a condom
  • Peggy: Are you talking to me or the pasta?
  • King George: okay today I will be reading "Love Letter to Suzy"; <b>clears throat</b> Dear Suzy, you are a bitch, but you're my bitch now
  • Philip: Are ducks mammals?
  • Maria Reynolds: I must strip, it is my natural instinct
  • Jefferson: You make me want to kill myself but I mean that in the best possible way
  • Madison: This isn't small talk, this is depressing talk
  • <b> *Bonus*</b>
  • Jefferson: Bitch I got head that night
  • Hamilton: BET
  • Jefferson: I DID, FIGHT ME

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Do you have any suggestions for what to do when you need to take your mind off something? Like if you're having a bad day, are there any websites to go visit? I don't really know what I'm asking for, but something that's uplifting and distracting. Thanks.

Some of these are just amusing, others are calming, and others are freaking addicting. You can also go onto sites like Pinterest or Pandora… I find I can get stuck there for a long time.

Sorry that took so long!! I wanted to get the links in there for you too :)

The Monster Slug
  • Prompt: you have a phobia of spun like insects and Sherlock comes to your rescue when one appears in the flat.
  • Pairing: Sherlock x Reader
  • A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't really been active. I'm on vacation! So I made this in some of my down time. This is different from how I usually write but if y'all like this too, I'll do more! This was a request by an anon that took me way too long to get to! Forgive me! I hope you like it!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Sherlock: John, did you bring back that blood sample?
  • John: What? I thought you put it in your pocket!
  • Sherlock: No. I handed it to you.
  • John: No, you didn't give me any blood samples.
  • Sherlock: I'm most certain I did.
  • John: No, you did not! Check your pockets.
  • Sherlock: It's here. I could have sworn--
  • John: That was Y/N! It sounds like it came from the flat! Sherlock! WHERE ARE YOU GOING! YOU NEED A PLAN YOU CANT JUST RUN- oh my god I'm going to kill him.
  • Sherlock: y/n? *whisper*
  • Sherlock: What's wrong? Did someone break in? Are they still here?
  • Sherlock: Help you? Why are you on the table? And .... is that a toilet sponge?
  • You: Don't judge me! Help me! It's mooovvinggg!!
  • Sherlock: What is?
  • You: It's behind you on the WALL!!! ITS MOVING OH MY GOD!!!
  • Sherlock: Ok, calm down now. I'm here. I'll take care of it ok.
  • You: **nods frantically**
  • Sherlock: In here John.
  • John: WHAT'S WRONG?!
  • Sherlock: Can you be so kind as to take this slug out from y/n's flat, please.
  • John: A slug?! You nearly gave me a heart attack y/n! I thought something ba-
  • Sherlock: NOW JOHN!
  • John: Oh. I got it.
  • Sherlock: Alright now. I'm going to help you down, ok? I'm right here for you.
  • You: **nod**
  • Sherlock: Come lay down on the bed. Deep breaths, okay? I'm going to look around to see if any more are in here. No! Don't get scared. Just checking. I'm sure there's no more, but I want to stay safe, ok?
  • You: Ok
  • Sherlock: Good. Now give me a second.
  • You: S-Sherlock. I'm not like this.
  • Sherlock: I know.
  • You: Just slugs and bugs in general rub me the wrong way.
  • Sherlock: I know.
  • You: they're just so ... scary. I know I'm freaking out bu-
  • Sherlock: I know. Y/n, you are one of the most strong and powerful people I know. You don't need to justify this. Everyone has a fear. It's natural. You do not get to be ashamed about this. You understand me?
  • You: **nods**
  • Sherlock: Good. Now can you smile for me? You need some color back in your cheeks. Your room looks clean. It probably got in by sticking onto something and being brought in here. You're fine now. I'll be in the kitchen, if you need-
  • You: Can you stay with me? Just for a little. You know to help me can down.
  • Sherlock: Are you sure?
  • You: Yes. I could use a little company. You don't need to lay down or anything. Just sit with me a little.
  • Sherlock: you know what? The case today got me a little tired. I could use a moment to rest.
  • You: If you're okay with it. I know you get busy. It'd just be for a little bit.
  • Sherlock: I'm more than okay with it. Come over here. I need a pillow to cuddle with and there aren't any pillows on here.
  • You: I tried to throw them at the slug. I don't know. Maybe it could kill it.
  • Sherlock: I'm not questioning it.
  • You: Who knew Sherlock would be into cuddling.
  • Sherlock: Only with you.

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I know everybody is freaking out over Dan having wavy hair recently in all his videos, but I like... prefer his straight hair? I love the fact that he's confident enough to ga natural with his hair, I'm all for that, but like from an aesthetic point of view? Straight hair everyday (I also really don't like the shaved sides either... please don't kill me)

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i found that my body does get turned on, and it's messing with me. I didn't consent to this. i'm sex-repulsed. and... i feel... i don't know... violated? betrayed? i feel serious distress. i don't want to have sex. i don't want to feel this. is it possible to be traumatized by your own body? because that's sorta what it feels like. i know that it's natural and healthy but i didn't ask for it i haven't felt it before now, and i'm 22. i'm just freaking out.

There’s a lot of questions here and I just want to say Do not blame yourself for the shit your body does. Bodies just do shit. All the time. They can reflectively kick your knee, or any other joint. They can make you see shit just cause. Being turned on is a bodily response. It does not equate to enjoyment one tiny bit. It means chemicals were like do you need this? Is it jarring and annoying when your body is like thing brain is like Um no???/ ABSOLUTELY. Think of it as an inch or a twitch. If you have periods, but never want kids. Also like that. Bodies do stupid shit, it absolutely does feel like omg why can’t you just listen to me but bodies are a system and they don’t listen to non-chemical input very well. It’s not a you failed, or you secretly want or even have to do a thing.

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omfg i love love love your writing!!!! can you do a drabble/hcs about tom being away filming and his girlfriend being scared her apartment is haunted? im like 50% sure mine house is haunted and i'm kinda terrified😂

thanks, lovely! here are some headcanons for ya!

  • So you definitely know there’s a freaking ghost in your apartment, especially after watching three different horror movies
  • so naturally, you call you up your protector 
  • “It’s almost midnight, darling”
  • “I know, but i think my place is haunted!”
  • He tries to not roll his eyes, but he’s smiling as you explain all the reasons why you think your apartment is haunted
  • He tries to not giggle, but it starts to get hard, and you end up snapping your fingers to bring him back to earth
  • “Stop laughing at me!”
  • “I’m not laughing at you, I promise!”
  • “I hate you, bye”
  • He tells you to stay on the phone, and you get ready for bed while Tom stays on the phone with you
  • Finally, you’re about to turn off the lights, and he says, “what was that?”
  • “Thomas Stanley Holland, I swear i will dump your british ass if you play with me right now”
  • “Its the sound of me saying ‘I love you’“ 
  • then he says goodnight and then you don’t want to hang up and then its almost 2am and Harrison has to take the phone from him, hahaha

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1/3 Okay *claps hands* plz don't freak out when I ask or talk of this if it's this bad... but like I need a fanfic queen of smut authors insight. Heres my issue. I wrote this fanfic that got a lot of positive reviews. But there's a scene in particular that is questionable that... leaves me cringing. I wrote it as a teenager. Basically I was attracted to a character I absolutely adored but they were around 15 to 17 and this oc was a teen too. So I wrote a smut with it. I wrote it at the time bc

2/3 my hormones were high I had a huge fantasy and wanted to show their bond. And a lot of girls read it and enjoyed it too and had same fantasy. But here’s the thing. Now that I’m in my 20s I’m rereading and actually… really cringing at the fact they were minors. Obvious teen girls have this fantasy with this character and I wrote it at the time to let out fantasy, but I’m now like “but… THEY’RE YOUNG TEENS.” Even my best friend brought up it may be best to remove or edit it out altogether.

3/3 I guess I’m asking for insight and just… please don’t judge I wrote this year’s ago as a young girl TT^TT it’s like “Do I remove it? Do I bump up their age? Do I just wait til another story while they grow up as 18 or older?” Its like i cant even look at the character. Not attracted to em anymore bc they’re so young like my child. Weird question ik and… I’m cringing but I’m at the freak out at old published fanfics from past. Like I wrote it for fun but now it’s like “what?”

Well, anon, I don’t think what you’re going through is anything unusual or deserves to be judged; we all have our phases, and those of us that are creatively inclined may choose to express them in works like this without thinking of anything outside of well… thirst and the drive to explore certain things within ourselves that can only be delved into within the safety of fiction and our lively imaginations.

But of course, we evolve and change as people and then look back on what we wrote like “… shit. None of that is me anymore, so now what do I do?”

Trust me when I say that this is a good sign on many accounts. That you’re able to look back on your old works and see how you’ve grown both literally and figuratively and also want to do something about it rather than just go, “meh”. It shows your strength of character, imo.

Having said all that, you got a couple options:
• Edit the story so that the ages are older in order to maintain the integrity of your work as the art it is


• Take it down but just keep it as your own personal scrapbook piece, but without the dangers of it being seen by the public eye as problematic material that could reflect upon you things that you wouldn’t want.

For me, I went back and edited a couple of my stories that I love but was so full of things that I am not okay with now (certain language, involving certain people, some problematic dynamics that I don’t approve of) and am fine with leaving it up after that. This may be a better path than just slapping the cone of shame on it and booting it to the curb, lol!

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Since I can't stop the hurricane, know that I am sending you good energies and good luck 💜

You are too sweet :3. Thank you so much 💜💜.

I’m sure I’ll be okay! It’s just been stressful because everyone is freaking out and buying all the water, gas, and non perishable foods :/.

I’ll probably be down after Friday until about Tuesday? But I may try to set up a qu if I have enough time, but I’m still packing my evacuation bag because I’ve ~procrastinated.

The signs as It's Always Sunny quotes
  • Aries: You light one bitch on fire and EVERYBODY FREAKS OUT
  • Taurus: I can't believe they didn't include me in their suicide pact
  • Gemini: Cannibalism? Racism, Dee? That's not for us. You know, those are the decisions that are best left for the suits in Washington.
  • Cancer: I look like Lorenzo Lamas and women find it irresistible
  • Leo: Dayman ah ah ah, fighter of the Nightman ah ah ah, champion of the sun, you're a master of karate and friendship for everyone
  • Libra: Can I offer you an egg in these trying times
  • Scorpio: Mac, I was gathering information so I can more fully become this man. Look, look, this is about much more than just business. This is about the thrill of wearing another man's skin. Feeling his inner most wants and desires and being in control of his every single move. That's how you get off. Now don't you guys want to get off with me?
  • Sagittarius: You guys need to start greasing some dudes or I'm gonna freak out
  • Aquarius: Cats do not abide by laws of nature, alright? You don't know shit about cats.

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Hi! So I took my ball to see his old owner at the pet store he works at and he came home with MITES. I know this is relatively common, but it's my first time dealing with it, so I'm kind of freaking out. I've read a few sites about how to deal, but I was hoping you'd tell me your process. I ordered Natural Chemistry-DeFlea Reptile Mite Spray that will be here tomorrow, but I'd like to do everything right to make sure they are gone for good. THANKS!

Alright, here’s what to do. BURN THE HOUSE DOWN. Okay, I’m kidding- sort of. Mites are an extremely frustrating problem to deal with, so you might feel like burning everything to the ground a few times.

First, if you have multiple reptiles, quarantine the infected one in an entirely different room. You will thank yourself later. Also be sure to handle all your other reptiles first, before the mite infected one. Anytime you do handle the one with the mites, make sure to throw your clothes in the wash immediately afterwards to avoid further contmination. I always take a shower as well, as extra precaution.

Next, take everything out of the enclosure. If you can, submerge the items in water for 24 hours, otherwise buy a 2 oz bottle of Nix (the hair lice treatment) and dilute it in a gallon of water. Stir it until it dissolves, let it sit for a couple hours, put it into a spray bottle and go HAM on the items as well as the enclosure. Put them aside, away from your reptiles, and let them dry completely. Do not place these items back into your enclosure until you are 100% confident the mites are gone with the exception of your water bowl. You’ll still need that haha
Throw out (or freeze if it’s brand new) the old substrate and replace it with paper towels. Use various boxes (without tape!) As hides for the time being. Depending on the size of your snake, snack food boxes may be your best bet.

Since you have Natural Chemistry, it’s very important you follow the instructions and keep up on the time line of when to treat. I believe it says every 4 days- DO IT! This is because mites generally have a hatch time of 3-4 days. You want to attack them before they have the chance to reproduce and further their horrid cause. Some have told me the spray kills eggs, but I don’t believe it does, which is why you have to repeat the process multiple times.

Every 4 days, remove everything from the enclosure and throw it out. Treat the enclosure and water bowl with the Nix spray and let it dry fully and completely. Place more paper towels down as substrate and boxes for hides.
Rinse the water bowl THOUROUGHLY and replace it.

When you think you’ve seen the last mite, treat 2-3 more times to be absolutely certain.

Also, that nix mixture can be used directly on snakes and is more effective than multiple treatments of Natural Chemistry. It’s a little tricky though and I’d advise everyone to use their best judgement and CAUTION! the following instructions can severely harm and possibly kill your snake if you didn’t dilute it properly. It will also not be effective if you dilute it too much!

Im going to reiterate some instructions: Purchase a 2 oz bottle of Nix and mix it in one gallon of water until it dissolves. Let it sit for at least 2 hours and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray everything in the enclosure down, using the same steps above to form your temporary quarantine enclosure.
Soak the snake in a home storage bin of 88 degree water for 5-10 minutes. This will allow your snake to drink as much as it pleases and hydrate before the next step.
Empty the water from the bin, place the snake back in, and apply the spray directly to the snake from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. DON’T WIPE IT OFF. I made this mistake at first because I was very worried about hurting them and it was entirely ineffective. You have to leave the mite spray on then place them into their quarantine enclosure. AGAIN DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
I recently treated all of my snakes this way, every 3 days, with multiple applications and not a single one is exhibiting neurological symptoms or anything else worrisome. And hey- the mites are gone.
Good luck to you, friend! If you need any help or clarifications please don’t hesitate to ask!


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To be honest, when you proposed the possiblity of Ben 10 being in your universe (I have the original four seasons at home, it was my childhood), all I thought was Oikawa freaking out. Because. Aliens. Exist.

Hahahaha, if I was going to include Ben 10 in Designation: Miracle, they probably would have been human experiments instead of aliens, on grounds of aliens being one of those things that might be going a little too far in this one universe. BUT WHO KNOWS. Anything is possible.


Oikawa, naturally, would be overjoyed =D

Thanks, anon-friend!!

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I have a few questions about Caleb's ability. Can he feel others when they're in pain and can he localize it to a certain area? And this one's a bit stupid, but does his ability only work on humans?

This is such a great question! The short answer is sometimes, yes, he can feel physical pain. But Caleb is not personally able to localize it at this time. If someone is in physical pain, Caleb will feel a general kind of pain. Rather than his body drawing attention to a specific area of his body that needs seeing to (like it would if he himself stubbed his toe), feeling the pain of others is his body drawing attention to that specific person in need. 

All the same rules apply though - proximity, strength of feeling, Caleb’s own mindset. And his empathy tends to prioritize emotional signals over physical ones. This is why he enjoys football. Because everyone, including himself, is physically exerting themselves, it all sort of evens out. His body can’t process every little twinge and ache in every player and instead he feels that kind of good burning soreness that you feel when you have a good workout. People getting seriously injured is a different story. 

Caleb’s ability works best on humans. The closer something’s neurology is to his own, the better it works. So, if Caleb spent a lot of time one-on-one with a chimpanzee or other primate, he could probably get it working pretty well. As for dogs and cats and other domestic animals, he is only slightly more in tune with them than their owners would be - he can tell when they’re happy and when they’re freaked, but it isn’t as much of a conscious things as it is with humans. Caleb could definitely be described as an animal person in the sense that he’s naturally very good with them. 

Stop bashing Kubo

I’ve noticed a lot of people bashing Kubo-sensei and the producers after the new episode, and that really upsets me. 

Kubo has been really freaking good to us so far, and I’m not going to let two words out of Yuuri’s mouth change my opinion on that. “End this” could mean literally anything. Maybe Yuuri’s gotten tired of the pressure that comes with professional skating and just wants to settle down for a few years. Maybe he and Victor are taking a small break and will eventually find their way back to each other in a 2nd season. Or maybe we’re all thinking too far into things, and we just need to calm down.

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

Kubo-sensei has never actually done what we expected. She, never fulfills our expectations. No, she exceeds them. 

Originally posted by fyeahyurionice

All relationships have their ups and downs, their bad times and their good times. We initially praised YOI for portraying a heartfelt realistic LGBT+ relationship, and claimed that it would make history. So when Yuuri and Victor go through these ups and downs why are we suddenly freaking out? Small fights and anxiety are natural. At this point, we don’t even know what’s going on between the do. 

Long story short, we as a fandom need to quit taking things for granted, and we need to stop jumping to conclusions about Kubo and YOI.  After all, maybe the producers aren’t trying to break our hearts. Maybe we’re breaking them ourselves. 

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Does it freak you out that one day you'll be wrinkled with a colonoscopy bag and Steve will still be young and virile? Especially with the open nature of your relationship....how much will he be around when he's also involved with other younger (presumably) and healthier people?

You seem really a) mad in general b) mad that I look damn good for my age and c) mad about the ‘open nature of my relationship.’

If you think @goodbrosteverogers is gonna leave my old ass for a newer model, guess you really don’t know him as well as you think you do.

Stay mad.

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I was wondering if you had any tips for motivating yourself to write? I'm at school so that doesn't exactly help... Is there a way I can create some sort of schedule or just find ways to make myself find a natural routine? Thank you.

Ah, I know how that is! I just moved into my school apartment yesterday, so pretty soon I’ll have to be balancing school and writing, too! Luckily I have a few years of experience with that, so let me share what I’ve learned.

  1. Don’t freak out about not getting into a groove. If you’re unmotivated and then worrying about how you’re not getting any writing done, that’s not helping. Remind yourself that inspiration comes and goes in waves. It’s okay if you’re not feeling it—stressing about that will only make it worse.
  2. Find out when you write best. For some people it’s in the quiet of morning before anyone else is up, while others can’t get a word out until its past midnight and exhaustion has them loose a few screws. Working with your school/work schedule, try writing at different times of the day to see when you’re most productive. Also, experiment with different types of music and different forms of beverage. (For me, it’s time: after 9pm, music: Kamelot, and drink: Dr. Pepper. Anything different and I can feel the drop in productivity.)
  3. When you have that figured out, a site like this (there are plenty of others) can help you make a loose schedule. Make time blocks for things you can’t change, like classes, first. Then set aside time for homework, writing, chores, meals, etc, with flexibility between each time block to allow for extra homework or an awesome writing groove. Try to follow it!
  4. Find a writing buddy. Someone who can hold you accountable for writing is an extreme help. Nag them to write, and at the same time have them nag you. You can even schedule writing events (my writing buddy and I have a “writing night” every Tuesday and Friday) where you both write together and keep track of each other’s progress. Your writing night shouldn’t be a stressful time for you, though—it’s just a little weekly thing that will hopefully give you some healthy pressure to get something written.
  5. Make a list of everything that MUST happen. I love whiteboards for this so nothing feels permanent, even though it’s a list of “musts.” I suppose this hint helps more for pantsers than planners, who will already know what’s going to happen next. On my whiteboard I’ll write, in any order, things that I know will happen, even if I don’t know when or how. Things like “Sam meets Alice” or “George dies,” and so on. This will have your subconscious mind start working out how to make some of those things come to pass.
  6. Switch writing projects, or write fanfiction of your own stories. People have raised an eyebrow at the fanfiction thing, but it works. Sometimes your brain needs a rest from a main plot, so open a fresh document and think of a fic-y situation. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday. Maybe it’s the first day of class (even if you’re in a fantasy world…). Maybe someone’s got tickets to an amusement park, or a one-night stay at a beach resort. Just have fun and write it, even though it might never, ever happen in your story. This is a good character exercise for how everyone might react in completely different situations.
  7. Take a break. It’s okay to take breaks. Tell yourself “I’m going to take 3 days off” or something, and do it. Don’t feel guilty. Sometimes you just need to recharge. You should still think about your characters, rather than fall into an “out of sight, out of mind” trap. But after a few days of guilt-free distance from your story, you’ll start to miss it. Before you know it you’ll be finding time to write between classes or before bed or right when you wake up, because you miss your characters and you want to finish their story.

Hope this helps! Never give up. :)


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I've played allistic for so long that I don't even know who I am anymore. And then my mother always freaks out when I act the least bit autistic. I'm exhausted

You’re not alone, anon. It’s possible that you are in an autistic burnout or on your way there if you are exhausted. Remember, acting ‘more autistic’ when you learn more about it or spend more time with autistic people isn’t ‘faking.’ If talking and acting that way feels more freeing and natural for you, it is. Relearning to stim isn’t faking, it’s good and healthy. 

A Video on Burnout (autoplay) Burnout on the Autism Spectrum

What is Autistic Burnout? Help! I Seem to Be Getting More Autistic!

I hope you have neurodivergent or at least understanding friends you can be autistic around, and if not, that you meet some. The #actuallyautistic tumblr community is very friendly and might be a nice place to start.

If not, try to get alone time to yourself for stimming and acting freely if you can. You deserve to be your autistic self!


“I don’t understand why you guys act so scared [about Australia] because, I mean, a little Redback spider you can squash with your foot but over here you can’t kick a bear!”
- Anna Torv