i'm a fool to love you

also i want to say fuck you to mofftiss for deliberately taunting their fans time and time again that jim might still be alive, that arguably one of the most interesting characters could return, only to basically go “pfffft, yeah right, idiot. he’s dead. no really, we’re serious this time. maybe. you fools.”

it’s not good writing and more than a little cruel

Honestly it’s incredible when my Straight friends are like “you should watch this show in it!! It has a gay couple in it!!!”

Half of me is like “wow!! I love that you saw this and wanted me to see this kind of content I am so happy to be the gay friend that people think of.“

And the other half is like "YOU MORTAL FOOLS. Did you think there was a queer couple on television that I didn’t already know and have strong opinions about??? I /AM/ WLW MEDIA CONTENT. I KNOW ALL OF IT. I’VE SEEN ALL OF IT. NO FICTIONAL LESBIAN CAN ESCAPE MY NOTICE.”

I wrote you a book but you only read the first page and thought you had me figured out. I undressed my soul for you and you laughed at it, like it was some kind of funny joke. And I’m still praying that you kept your heart to yourself, that you are still willing to give it to me. Love makes you happy until it makes you a fool.
—  giulswrites
Last time I read Howl's Moving Castle I made a list of all of the things Howl calls Sophie and here they are

Outspoken old woman

Nosy old woman

Dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean old woman

A terror

You overactive old thing

That one-woman force of chaos

Dear Sophie

My good Sophie

Rude as well as a bully

Sophie dear

Dear Sophie

Mrs Nose

Sophie dear

Busy old fool, unruly Sophie

Mrs Nose

Mrs Moralizer

Mrs Longnose

Mrs Snoop

That fool Sophie


🙏  deuces, 2016~

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Bleach Reminder #5

Isshin Kurosaki calls Rukia his third daughter. She was already a member of the Kurosaki family the moment she stepped in through Ichigo’s window that fateful night.

a study in lavender 💜🔮💜

i can’t believe people sometimes!!!!!!!!!! when harry talks about being excited about magnus’s individual development in season two he’s accused of secretly hating malec and/or alec and being homophobic but when he calls them soulmates and true love and says “right” when asked to describe them in one word he’s attacked for “qu**rbaiting and only doing it for the money” like……just SAY IT lmao just say you hate him and you’re racist!!!!! you’re not fooling anybody it’s transparent as heck!!!!!!!!!


‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’

Fools (M)

Summary: Harbored feelings over the years start to build up. Both you and Taehyung are so obviously in love with each other – well at least it was obvious to everyone except the two of you – and the world (aka Park Jimin) has made it it’s mission to get the two of you to realize the feelings are mutual.

Word Count: 9.8k.

Warnings: *breathes heavily* College!AU, angst, smut; i.e. dirty talk, angry sex, slight overstimulation.

A/N: This is what happens when I have an idea and decide to run with it – I write a fucking novel. I was listening to ‘Fools’ by Lauren Aquilina last night and branched this off of that song. This is officially the lengthiest thing I’ve ever written and I can tell you I’ve never felt as satisfied with an ending than I have before with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! xx.

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What if we ruin it all and love like fools?

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There’s always an up in the air situation when it came to having a best friend of the opposite sex. Everyone always assumed that the two people were together and when they tell them they’re not, they’re faced with comments telling them ‘Oh, you’d be perfect together!’ Or ‘You’re pretty much together already so why not make it official?’ Which can lead to one of two things; an awkward atmosphere that ends up putting too much strain on said friendship, thus the two friends drifting apart and ultimately never speaking again. Or it could lead to the seemingly inevitable – admitting the hidden feelings.

When it comes to yours and Taehyung’s friendship, both of those options seem to scare the living shit out of you.

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25 days of klaroline · Day 17 ◦ Marriage

Marry me, marry me, marry me. I want to be the person who can annoyed you for the rest of your life, the one who calls you at 3 am because he miss you and can’t sleep, the one who will carry you to bed when you are so sleepy, the one who will be forever your fool in love.


Gideon + the way he looks at Jude


KC AU Week: Day 4 || All Human.

↳Assassin/Scientist AU

Caroline Forbes, professional assassin and con-artist is hired by one of the government secret agencies to seduce Klaus Mikaelson, aspiring and successful scientist who has uncovered a series of discoveries that will change the whole world, and steal his progress.

Now, if only he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, then maybe she would have been able to get it over with and finish this task.

But of course, he had to have dimples and an accent. In short, her own custom made recipe for disaster.