i'm a flirt remix



I'm A Flirt Remix
  • I'm A Flirt Remix
  • R. Kelly Feat. T.I. & T-Pain
  • I'm A Flirt Remix

Song of The Day

Ok I don’t know why but this song just popped into my mind randomnly. I remember this song coming on and hearing T-Pain part and was like “DAMN” that was hot. In all honesty that one verse what put T-Pain on the map cause everything he did before that was crap.

Any hoots. Every time I hear this joint I simply want to my swag up to 11 and have the ability to flirt with just a look. Don’t doubt my flirting skills.


R.Kelly, T.I. & T-Pain- I’m A Flirt Remix


dont bring your girl around me cause i’m a flirt!


Knxwledge - nahtaflurt