i'm a filly and what is this

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//b o i I'm not sure if you're still up for these but what about Penny x Cerise? eue

“Smile, darling.”

“I am smiling.”

//A super awkward filly who really likes other ponies but doesn’t know why they’re so afraid of her??? 

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I'm a little afraid to ask but, what happened to the stallion who tried to kidnap the fillies? And what was his punishment for trying to kidnap the daughters and son of a national hero/princess, the moon princess and blood relatives of Princess Celestia?

Tried, convicted and sent to a rehabilitation/therapy/jail-like institution to deal with his psychosis or whatever issues that led him to do this. I think it’s fair to believe that the Equestrian justice system is more heavily geared towards rehabilitation and reintegration into society instead of punishment based, no matter who the crime is perpetrated against.

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"Honey I'm home" -thevampyrecynder (for Filli Xd)

Chris blushed brightly. Wait, what had happened? He felt the ringing of a hangover but, did he get hitched? To Filli? Oh no “Uh. Do you have any idea what happened?”