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Victor and Yuuri (and any other YOI characters that could fit into this scene), 46. Shut up, I am a delight!


“Enough with this foolishness, Vitya!“ Yakov barked out. “Up with you!”

“Room…spinning…ow.” Victor opened an eye, expecting his coach to be the one who’d kicked his side, but it was actually Yuri. “Oh, Yurio. Have you come to see my demise here?”

“It’s your own damn fault for coaching that pig and assuming you could return to form so easily,” Yuri spat out, kicking Victor again for good measure. It didn’t hurt by any means, but Victor let out a dramatic sound of despair.

“It’s going well, I think!” Victor waved a hand in Yakov’s general direction. “Right, Yakov?”


“See, perfect answer!”

“Oh, shut up.” Yuri would’ve been stomping away, had he been able to on the ice. “And move, you’re in my way.”

“Hush, I am a delight!”

“Only that pork cutlet bowl would think so,” Yuri growled. “Now move.”

With a huge sigh, Victor got to his feet. Truth be told, he was fairly exhausted - everyone had told him he was insane for agreeing to continue to coach Yuuri while also competing again. While he didn’t regret the decision one bit, the physical demands were starting to take a toll on him. Inspiration could only do so much physically, after all.

There were definitely perks to the whole setup, however…

“Victor? Are you still here?”

He noticed the flash of gold before he even really saw Yuuri’s face. Either way, it made him break out into a huge grin as he quickly skated towards the edge of the rink. “Yuuri!”

He ignored Yurio and Yakov’s complaining as Victor went to tightly embrace Yuuri, the two of them immediately breaking out into grins and clearly in their own little world.

Sure, everything on the ice was called love…but when he was with Yuuri, everything else around him was tinted with it as well, and it would always be what gave him strength.


It was Blake’s favorite time. Especially on nights like this, when the moon hung full in the sky and she was able to see the jagged edges from where it had shattered. No one knew why the moon was broken, only that it had once been whole and complete. 

She sighed softly as she looked up at the moon. It was so peaceful outside, nothing like the room she had just escaped. Not that she had anything against her teammates, but sometimes Blake just needed to get away from it all. Currently she was sitting in the branches of a tall tree that bordered Beacon Academy. 


Every single morning, since like 4 days ago, my room’s door appears “magicaly” closed.

At first I thought it was my family closing it. But they weren’t.

Then I thought it was some kind of magical wind. But it wasn’t.

So this morning, when I woke up (later than usual) my dad told me that he saw me walking across my room, closing the door, and yelling “WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP SINGING, PAVAROTTI?!” to my bird, who’s in front of my room, near the fireplace.

So my friend got tumblr today...


So my friend got tumblr today and she already has more followers than me. I really don’t mean to be desperate but i’m running out of ways to make her feel like she is inferior still. I mean sooner or late she’ll find out about moon moon and sea pancake and all of tumblr’s inside jokes. I just don’t want to feel like a faaaaiiiilllll :(

I forgot she is following me and will see this…

all this talk about the new FTM shows reminds me of my FTM meet and greet experience

this is literally how it went:

me: standing waiting to say hi to josh

me: I should really tell him how much I love his hair or how he inspired me so much

josh: hey, how are you?

me: I’m good, you don’t look so pale in person


josh : thanks… we just went to australia so that’s why I have a bit of a tan