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“Chibi Kenma is a clever, psychic setter. It can easily pick up on other Pokemon’s movements and just as quickly decipher a new play of attack with its sharp eyes and even sharper mind. However, this Pokemon is weak when it comes to video games because it loves to play.”

Pokemon Trainer Kenma and Chibi Kenma!
↳ Happy Birthday Marissa @kenmasan(〜^∇^)〜


I try to remember him the way he used to be 
The man who’s name I’ve carved on my heart
I was born inside the warmth and born inside a dream
Whenever I dreamt we’d find ourselves apart… [x]


Because Sungjong’s hyungs will never let him live a.k.a. how the INFINITE hyungs imitated Jongie’s famous neck grabbing move during The Eye. 


make me choose → anon asked: vivienne or anora

“I am well versed in the politics of the Orlesian Empire, I know every member of the Imperial court personally, I have all the resources remaining to the Circle at my disposal, and I’m a mage of no small talent. Will that do?”


She stared at the stunted legs, the swollen brutish brow, the green eye and the black one, the raw stump of his nose and crooked pink scar, the coarse tangle of black and gold hair that passed for his beard. Even his manhood was ugly, thick and veined, with a bulbous purple head. This is not right, this is not fair, how have I sinned that the gods would do this to me, how?


G o o d b y e, Mr. Chandler.