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Leafs 2016-17 Re-Watch Game 1/82


Leafs fall to Sens 5-4 in OT (10/12/16)

◆How many rookies is too many?◆

◆In his NHL debut Auston Matthews scores 4 goals◆

◆Mitch Marner is snakebitten after an exceptional preseason◆

◆Matt Martin gets in his first fight as a Toronto Maple Leaf◆

◆Auston’s second goal features an undressing of the senators defense◆

◆Ema Matthews becomes an icon for Leafs Nation◆


EMMA SWAN APPRECIATION MEME | day three, favorite happy moment

regina’s gift - a good life for you and henry. you’ll have never given him up. you’ll have always been together. but it won’t be real. well, your past won’t - but your future will.


聞かせておくれよ その声を…見せておくれよ その夢を… #HAPPYNDAY!


I try to remember him the way he used to be 
The man who’s name I’ve carved on my heart
I was born inside the warmth and born inside a dream
Whenever I dreamt we’d find ourselves apart… [x]


make me choose → anon asked: vivienne or anora

“I am well versed in the politics of the Orlesian Empire, I know every member of the Imperial court personally, I have all the resources remaining to the Circle at my disposal, and I’m a mage of no small talent. Will that do?”


Ryan & Colin feat. various emoji