i'm a drinking enthusiast

Coco had been drinking for a few hours now, thoroughly enjoying himself at the open bar and getting to know the crowd around him, he was always outgoing and talkative but with drinks flowing so freely, and his fiance not around to remind him that he was notoriously a lightweight, he was definitely getting a bit rambunctious. He’d just finished downing another drink that probably should have been deemed ‘too girly’ for him when he blurted out about the noise of the music in the background,  “ One of these days I’m going to perfect the Kale smoothie, and I’ll go down in history. I’m sure of it. And they say to speak the things you want so I’m just going to shout it out here into the universe! I WILL PERFECT THE KALE SMOOTHIE!!!” He grinned proudly, flashing the onlookers around him a cheeky grin before wiggling his brows as if to say ‘it’s gonna happen’ and turning back to the bar to order another drink he’d long since forgotten the name of. “You want one? They’re so good!”