i'm a dentist

Getting Damian Wayne to go to the dentist is like bringing a dog to the vet.

Do not say the actual word because he will vanish and you will not find him.

Get him into the car by making him think you’re going anywhere BUT the dentist.

It’s a tricky procedure but Bruce and Alfred have mastered it, and once every six months the local dentist is treated to Bruce Wayne walking into the waiting room with an angry, struggling, complaining boy under his arm.

Damian leaves with a pastel blue balloon announcing he’s part of the ‘no-cavity club’.


{HUUUUUURGHH imma just leave this here. i got BIG plans and i’m just going to collect sketches for now. I’ll try to throw out a lot more tomorrow. Cause - big plans. mhm. Also: ft. da goat and da bby from @ragtimedevil *dabs*}


sometimes i think about my favorite marvel/dc legacy teens, and think about how if they all aged in real time, Jaime would 100% be the 27yo adult mentor/babysitter to 18yo Miles and 20yo Kamala

(Milagro hangs out with them too and gives them advice on how to annoy Jaime. She’d be like around Kamala’s age, right?)

i call it: “age accurate legacy kids”

my mom + gorillaz songs:
  • clint eastwood: i like this one, i do, i know this one, it's my favorite
  • feel good inc: you played this song 5 times a day for 2 months straight when you were a kid (it's true)
  • dare: i remember this one from the 90's!! (she insists she heard it in the 90's just fyi)
  • rockit: marisa you know they stole that from the macarena right?????
  • doncamatic: you should pay attention to these lyrics!!!!
  • stylo: *sings from the kitchen* overload, overload, coming up to the..
  • glitter freeze: it sounds like i'm at the dentist marisa please stop
  • saturnz barz: how can u listen to this and enjoy it if u can't understand what he's saying
  • ascension: ...he wants to wipe his ass with what?!?!?



hi hello yes my shoe is v messed up but that’s alright 🍁🍂

  • John *sighs: You have to go to the doctor ...
  • Sherlock: You're my doctor.
  • John: yes, but ...
  • Sherlock: Well then, doctor. Go on. Help me.
  • John: Love, I ...
  • Sherlock: Come on John! Hurry up. It hurts.
  • John: For God's sake ... I'M NOT A DENTIST, SHERLOCK!
  • Sherlock: ... Read a book. It can't be that difficult.
  • John: ...
In her eyes I drown, on her lips I find myself - Kagetsukai - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
Commander Cullen and Evelyn Trevelyan aren't on best of terms so he is surprised and confused when he finds the Inquisitor in his office late one evening. She has apparently picked his locks. It doesn't help that he's been fighting the onslaught of withdrawal symptoms over the past day and the headache is becoming unbearable. One thing leads to another and suddenly he's faced with a question: does he trust her magic?
By Organization for Transformative Works

I finally posted the fluff. I will now escape the Internet because I am terrified.