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Adena is sitting in the living room of her childhood home, just spending some quality time with her mother. Mama el amin takes it upon herself to fill Adena in on ALL the events she’s missed since she’s been gone. Adena listens with rapt attention taking everything in when her attention is broken by snickering coming from her sister. She looks across to where her sister is sitting and she has this shit eating grin on her face when she says in the most teasing voice “Adena why is this beautiful girl sending you a topless-” Adena doesn’t let her finish the sentence before she’s leaping off the couch at at her sister Nadia to get her phone. Mama el amin watches with amusement in her eyes to see her daughter worked up like this. She actually laughs at her daughters antics as if she didn’t already know the picture was from the woman that seems to have taken over her daughters every thought. When Adena finally retrieves her phone she sees her sister was right, Kat had sent her a picture just like the last “you touched me here” except the heart covering her is gone. Adena smiles and thinks of a way to respond to this.

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Hello, I was wondering if you could explain the relationships between Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian? You don't have to do paragraphs of anything but I really want to know more about their relationships and it's kind of confusing when I read some things that contradict other things haha I know Tim and Damian basically hate each other and Dick and Damian are suppose to be close? I'm not sure if that just for fics though.. Thank you! (:

Hello! I would be more than happy to explain but I must put out a warning first. Canon is very wibbly wobbly, it can vary dramatically between authors so there’s no one ‘correct’ interpretation of any character. I try and find the traits/relationships that are most consistent/in-character and tend to disregard the crappy writers. Also it’s good to separate fanon, which is often way over exaggerated and often wrong, from canon.

Okay so i ended up going a bit overboard but I believe this is a pretty fair description of the relationships as I know them, based on my own comics collection. I’m not saying it’s fact, there’s a canon story where Jason becomes a tenticle monster. So my advice? Read the stories you like, find the canons interpretaions you think suit the characters. And not all fanon is bad, I enjoy and headcanon a bit myself but some views (Dick is 500% a sunshine cutie, Dami is a sniffly tiny baby) just don’t have any support.

Dick and Bruce- As sad as it is to say, Bruce probably has a stronger relationship with Dick than the other kids. It’s been stated over and over how much Bruce truly cares for, admires and trusts his first son. That’s not to say Bruce isn’t above manipulating Dick’s good nature / love of Bruce for the mission and they’ve gone through a few periods of intense fighting / not speaking. On the whole, I’d say the relationship is mostly good. Bruce admits that Dick coming into his life saved him from a dark path and Dick isn’t shy about telling Bruce he loves him.

Dick and Jason- Dick and Jay have a difficult relationship to pin down, so here’s how I see it. Jay was adopted while Dick and Bruce were fighting. While Jason was Robin, Dick was a bit stand-offish feeling that Bruce had up and replaced him. He helped Jay out on a few cases, and wasn’t mean to him or anything, but he wasn’t very involved either. But when Jason died he was just as upset as Bruce was. Since Jay’s resurrection, it’s been shown Dick makes an active effort to bridge the gap and help out Jason. Jay, for the most part, usually ignores him but I always get the sense that he, like the other batboys, really look up to Dick.

Dick and Tim- I think of all the bat siblings, Dick and Tim have the most normal brotherly relationship. From the start, Dick was more involved with Timmy, helping him out both in and out of costume. I think he learned his mistake in not bonding with Jason and wants to prevent the same thing from happening to Tim. Time and again, Dick has been looking out for Tim and Tim cares for and admires Nightwing so much. They refer to each other as brothers the easiest as well. Honestly it’s a decently healthy relationship for superheroes in Gotham City.

Dick and Damian-  To me, it’s much more of a paternal relationship as compared to a fraternal one. Dick basically gave Damian the tools to redeem himself. Bruce was dead  and so Dick stepped up to the plate as Batman and Dami’s pseudo-parent. He struggled and worked at it but he made Dami realize he was loved. This show of care is really I believe what turned Damian onto a better path. Bruce came back and finally started to bond with his kid now that he was more manageable. In my mind, Dick/Dami are much closer than Dami/Bruce if only bc Dick invested so much. Dami, likewise, loves the hell out of Dick and always defends him.

Jason and Bruce- I hope I don’t need to elaborate too much when I say it is bitter and complicated. Jason isn’t mad that Bruce didn’t save him, he understands that. He’s mad Batman didn’t avenge his murder,  it felt like Jay meant nothing to Bruce and was easily replaced. But Jay can’t completely hate Bruce because he still remembers the good ole days when Bruce saved him from the streets. He’s slowly, excruciatingly slowly, merging back into the batfam but he and Bruce have a long way to go if they want to repair the relationship. Honestly? I don’t know if either of them has it in them to really let go and accept what’s happened.

Jason and Tim- Again, this is a hard relationship to describe as it changes constantly. Initially Jason hated Tim for replacing him as Robin. He made several attempts on Tim’s life and Timmy outright avoided anything with Jay. They’ve since become a bit closer. Jason realizes that Tim has nothing to do with him and Bruce while Tim acknowledges that Jay went through some tough times. I personally don’t like interpretations where they’re super buddies, but I do like that they’ve been able to work together and understand one another. They can act like brothers but still a bit distant.

Jason and Damian- This one I’m a bit iffy on, from my experience, Jay and Dami don’t have a terrible amount of significant interaction. It’s mostly during fights or those weird bantering moments in the cave. The two will sass each other and provide an assassins perspective but that’s it as far as I know. We know they care as Jason demanded to be part of the group to resurrect Damian. Fanon likes to have Dami and Jason bonding over being killers in a nonviolent family and also having been resurrected. I’m not saying that can’t happen (I like to believe this) I’m just saying I don’t think it’s strictly canon .

Tim and Bruce- Unlike the other boys who became part of the family first then became Robin, Tim was the opposite. Bruce treated Tim like an apprentice rather than a son at first making clear distinctions btw Tim and say Jay and Dick. He, of course, grew to care for Tim and thus when Jack Drake was killed, he became a Wayne. To me, Tim is the most like Bruce and I think Bruce feels this as well. He’s more likely to leave Tim on his own, thinking the boy is tough enough to handle it. But he often misses Tim’s emotional needs, like being lonely and needing assurance and attention so he doesn’t work himself to death. This falls mostly to Dick.

Tim and Damian- These two have never and probably will never get along. They’re too stubborn and too certain the other is wrong. Luckily, Dami has moved past his desire to kill Timmy every five minutes but their relationship is mostly antagonistic but in a less violent way. I find it sadly ironic that both Damian and Tim have expressed to feeling removed from the family, that the other is more of an ‘actual’ son. I feel they could get along better if they made an effort but too much has happened and they’ve settled into their roles. But again, they do care enough that they will save each other and Tim was pretty sad when Damian was killed.

Damian and Bruce- Dami and Bruce got off to a very rocky start. Dami was a spoiled murderous snot and though Bruce *ahem* “tried” to help his son, he wasn’t going about it the right way. Then Bruce died and when he came back, Damian was Robin and much calmer thanks to Dick. Bruce took back the Batsuit but kept Damian on as Robin and here is where father and son really forged a  connection as Bruce continued to help guide Damian. Bruce was beside himself with grief when Damian died and did some crazy stuff to bring him back. The two aren’t 100% and I still feel Dick/Dami get on better but now Bruce is actually helping Damian and the boy appreciates it.

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what a fucking ride! Fuckity fuck fuck it was amaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiiinnnnnngggggg! And I want to cry, because imo ur portrayal of the originals is 100% better than anything I’ve ever seen in fics or on the show (no surprise considering my toenail could write the og family better than some of the writers) but gosh I’m so happy I read this series

As Dorcas had apparated to Mungo’s for her work shift, Sirius relaxed against the couch. Resting his arms against the back on the couch, he rolled his neck, looking for much need stress relief in the motion and the silence that surrounded him. Between the move in, Dorcas and himself fighting, and the constant worry that someone’s going to show up unexpectedly to their knew place, Sirius was filled with stress that he was itching to get rid of in some way.

His first thought was James. His best mate always knew how to relieve any tension that Sirius felt. Whether it was a simple prank the two played or just by talking, James would know what to do… he always did. It wasn’t until Sirius began to throw a shirt on that Lily had crossed his mind. Lily and James were probably needing privacy at the moment, seeing as it was still considered morning and they were most likely in bed doing Merlin knows what. His next thought was Remus or Peter. Though he knew the other two were probably still sleeping, and if they weren’t, they couldn’t relieve the stress like James or a good shag would.

As the word “shag” crossed his mind, Sirius immediately thought of Dorcas and Mary. One was at work, while the other, he had no idea what she was up too. Putting his boots on, Sirius began to think about Mary. He figured that catching up with her, and just doing something different rather than staying in the flat all day, would help lower his stress. Surprisingly, even though her name popped up when he thought of a shag, he didn’t care if she shagged him or not… but he wouldn’t complain if she did either. After apparating to her home, Sirius bang loudly on her door and boomed “Mary, you home?”