i'm a celebrity...get me out of here!

Ok, but imagine

Your OTP are famous for whatever reason, and they’ve heard of each other, but never met. They both go on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ and end up spending a bunch of time with each other. The audience ships them and keeps voting for them to do trails together. They eventually become the camp couple.

10 Day Halloween Challenge 

So I decided to make myself a short Halloween photo challenge, even though we don’t celebrate Halloween here in Australia; I personally love it! I know it’s super early but I love creepy things, so if you want to join in and start getting halloweeny early, feel free!! Just tag #10dayhalloweenchallenge and make a sim/edit based around these topics:

Day 1. Salem

Day 2. Death

Day 3. Animalistic

Day 4. Futuristic

Day 5. Fairytale

Day 6. Victim

Day 7. Faie

Day 8. Medieval 

Day 9. Blood Lust

Day 10. Out of this world

These are completely open to interpretation, so go nuts and have fun!!