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Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything


#kdramawomensweek: day 8 // age of youth love-fest | happy international women’s day!

So I pretty much put together some of my favorite scenes from Age of Youth. They’re all scenes that really hit me hard emotionally or just personally resonated with me. When Jin Myung, whose feelings have slowly been bubbling underneath the surface, finally overflows with emotion, full of rage and agony. She finally demands the apology she’s been silently asking for. When she fell to the floor in sobs, I cried with her. I felt that grief. When Yi Na realizes she’s been holding herself back and finally lets herself go. Dammit, that scene just hit me. When Eun Jae blows up and just begs for the housemates to be nice to her I could personally relate to her pain and just how nervous she must have felt to finally let that out and tell these almost strangers how alienated they made her feel and how much it had hurt her. That’s not easy.

As you can see, most of my favorite scenes include the girls all together. The relationship that developed between these girls, different in pretty much every way, from being strangers just living in a house together to sisters that loved and protected each other in any way they could was really the main strength of the show. Even that hilarious scene when the girls beat up Eun Jae’s boyfriend because they think he’s some stranger out to hurt her shows just how willing they are to protect each other. I mean, they burst out of the house the second they heard Eun Jae scream. The girls immediately went to comfort Ye Eun when she finally broke up with a boyfriend she loved so much. And when Eun Jae finally comes home after being out all night, the girls just hug her, saying that everything is okay because she’s here and she’s safe. I’m tearing up just thinking of the scene. That love for each other that made them one of the best friendships of 2016 and just in general.

What I love about the girls individual stories is the journey they went through during the drama and where they ended up. They don’t end the drama suddenly complete and whole, but you know they’ve set themselves on that track. They learn to start forgiving and loving themselves. The ghosts they’ve lived with are never completely gone but they’re not held back and tortured by them anymore.

Anyway, what I really want to say is that I love these girls so so so so so much. There’s really nothing I can say that can convey the amount of love I have for this drama and the Belle Epoque girls. It warms my heart when I think of them and I’m just so happy there’s going to be a season 2.


i cant believe gilmore girls made a hamilton reference fifteen years before hamilton even came out

what a great day to remember that the american education system continuously fucks over its students and then punishes them for it :)

Luke and Lorelai - the bed mystery solved?

It’s common knowledge that I have an obsession with Lorelai and Luke’s sleeping arrangement ever since I made the following post a couple of months ago:

Can we talk about the fact that Lorelai and Luke seem to be super flexible on which side of the bed they sleep? I think that’s adorable and makes me like them as a couple even more.

My explanation: They both want one specific side of the bed and used to argue about it a lot, but since they are in a steady relationship now they decided to compromise and take turns with the “right” side of the bed. Sometimes, when one of them has a bad day, the other gives up the “good” side, just to make the other smile and feel a little better.

This post was done BEFORE the revival and therefore is not true anymore, since we now have “official” confirmation that Lorelai sleeps on the right side of the bed and Luke on the left, however, I don’t consider this true to the original series anymore. Wanna take a walk down memory lane with me? Let’s go!

We have, of course, our favorite episode 5x03 “Written in the Stars” with Lorelai on the right and Luke and the left, but that episode doesn’t really count since that sleeping arrangement happened after sex, so… let’s just say which side you end up on is not really predictable, plus it’s their first night ever together (that we know of) and therefore not a reliable source.

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 1
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 0

Then, there’s some sort of drought with Lorelai and Luke in a bed or even close to a bed for a couple of episodes, till 5x10, and Lorelai is on the right again…

In 5x11, she’s again on the right…

5x12 is probably the most interesting one. Since it starts off with Lorelai on the right.

But in the end of the episode, she’s on the left, for the first time ever. There’s a shift, my dears!

intermediate result before the big break-up in season 5 in “Say something”:

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 4
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 1

Even though they lie upside down on the bed in 5x21, Luke is on the right and Lorelai on the left.

Their first night as an engaged couple while the “kids would be good”-talk (*sobs*) in 6x01 Lorelai is on the left and Luke on the right.

In 6x03 Lorelai gets up on the right side of the bed, but there’s no sign of Luke. I’m not sure If I should even count that. Well of well.

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 4 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 3

In the same episode, Lorelai stays in Luke’s apartment and she’s on the left again.

The same applies to 6x04: Lorelai on the left, and Luke on the right.

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 4 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 5

In 6x07, we see Lorelai on the left, but there’s no sign of Luke.

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 4 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 5 (+1)

The following can not be counted, but it’s just too precious, the little fam of Luke, Lorelai and Paul-Anka on a bed. <3

In 6x08, Luke on the right, looking with his foot for Lorelai. Probably one of the sweetest things we ever see with our Javajunkie eyes. <3

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 4 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 6 (+1)

After that, there are no scenes with Lorelai and Luke in a bed, but we see Lorelai in that bedroom quite some time. However, we can’t take these scenes in our classification. For integrity, I show them to you anyhow!



In 6x12, Lorelai is on the right and Luke on the left. (Look at Luke, who has an arm wrapped around Lorelai while they sleep!)

In 6x13, Luke is on the right side of the bed, indicating that Lorelai was on the left. Look at the unmade bed!

In the same episode, Lorelai is on the left side, the scene takes place just right before they head off to bed, discussing how Luke needs some alone time with Lorelai, and her heart’s breaking, that’s why I display the kiss!

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 4 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 9 (+1)

In 6x15, the dreaded Valentine’s episode, we see Lorelai at first on the left, but on the next morning, we see her on the right. I wonder how that could happen… 

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 5 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 10 (+1)

In the rest of the season, there is not a single scene of Lorelai and Luke in a bed together. There are a few random scenes, which I will show you anyway.



And there’s 6x19: Christopher puts her on the left side. Maybe he knows it’s her side?

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 5 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 10 (+2)

Short conclusion for the original series: Unlike my initial post proposes, we can very much say that Lorelai used to sleep on the right of the bed in the beginning of their relationship. As soon as their relationship got more serious, Luke and Lorelai switch sides. Lorelai is now on the left and Luke on the right.

With that knowledge, it’s very interesting to see that Lorelai and Luke found a new sleeping arrangement in the revival. In all the revival scenes, Luke is on the left side of the bed and Lorelai on the right. Every single time. There’s not one exception.

The following is basically the same scene, but I will consider it anyway!

So, with these scenes, we have our final result:

Luke on the left and Lorelai on the right: 10 (+1)
Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right: 10 (+2)

It’s a TIE, with a slight advantage for Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right, which would be the opposite combination, which the revival suggested. And keep in mind that Lorelai on the left and Luke on the right is also the combination was the set-up, which was used more often in the original series.

What do we do with that result now? There’s obviously a switch of their established sleeping arrangement during their first engagement. Maybe they decided on this on purpose, to make it clear to them that their third go with their relationship would not compare to their previous tries? Maybe, Lorelai wanted to be the one sleeping closest to the door, or Luke wanted to sleep closer to the bathroom or the big windows. There are all sorts of reasons why their sleeping arrangement changed, but this breakdown is not the right place for that. This needs to be explored in a fanfiction.

Does this settle this once and for all @freelyvivacious?

me externally: i don’t even miss one direction that much

me internally: it’s been seven hours and 593 days… since you took your love away… i go out every night and sleep all day… since you took your love away… since you’ve been gone i can do whatever i want!!! i can see whomever i choose… i can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant… but NOTHING!!! i said NOTHING can take away these blues… ‘cause noooooooooooooothiiiiiing compares… nothing compares… to you

Honestly I would love to be someone’s Lefou, complimenting them left and right and just pointing out all the good things about them. Like you may not let me love you but at least let me point out everything I adore about you because you are amazing and deserve all of these compliments I give you.

Also, let me write songs about you and just sing them in random public places. Let me express to other people how I see you and why I feel you are perfect because no one else could ever compare to you. As without you, who else would be there that I could spend all day complimenting?

Anyway, ignore me~