i'm a car now too

Bless Doc Hudson.

Bless Lightning McQueen doing a good job on fixing the road out of SPITE.

But most importantly, I love how hard McQueen works at racing.

Even with the egomania and the selfishness, he’s out there desperately trying to practice the turns on the dirt road to get better. He loves this sport. He wants to be the best. And he’s out there working all the same, even when he’s got a bad attitude about it.

Lightning McQueen loves racing.

Ug. Cars 3 is going to destroy me when Lightning has the moment where he believes he can’t race any more.


Holy crap so I’ve been in New York less than 24 hours and I’ve already gone and FINALLY seen Cars 3. Three weeks late but it’s still not out in the UK yet so I’m fine with that. And oh my god it was so worth the wait. The second it was over we went straight to the Times Square Disney store (at 1am) where I bought a plushie of my boy and re created a photo of the last time I was here 2 years ago!
I don’t even know where to start or what to say about the film that hasn’t already been said but it was beyond anything my childhood self could have dreamed of and today has just been amazing. What did we do to deserve cars 3 guys I feel so blessed

“I’m not going to put myself in a situation I know I’ll be uncomfortable and stressed in,” shouldn’t warrant being told to just “give it a chance,” after months of “"giving it a chance,”“ and shouldn’t warrant being forced to do something that will make you unhappy, and after you don’t give in it still shouldn’t warrant the silent treatment and anger.

Handling a situation with maturity and calmness should not result in hostility from the other person.

You should always have the right to refuse going into a situation.

au where poe, who has a passion for classic cars and drag racing, picks up finn, a hitchhiker with a dark past, only to have his car break down just a few miles later.  fortunately, they’re not far from jakku body shop, which isn’t really much more than a shack in the middle of nowhere.  there they meet rey, a mechanic who dreams of escaping her solitary life.  together, they all drive off into the sunset.

Aviana came down with the flu, and you’d think she’d stop acting cheeky, but she’s gotten even worse! She’s been asking for cookies because she’s “oh so sick” and will “die without them”. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure the syrup has stopped the coughing by now, so she’s totally faking it. I have a very smart daughter. Anyway, what did I miss?

Okay I think the madness at the art café is done. Let me sum up:

The place where they were was 2 minutes away from the hairdresser TOP went to this noon (look his instagram update). There were the YG dance crew including the twins, their stylists, a few managers and security guards. Some cars were filled with filming equipment. Also, there were a lot of YG cars driving around. GD was definitely here since he passed by us in his car with his window opened. Taeyang was probably also there since his manager was walking around all the time and we saw his car several times. Then we also saw Seungri’s car but I can’t confirm that he was here. I have no idea if Daesung was there too since I haven’t seen anything of him. Same goes for TOP, even though he posted that he’s pretty close to that location? The dancers were going to some kind of basement all the time. At one point, they were blasting Bang Bang Bang 3 times at full volume so we could hear it. All of that took place within several hours.


30 Songs in 30 Days | Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep | Bara no Kokuin from The Schoolgirl Lesbians Who Turn Into Cars Revolutionary Girl Utena movie

fuuuuck I keep forgetting to do this meme :|

There really aren’t any songs that make me fall asleep, but there are some that make me sleepy. I cannot actually fall asleep with anything other than white noise, like a fan or dehumidifier or something.