i'm a browncoat!

A wonderful show was created. And then someone took an accountant’s decision to cancel it. And then the fans came together and they met and they wrote and they agitated. And then those Firefly fans got AN ENTIRE MOVIE, because hey, there’s a market, and that’s what mattered to the investors. And it was glorious. So I’m just saying. There’s a precedent. The Wachowskis are known, foremost, as filmmakers. And if they want to do it, let’s do it. Let’s support them. Let’s do a Serenity. Bring on the Sense8 movie.

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Three words that every fandom implicitly understands:

“Oh. That episode.”

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So to start off I'm a TOTAL Browncoat. But I voted Pushing Daisies. I know you guys are dying for a reboot and might actually get one if you win. I know Firefly never will since it just wouldn't work out with the actors and whatnot. So while I LOVE Firefly and everything Whedon I know you guys have more at stake here. I hope it works out for Pushing Daisies!

;_____; bless you, Anon!!