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A New Start (Rp closed for @the-infamous-informant)

Shizuo wasn’t particularly busy, but he was planning to enjoy his day off if it meant the death of him. Tom had decided to give him a week as a break from the usual bodyguard work, and he had decided to take this day to just relax for once. No work. No violence. And most of all, no Izaya.

If anything, Ikebukuro seemed to be at peace, at least for the moment. 

Shizuo inhaled a breath, taking in some smoke from his cigarette to calm his nerves a little. For some reason, he felt antsy, as if he was on edge. It was almost like something was about to happen, but he didn’t have any clue as to what it would be considering the circumstances. 

Huffing out an exhale, Shizuo lumbered down the street, not really looking for anything in particular except that all was as it should be.

Until he saw that it wasn’t.

Off in an alleyway to the side up ahead, there appeared to be a small spat going on. There were three guys, all of a pretty high caliber, at least physically. They practically towered over another, shorter man, who had a head of scruffy, black hair that Shizuo didn’t care to focus on. 

This obviously wasn’t a fair fight.

He crushed the cigarette in his hand, dropping it on the ground. Crunching it beneath his foot, Shizuo let out an animalistic growl and stormed over to the four men, taking the side of the shorter one who seemed to be backing away at this point, almost as though he was injured. At least he had enough sense to get out of the way. Shizuo didn’t get a good look at his face, but that didn’t matter. 

He didn’t like unfair fights.

Slamming a fist into one’s face, the leader collapsed to the ground, causing the other two to gasp in horror, taking ahold of their boss and scurrying away like the scoundrels they presumably were.

Why was his peace always so short-lived?

Letting out a sigh, Shizuo was about to reach for another cigarette when he realized the one he’d crushed was his last one. Grunting in distaste, he left his hands at his sides for lack of anything better to do with them.

Turning around, he found himself looking into the ruby red gaze of a well-known informant.