i'm a bit behind today

long weekend writing goals (a low-key check-in thingy)

How’s the writing/art-ing/creating going if you’re trying to work toward a goal this long weekend?  Maybe some music will help?

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I almost had a “welp, here I go back to work” post earlier when I hadn’t done jack.  But then I thought, maybe it’ll be more encouraging for me if I write first and then I get to check in and give a word count.  So, I’ve done two timed sessions and written ~700 words, yay!  Slow going, sure, but going.  And it’s always nice to say, “I did a thing” instead of “…I haven’t gotten to the thing yet?”

So hey, if you haven’t had time or energy or just the freaking oomph to work on your thing yet today, take like ten minutes or whatever very manageable non-intimidating length of time and bang out some words/sketch something scribbly/etc. and then tell me how far you’ve gotten.  No amount of progress is too small to mention, okay?  I really want to hear about it!long weeek

Today’s tweet from Richard, and it seems he’s also excited for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies :)