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Zen Headcanon

Everyone thinks he’s a total sex god cause of all of his talk about his “inner beast” but what he is actually referring to is the fact he is a total cuddle monster. Like he is the type to totally just envelope you into his chest and hold you tight for hours. Doesn’t matter if you are working at a desk or in bed or making dinner he finds some way to cuddle you. That’s his actual inner beast.

  • *everyone on Tumblr playing mystic messenger*
  • Me: what is this game even about
  • *makes worst mistake of my life and downloads the game*
  • Me: what is this game?! It's so stupid
  • *8 hours later*
  • Also me: *smiling at my phone* awh look at my cute boyfriend messaging me. You cutie pie Yoosung. Zen you sexy beast stop calling me I'm with Yoosung okay stop trying to make me cheat. Jaehee stop being a jealous bitch. Jumin shut up about your cat. V stop being a mystery man. Seven stop trying to bomb me.
  • Everyone one. Stop.

Holy- is Professor Burnet alright? Talking to her again post-game nets this:

‘Mirrors can be scary, can’t they? Sometimes after I work through the night, I look into the mirror and I seem to see a stranger staring back at me.’

bRUH. either you’re working too hard, or your investigations into the alternate dimensions are TOO SUCCESSFUL

(and i know i said she reminded me of Helen Cutter from Primeval but you don’t also have to hint at pulling a Claudia->Jenny complete with mirror hallucinations, Pokemon! my weak little heart can’t take it. leave Burnet alone.)

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What do you think of guzzlord and incineroar though? Personally they've become some of my favorite mons

oh, make no mistake, i love them. guzzlord is definitely one of my top 3 favorite ultra beasts, right behind xurkitree and nihilego. 

incineroar wasnt my pick for my first run of moon (that went to primarina) but im definitely choosing it when i restart my game–which will be RIGHT after the pokebank support is compatible with sun and moon. i’m itching to play a nuzlocke run

i’m just disappointed that theres not more dark types, you know?? the alola forms are cool and all but i really just want to see what wild new dark types they can think up

i mean, the possibilities are endless. anglerfish pokemon. hell, gulper eel pokemon would be RAD. deep sea creatures are so cool!!! plus there’s all types of animals we havent explored yet. we have drapion, but do we have a real honest scorpion pokemon??? skorpinch kind of counts, true, but we have like 2908234 different dogs and 2836479 different cats. please. enough. give me a cool dark/poison or dark/bug scorpion.

just?? all the neat type combinations that can arise from dark types??? sure, we’ve gotten dark/ghost, dark/dragon, and dark/psychic, but have you considered the fact that there are currently 0 dark/bug types and 0 dark/fairy types and that needs to change. i mean, fairies in several branches of mythology are not the nice and cute fairies we’ve come to associate with the word. (there is also only 1 family that has dark/ice typing and that is Tragic i Demand more ice monsters)

and i’ve said this before but a dark/fairy (or heck, even dark/water) kelpie pokemon is all i want. (kelpies are mythical horses that, when mounted, will leap into rivers and drown their riders). if we can have a pokemon that is a dead adventurer that holds a mask that looks like itself as a human and cries then i think we can have a kelpie pokemon

all i want is more dark types tbh. theres so many cool possibilities out there!!! look what they did with dhelmise (WHICH I LOVE) like!!!! wow there’s so many cool ideas still show me them game freak please im begging you

tldr: i am very passionate about dark types


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  1. MCU - Maria Hill
  2. Orphan Black - Cosima Niehaus
  3. Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket (Honorable Mention: Mrs. Quagmire would have been if she’d been on screen longer)
  4. Harry Potter (books) - George Weasley
  5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Queenie Goldstein/Newt Scamander (ex-aequo)
  6. Marvel Comics - Stephen Strange
  7. Doctor Who - Clara Oswald
  8. Netflix’s Marco Polo (also fuck you Netflix) - Prince Jingim
  9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Bodhi Rook
  10. Game Of Thrones - Margaery Tyrell

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The DBZ Games - Night Five

      “So the beast is not so easily tamed! I expected no less…”

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otp across five fandoms

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1. Fairy Tail - Grayza (Gray x Erza) 

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2. Cardcaptor Sakura - Syaosaku (Syaoran x Sakura) 

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3. Gakuen Alice - NatsuMikan (Natsume x Mikan) 

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4. Teen Titans - BBRae (Beast Boy x Raven) 

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5. Boku no Hero Academia - Kacchako (Bakugou x Uraraka) NEW OTP COMING THROUGH!!

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