i'm a barb


Holy crap Kanji


my (not)brothers got me the soundtrack to stranger things, my life feels like a mystery movie set in the 80’s now i’m so hecking shook 🙌

I can't believe I'm saying this...

…but The Lego Ninjago Movie might actually make some audience members feel attracted to Lego teenage people

sdkfjhsdf i have baby fever so much plssssss. like i’m still working on Granix’s house so it’s why i’ve been slightly inactive cause i just wanna finish it and move on. 

whatever you do, don’t think about post-finale caroline looking down at her wedding ring and wondering what she’s supposed to do with it now that she’s a widow. don’t think about her looking at the wedding present she got him and knowing that he’ll never be able to open it. don’t think about her going to their bedroom and sleeping there alone and sobbing because it still smells like him, burying her head in her pillow to muffle the sounds because ric and the girls are sleeping just down the hall and she has to be okay for them. don’t think about how she’d feel going to elena and damon’s wedding, and knowing that there’s this giant hole next to damon where stefan should be. don’t think about the fact that she never got a wedding night. or more than a dance with her husband. don’t think about how she never got the blissfully happy moment of someone calling her ‘mrs. salvatore’ don’t think about the fact that she’s now doomed to an eternity in relationship limbo because she’s had the love of her life and anyone after that would just feel like cheating the system, but she’s caroline forbes-salvatore and she loves. deeply, incredibly, selflessly. don’t think of how jealous she’d be when her friends started passing on into peace, knowing that they’d get to see him and every day that she went on breathing was just another day that she’d wake up with a stefan-shaped hole in her chest that wouldn’t ever be filled.

don’t think about post-finale caroline.

just don’t.