i'm a badass yes

I’m fucking calling it now that Keith and Matt HAS to be something. Romantic or not I want them to be best buds AT LEAST. I did a post a long time ago about them as a joke but it might actually become a reality and I have to say I’m like stoked if it happens. Like throw all my keith ships out of the water Dreamworks. I’m ready.

…and the clear voice was like the ring of steel. “But no living man am I!”

FMA-LotR crossover anyone? :)
Éowyn!Riza, inspired by a conversation with @the-flame-and-hawks-eye


The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.

Mon ew has had enough screen time right?

He got majority of the screen time in 2x09 and 2x10..

So therefore, he’s filled up his quota right?

No more mon ew for the rest of the season huh supergirl writers?

thehollyfox replied to your post “idc how small they are.. i wrote ten chapters for my wip today so im…”

pls share so i can draw things in my spare time (which isn’t much but i’d love to anyway) :)

or i’ll just sketch ideas you have if you ever feel like sharing them ^_^

asdgfrhtgijkl holly i would die of happiness if you ever sketched something from my wip. like actually keel over. and die. i have a really awesome scene i’m trying to finish in the next few days so i’ll totally send it to you when its done :)))

Hunter’s making a Pathfinder campaign based off of a webcomic he likes and of course I’m over-developing my character again and turning them into an OC because I have no control! :’D

This time I’ve got a hairless catfolk gunslinger named Matthew Smithy, though he’s often called ‘Slinky,’ which started as an insult, but stuck. He was considered an outcast since he lacked fur, so he sort of became the lone ranger/mysterious stranger type, wandering from town to town. He’s chaotic good, so in spite of the constant hate he’s received his entire life, he just does what he can to try and make the world a better place, even if that means taking the law into his own paws.

fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [3/6] >> Griffon Ramsey

“Griffon never settled. From hairstyles to boyfriends (and girlfriends), she lived for change and doing something new, which is why her weapons were all complex works of art stemming from her restless creative mind. From chainsaw/sledgehammer hybrids to stuffed animals covered in barbed wire and filled with dynamite, all her weapons were the combination of ordinary objects to create extraordinary weapons of mass damage. Once, she purposely chainsawed off a tree and had it land onto a new car belonging to the kingpin of the Fake AH crew, Geoff Ramsey. And instead of putting a hit on her and the rest of the Girl Gang, he ended up buying the carving she made out of the wood and asked her out on the same day. After that, she knew she had found someone special. So for once, she ended up settling.”

  • Erich: "When George Washington founded a little startup we've come to know as these United States of America, and he was tired of getting shit from his CEO, the King of England, did he just roll over and take it from behind? No. He called on his ride-or-die homeboys: Tommy Jefferson, Benny Franklin, and Alex Hamilton, who was half-black, so that's Dinesh."
  • Dinesh: "I'm not half-black."
  • Erich: "He said, 'Avast ye, fellow badasses. Let's build this country the way we motherfucking want to.' And so, Richard, if we want to build the platform, all we need to do is build the platform."
  • Dinesh: "That was underwhelming."