i'm a 90s baby

90’s 🥀

the weird thing about tumblr is that i’ve been here since i was fifteen and as a rule i generally only follow people around my age or older? and so i have this v weird perception that we’ve all grown up together and we’re all in our twenties now and everyone was sixteen and into the social network and glee in 2010 but then occasionally i’ll see a popular post that’s like “hahaha remember when we were eleven and there were all those inception memes?? haha good times!!” and i’m like oh god i'm on the fast track to being one of those accounts on neopets that you used to see in 2003 with profiles like; “hi i’m samantha and i’m 36! my kids have accounts too when they can get me off the computer haha! XDD” and  i’m like someone get me out of this Hell

Ok no one is talking about this but hands down the last 0.5 seconds of this episode was my absolute favourite moment