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EXO as Subs: Baekhyun [NSFW]

A/N: This is just a new “series” I thought of when I was having a conversation with my bff (yes this is what we talk about shh). What would EXO be like as subs? I figured I’d do this more as a bulletpoint type thing, highlighting which toys would be most effective, how they would act, etc. First up is Baekhyun for obvious reasons. I’ll keep it under the cut since it might get long. Feedback is welcomed :)

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I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

  • Jihoon was working late in the studio
  • and you were stuck at your apartment
  • but what’s new amirite?
  • it was getting pretty late
  • and you were completely sure he hadn’t eaten yet
  • because he never does when preparing for comebacks
  • he’s too focused on writing the songs and everything
  • you were used to him doing this but as his s/o you were still worried
  • so you decide to go pick up some food and a coffee from the convenience store that you passed on the way to the studio
  • so you finally get to the studio with like bags of snacks for Jihoon
  • even tho you were only planning to get a few
  • but l mean he could definitely eat more so it’s all good
  • and you open the door to find jihoon asleep with his head laying on the keyboard
  • and you could tell he switched what side of his face he was laying on
  • he had those faded outlines you get on your skin when you fall asleep on something like a seat belt when you sleep in the car
  • you lay the bags of snacks on the emptiest spot you could find on his super cluttered desk 
  • and then you walk over to the sleeping boy 
  • and you trace your fingers on the outlines on his soft lil cheek
  • you really wanted to talk to him
  • and made sure he ate or something
  • but he’s been so tired lately so you decided not to
  • you look around for a sticky note or something so you can let him know you were here and leave a cheesy message
  • i mean what are s/o for? lmao
  • so you’re digging through this mess of papers on his desk
  • but it seemed like he used all the sticky notes to write down lyric ideas
  • so you take one of the pens on his desk and write a cute little message on the palm of his hand
  • and it’s something along the lines of “you’re working so hard so make sure to eat~ call me when you’re on your way home~ Fighting my cute man” with lots of hearts around it
  • you know something that’s super cute and cringey
  • like something only you can get away with writing
  • because if the members try that they’ll probably get beat up
  • not even probably like they just would
  • so you finish your note and close his hand into a fist and kiss his cheek
  • but like after you left the sound of the door woke Jihoon up
  • but he’s not fully awake so of course he’s not gonna chase after you
  • he shakes his head a little so he can wake up a bit more
  • and he looks to his left and sees the bags full of snacks and his favorite canned coffee
  • he does his cute little smile to himself knowing it was you who left them
  • he reaches to grab a bag of chips and he sees the note on his hand
  • and he smiles even wider to himself
  • and he just realizes again how in love he is with you
  • and he gets a happy and warm 
  • and it’s actually the cutest thing ever
  • so he pulls out his phone and texts you
  • “Thanks for the snacks, babe. I think I’ll be able to wrap this up in an hour. I suddenly got a hit of inspiration ;) If you’re tired don’t wait for me and sleep”
  • so he finishes and he stores the snacks you got him in a little hidden place in the studio so that the other members won’t steal them
  • and he finally leaves to go home
  • he opens your guys’ apartment door 
  • and he finds you sleeping on the couch since you fell asleep waiting for him
  • so he takes his shoes off and he puts his bag down
  • and he picks you up and takes you to your guys’ bedroom and lays you down on the bed
  • he’s wayyyy stronger than you would think
  • so he gets into some shorts and a big t-shirt to sleep in
  • and he passes by a pen
  • he grabs it and walks over to you
  • and he gently grabs your hand
  • and he starts writing on your palm
  •  he writes “I fall in love with you more and more every day”
  • then that smile only you can get him to do spreads across his face
  • and he leans down and places a soft kiss on your lips
  • and he gets in bed
  • he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into him
  • and drifts off to sleep

🙃 I thought these were cute when I took them, but after staring at them for the past thirty minutes, I’m positive that I look gross🙃

(Tbh though, this is the only place I’m confident enough to share them… Be gentle.)

Good Lord..

I had to unfollow some people tbh cause of this whole Vernon “situation” like people are really making this into a big ordeal
One of the reasons I loved being a proud Carat was because the fandom is so chill. But right now, some of y'all are acting like ARMY’s (nothing against the sane BTS stans tho).
Like first it was about him apparently drinking, that’s shit was dumb af cause he’s of legal age in S.Korea. Now people had to find something else so, they’re talking about him wearing grills and how it’s cultural appropriation. And we all know what happens when we enter the territory of race and culture. It’s a tiring back and forth between multiple opinions and it’s just too much. I was hoping that it wouldn’t get big (I’m scared that it just might.). It’s sad cause there shouldn’t be any “scandal” right when their comeback is in the process like ?? We haven’t even gotten any teasers yet wtf dude..
And people are out here complaining about others getting offended by him wearing grills. I’M SEEING MORE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT OTHERS GETTING OFFENDED THAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY GETTING OFFENDED. It’s really annoying like find something else to do… EVERYONE IS GONNA HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS IN THE END SO it’s best to just drop it.


seein people on here that are like 13 is so crazy to me not that i dont respect them or want them to be off or anything it just be Wild cuz like when i started on tumblr i was 12 and lied and said i was 14 and kept that lie goin for years cuz i had an irrational fear of being exposed for whatever reason and people think i’m 19 but really i’m 17 and props to y'all for being open and honest