i'm 14 and this is funny

Reasons why you should date a girl with chub

1) v soft n v cute
2) lots of skin so lots of tickles
3) did I mention soft?
4) big jumpers for smol partners
5) thighs for days
6) bellies r cute
7) warm hugs
8) funny faces if squished
9) girls w/ chub r cute end of story
10) also curvy as heck so niiiice
11) bouncy
12) soft n cute
13) we have good jumpers
14) because we’re people and we deserve to be loved

  • Two-Bit: Ponyboy is the best, but he's 14. When he was born, I was just starting elementary school.
  • Two-Bit: If we had been friends back then, I would have been hanging out with a baby. I don't know anything about infant care!
  • Two-Bit: My God.
  • Two-Bit: I could have killed him.
Things I need to happen (to men) at Worlds in Hel(l)sinki 2017

1. Yuzuru Hanyu winning the World Title again (with deserving performances please) 
2. The Wedding Pose ritual on the podium
3. Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu on the podium because otherwise 2. won’t be possible
4. Yuzuvier-Bromance-moments, being it at practice sessions, on the podium, at the gala or all three
5. Respect for all skaters by all fans AFTER the competition (because hate towards skaters is just meeeeh)
6. A great Gala with group coreography, funny skaters and much dorkiness
7. Yuzuru Hanyu being able to skate clean and smile like a ray of sunshine
8. No case of annoyingly obvious overscoring (is that possible?)



9. In a perfect world, I want a repeat of GPF2015 podium (so no one will forget uncle Javi again) 


10. Nathan Chen still being a quad machine because if all of the above still comes true despite this, that just means everyone went absolutely wild with the jumps out there on the ice. 
11. Yuzuru Hanyu’s clean skate extends to the gala because his exhibition program is absolutely divine. 


12. To watch the live stream without it cutting out at CRUCIAL MOMENTS


13. No Shoma in tears like last year, because my heart could not survive another heartbreak like this again!
14. For every skater a satisfying performance, no debakel with lots of falls! 


15. Shoma being able to skate clean and finishing with a smile :3


16.  lots of cute or funny interaction between skaters

We’ve quite a list now! I totally agree! Come one, at least some points should happen, okay? 

Feel free to expand this list. Any wishes for Worlds?

Fandom train got me like
  • *choo choo*: Hello Everyone. All aboard the fandom train. Before we can begin our journey; please remember all the names in this handy dandy booklet to your right.
  • *while reading through the booklet*: You might want to forget all responsibilities while browsing for fanart in one of our many rail compartments.
  • *while getting comfortable*: If you find yourself sleepless and not exhausted at all, there are hundreds of writers available to crush your heart with some fanfictions. Please don't ignore video creators and their funny moments part 20 as well. Time will fly.
  • *ding dong*: Please notice the discussion board at the end of the train. We wish you a comfortable journey that will never end.

*robot voice* Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American writer, actor, and singer, most well-known for starring and writing the musical Hamilton. 

The logo for this show is a five-pointed star, just like the one of SATAN.

Or five separate triangle eyes.

And we’re just getting started.

Hamilton is a musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, before, during, and after the American Revolution. And you know who King George III was, at one point? That’s right, another Broadway star, Andrew Rannells.

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Andrew was just on Broadway in the show Falsettos

Also in the show is Brandon Uranowitz, who sings, in one line of the show, “Long live the Applebaums.” (1:19 on “Everyone Hates His Parents” in the Falsettos (2016) cast album)

What? Applebaums? Now that sounds familiar.

Ah, yes, because of BENJI APPLEBAUM, a character in the cult classic, Pitch Perfect, played by yet another theatre actor, Ben Platt.

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(^witchcraft) Ben Platt is currently on stage in Dear Evan Hansen. D-E-A-R-E-V-A-N-H-A-N-S-E-N has 14 letters. 

It was written by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek. Now. P-A-S-E-K-A-N-D-P-A-U-L. That has 12 letters. 

Also, BENJI Applebaum and BENJ Pasek. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


That’s right. 12+14 is 26. And 26 divided by 2 is…thirteen. The number of the Illuminati. 



1. Having to listen and contain your anger in church when the preacher says “All gays are going to hell”

2. Going to a Christian College and staying in your dorm having to act straight

3. Hearing about some Bitch named Deltrese!

4. Being on the phone with your gay friend and having to talk about your relationships as a “straight guy” in front of your roommate.

5. Being in a Christian college, getting on social networks, seeing fellow students who are gay and sneaking around knowing their secret

6. When your christian “friends” talk shit about gays

7. Having thoughts about which guy would be better in bed, but you know it won’t happen because they’re straight

8. Watching a movie with your friends and a hot guy comes up and you have to hide your immediate horniness

9. When someone you know is gay, but is “straight” in front of other guys, but does gay stuff to them as well

10. Seeing your hot friend and wishing he would just come out of the closet

11. When your friend knows you haven’t come out yet, but they tell everyone anyway

12. Trying to talk to your hot straight friend, but his girlfriend is all over him

13. Hearing your straight friend talk about the intimate relationship they have with your crush.

14. Knowing you get to partner with your crush on a school project

but can’t do anything but sit and keep to yourself… but you still flirt with them…

pride month is fun!!! my supportive mom is scared and doesn’t want me to go to any pride celebrations because I might get hurt and my dad has been yelling at me for 15 minutes because I’m “lucky” he wasn’t more conservative, and how “you guys aren’t persecuted and you should just get over it, nobody cares” (which is funny because he persecuted me over my sexuality for years, along with quite a few people at my school including teachers, three cheers for being shoved out of the closet when I was 14 and all I wanted was to hold hands with a girl and not get yelled at for it)

meanwhile cishets on tumblr want me to make them a part of my community because pride is about “everyone’s love :)” Jesus Christ fuck off

Cute Marauders Post
  • Sirius: Har, har! I'm a reckless cool arrogant guy who hates studying despite being a brilliant student who became an animagus at age of 15! I'm also fucking everything that moves despite my only canon sexuality being some pictures I glued on my bedroom when I was a teen! Despite everything, I'm a super chilly guy who's incapable of planning the cold-blooded murder of the impoverished boy I bully, using one my best friends' frail health condition as the murdering weapon-- oh, wait, I actually tried to do that!
  • James: Har, har, very funny my best mate! Here I am being a harmless teenage boy who imobilizes the impoverished boy I bully so I can make him gag and strip him naked in front of the entire Hogwarts! So funny! Also, hear the fandom calling me a feminist when the only canon interaction I have with my future wife involves me blackmailing her into going out with me and threatening to hurt her physically, at the point of making my future son think I forced her into marrying me!
  • Remus: Ugh, guys, let people think I'm the studious and responsible one of the group, while I put children in danger by not taking my Wolfsbane potion when I should have, and fuck a woman 14 years younger than me so I can abandon her pregnant in the middle of a war to have fun with a couple of teenagers.
  • Peter: Hi, I don't exist because the fandom sees me as ugly because I'm fat, so I'm not worthy of staying close to the cute guys. But here, there's Lily Evans to substitute me in Hogwarts even though she only became our friend at seventh year and I only betrayed them at 21.

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Lol wat I'm 18 and still havnt lost my "vCard" either. Wtf is wrong with that anon???

anon said: Don’t worry about that anon…I’m 17 too 18 soon. It doesn’t matter the age it’s your choice and if you’re waiting for the right person that’s perfectly fine 😁

anon said: To that last anon. It wasnt really funny. Maybe she didn’t want to loose it yet and it’s not cute going around telling ppl that you lost yours a 14. Like it’s okay to still be a virgin at 17. Tf

anon said: To the person that bragged about losing their vcard at 14: good for you but, you see, some people havent found someone important enough to give that part of themselves to yet. So before you mock someone bc they value themselves highly. Look in the mirror. And dont be an ass.

anon said: Ok but I just want to say. Good for you. Who cares if you haven’t lost your V card yet. I’m 21 and I haven’t lost mine. Proud of it too.  

anon said: You bitch ass, pussy ass, cock sucking dick don’t you dare come up in here and insult someone for not losing they’re vcard yet. At least someone on this planet has some respect for themselves UNLIKE YOU BITCH. (Sorry mini rant lloovveee yyyoouuuuu ❤️)

i just don’t understand how you can lose your ‘vcard’ at 14. shit i was afraid of boys looking at me then…damn. but hey, if you were comfortable losing your virginity at that age, then whatever. 

i’m proud i haven’t lost mine yet either. cringey as it sounds, i want to find the right one but rn my expectations are too high and i’m just waiting for gucci king kim taehyung to show up at my door

Villainous Starters
  • 1: "You are nothing more than an insect for me to stomp out."
  • 2: "I really wish I could play with you longer, but this is where you die."
  • 3: "I will not have you interfere with my plans."
  • 4: "One small victory changes nothing."
  • 5: "I don't want to kill you, but-... actually, I do want to kill you."
  • 6: "I could make you great, but only if you join me."
  • 7: "It's funny that you think you're actually winning."
  • 8: "Your face looks pretty, covered in blood like that."
  • 9: "If you take one step further, I will end you."
  • 10: "I will not die! Not now, not ever!"
  • 11: "The likes of you could never hope to defeat me."
  • 12: "Now you will see my true power!"
  • 13: "You call yourself a 'hero', but have you ever stopped to think about your actions?"
  • 14: "I'm the one who will really save this world, not you."
  • 15: "There's nothing heroic about murder."
  • 16: "My actions are justified, so how do you explain yours?"
  • 17: "I'm humanity's only hope for salvation, but they refuse to accept it."
  • 18: "I'm going to really enjoy this part."
  • 19: "Now, was it really worth it?"
  • 20: "How sad. You've come all thins way only to fail."
  • 21: "You know, they say the first kill is the hardest. The hundredth though? Infinitely easier."
  • 22: "You come onto my property, kill my employees, and threaten to do the same to me, and you still think you're the good guy?"
  • 23: "It was fun while it lasted, but please, try not to scream too loud when I kill you."
  • 24: "How would you prefer to die? Only asking so I can do the opposite to you."
  • 25: "Well, well, well. Look who's come to save the day."
  • 26: "I'm stronger than you could ever hope to be."
  • 27: "This will not end here."
  • 28: "Don't think for a second that this isn't over."

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How many Sith does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

14. 13 to argue about it and 1 to get shit done. 

They’ll all argue about who is powerful enough to screw in the light bulb. 

7 Will be dead by the end of the discussion, the remaining 6 are all Darths now and the last one commanded an agent/soldier/Bounty hunter to do it for them.


I’m sure some people know this already, but since I think I made a huge discovery, I’m gonna share this.. And such..

I was rewatching Durarara! because why not.. And in episode 20, around 14:17, I came across this.

If you look closer..

looks familiar??


Lol jk.


Claude get out of here. You’re in the wrong anime.

There. I have vented. Sadly I stopped growing at age 14. It’s not going to change, so I’ll continue my daily life climbing on all sorts of shit to reach and being consciously more assertive.

What brought this on was an incident yesterday when a distant relative of mine literally talked to me like she talked to her very teenage daughter and ordered me around in a way she didn’t other women in the group who were my age but taller. I thought maybe she just didn’t like me, but when she asked my mom my age, when she found out, that kind of talk and behaviour stopped in an instant.

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I'm playing chemical alarm right now and I love it the sounds make it extra funny and I really adore the art <3 Thankyou all for making it :3 I only need number 2 and 14, can you please give a hint for number 2? ^.^

Hello! Thank you very much for liking it!

Endings are based on simple Math, so you have to start from 25 Maana and to plus bits by bits to it, alchemy book would tell you the Maana value of ingridients :3

Ezarel advices you to try 85 and 90 Maana potions!~

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Hey, I'm 14 and I play football (uk) there's this girl who joined my team about a month and a half ago, she's really cute and funny, she has short hair and skates, and I've also seen on her story she wears flannels, now I'm not one for stereotypes but do you think this could indicate she's gay?😂 I'm sorry but I pray she is bc 😍😍😍😍🔥

Heyy haha maybe she could be, make a move and try to get closer to her! I have a feeling that something good can come out of that😉💕