i'm yelling timber

Preference: going down on you

Matt: He would start by kissing at your throat sucking and bitting at your skin as he went leaving a trail of hickeys till his head was between your thighs. He would put your legs over his shoulders, gripping your ass he pulled you closer.

Wesely: He pushed you up against the wall in the stair way, the only moment alone you two had, had in far to long. You didn’t have time to react as he pushed your skirt up dropping down to his knees, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder as one hand held you in place against the wall.

Anatoly: never before had a conference call been so stressful. Anatoly sat between your legs under the desk as you tried to keep your breathing steady, as you talked bussiness over the phone.

Vladimir: He pushed you up on the counter tugging your pants off as he dropped down to his knees pulling you into him, staring by leaving hickeys on the inside of your thighs and leaving indents of his hands in your hip.

I'm gonna watch Teen Wolf

I just wanted to write down what I know about the show, get this on record for posterity, so that I can laugh about this later. Because I’m sure that most of this is hilariously wrong.

Scott McCall

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  • Protagonist/Main Character
  • Idiot. 
  • Terminally oblivious to anything that’s not right under his nose.
  • Is he allergic to wearing shirts with sleeves? If tumblr is a reliable source, yes. (Not complaining)
  • Werewolf. (I’d bet money he gets bitten in the first episode.)
  • He’s the “hot girl” (Not literally. I assume that line means that everyone thinks he’s cute and wants to get into his pants. Not hard to see why.)



  • The Lancer (aka, hero’s snarky sidekick)
  • Scott’s best friend. (Scott x Stiles = brOTP
  • The king of deadpan sarcasm.
  • Level 85 sass-master.
  • The brains of the operation (not that there’s a lot of competition)
  • See’s people’s hearts (Metaphorically)
  • Figures out things that people want to keep hidden. In every sense of the phrase.
  • Everyone has a blind spot for him.
  • Why is he not the main character?

Derek Hale

  • I think he’s Dutch. Because Amster-daaaaaaaamn.
  • Literally 95% of the pictures I’ve seen of him on tumblr are him with no shirt on. (Not complaining)
  • Werewolf
  • He’s either the Alpha, or he's going to be the Alpha (not quite clear on that point)
  • Probably thinks cynics are just adorable in their naivete. (Just a guess here)
  • He’s the protector of the group. He’s the one that figures out what’s about to kill Scott and Stiles, and tear the threat into pieces smaller than their constituent atoms.
  • A giant, fluffy, cuddly ball of pure rage.
  • Derek and Stiles need to go find a place to shag and get it out of their systems. (I’m assuming this is the fandom interpretation.)

Officer Stilinski

  • Stiles’ dad.
  • Don’t know much about him.
  • Seems like a chill dude (Opinion subject to change)
  • He’s a good dad. Loves his son. 
  • Probably keeps running into the supernatural crap around town.
  • Doesn’t believe in werewolves (L0locaust)
  • Dem shades…

Basically, I’m watching the show because I want to know what all the hype about. Is there more to the show than the gifsets would let me believe? Or is it the show just Stiles and Derek trying to deal with their unresolved sexual tension?