you can never have too many friends, not in the commonwealth

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

so i got through my first day of college and i’m so tired and i spent my whole evening going over what we did today (because if i don’t i’ll feel like i’m going to fall behind or fail or something) so if the next year is anything like today i’m barely going to be on unless it’s a queue or the weekend

Jess clutched a large brown box in her arms as two more sat by her feet. Standing outside of her building, she swore under her breath for the mistake she just made. She had planned to take some knick-knacks to the pawn shop, hoping to make a little extra cash for her two hundred dollar Spanish III textbook. Unfortunately for her, she hadn’t bothered to check the hours until she arrived at the store. And after beating herself up all the way home for the useless trip, she couldn’t fathom carrying all three boxes back up the stairs to her room. Her grasp beginning to slip, she called out to a passerby. “Hey. Sorry but, um…“ she paused to get a handle on what she actually wanted to say. "So on a scale from like one to ten, how much would you want to help me get these upstairs?” she questioned, repositioning her grip. “I can reward you with…beer? Um, food if you want? I just—” Jess sighed, slightly frazzled. “—don’t think I’ve got the arm strength or willpower to make three trips.”

idk idgi when people complain about troye not uploading on youtube like he’s been/is doing so much and he’s putting 100% into the music n stuff n idk just when people are like ??? upload a video i feel bad for him bc like is he not doing enough stuff without y’all trying to make him upload a video like idk i just feel like he’s doing so so so much n deserves more credit idk idk idk

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Where is Harry hiding from us ? Does he not have any more engagements ?

He has been a bit slow on public engagements since he’s returned from Africa, hasn’t he? :( But he has engagements on October 18th and 20th and then ofc there’s the Caribbean tour coming up as well so just hold tight! We’ll be seeing loads of The Ginge soon! ;)