you can never have too many friends, not in the commonwealth

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

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53 (or 52) for somva?


53. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!” // Som.Va

“Come on…” Hana groaned in annoyance as the Pokémon she was trying to catch burst out of the fifteenth ball she had thrown at it. The gamer was curled up in bed playing some old school Nintendo games, barely even noticing it was almost 4 in the morning and she still hadn’t slept yet.

“Damn it!” She cursed when the creature refused to stay in the next ball she used. She was so focused on the game she didn’t hear her bedroom window being lifted up from the outside…but she did hear the sudden yell of Spanish swear words and the loud thud of someone falling inside the room.

Letting out a scream from shock, Hana had flinched and in the process sent her 3DS flying out of her hands. Diving out of bed to jump up and catch it before it could hit the floor, Hana scrambled to the far side of the room, staring wide-eyed at her intruder who was sitting on the floor scratching the back of her head with a sheepish grin on her face.

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Thanks to everyone for listening to me whine yesterday and trying to cheer me up. Just been kind of gloomy the last few days. Maybe it’s something about all this snow lmao

But I hope everyone that sympathized and said they were feeling the same way figures out a way to be happy with themselves and their art. I’ll keep drawing things that are fun and make me feel good (and hopefully other people too). And we’ll keep getting better the more we try new things and push ourselves! Even if it’s slower than we probably want haha! We’ll still get there!


so I downloaded this app that’s kinda like tinder but for college students and it has the option to search for friends which I thought was kinda cool because I suck at making friends. And you can search for certain genders but as far as I know you can’t specify which gender(s) search for you or tell other people what kind of relationship you’re looking for which is such a stupid design lmao

hey y’all! i will be at katsucon this comin weekend!! if ur goin and wanna meet up let me know and i will make time for u :> 

i’ll be school uni hanai on fri, jersey tanaka on sat and tanaka ryuuko on sun, plus tracksuit tanaka in the evenings (laziness permitting). 


I’m working out and exercising (victoryyyy)

I am not as strong as I used to be and would probably die if I did parkour lmao and my retracting time is noticeably slow when I punch, plus my punches are slow (obviously lmao) but:

I’m Practicing and I’m gonna try to do it every other day, and jogging, and most likely sit ups and especially push ups bc I need to flesh those out too, for s t r e n g t h

I’m taking it real slow first tho

My biceps are h e a v y and I need to stretch them

Jess clutched a large brown box in her arms as two more sat by her feet. Standing outside of her building, she swore under her breath for the mistake she just made. She had planned to take some knick-knacks to the pawn shop, hoping to make a little extra cash for her two hundred dollar Spanish III textbook. Unfortunately for her, she hadn’t bothered to check the hours until she arrived at the store. And after beating herself up all the way home for the useless trip, she couldn’t fathom carrying all three boxes back up the stairs to her room. Her grasp beginning to slip, she called out to a passerby. “Hey. Sorry but, um…“ she paused to get a handle on what she actually wanted to say. "So on a scale from like one to ten, how much would you want to help me get these upstairs?” she questioned, repositioning her grip. “I can reward you with…beer? Um, food if you want? I just—” Jess sighed, slightly frazzled. “—don’t think I’ve got the arm strength or willpower to make three trips.”