Tatsu making a phone call to his mom during a radio show on his birthday

from Radio Girl’s Symphony in 2009 [audio source]

Tatsu: This is Tatsuhisa.
Tatsu’s mom: Tatsuhisa?
Tatsu: Yup. Oh! You can hear me?
Mom: Yeah, I can hear you, but your voice sounds a bit different.
Tatsu: My voice sounds different?
Mom: Yeah.
Tatsu: Oh really?
Mom: Yeah.
Tatsu: Ah sorry, I’m doing a radio show now…


Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko
Lost Small World Stage Play

Inktober Day 13


Sorry this took so long; You messaged me this about a week ago now, but, I had to draw a lot of characters I never drew before (and it’s been a while since I’ve drawn Undyne again), so it was kinda tough make. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Note: Shout out to @bone-mail for a mailman design c:

“Anyway, long story short he kept training me, and now I’m the head of the Royal Guard!”

“So I’m the one who gets to train dorks to fight!”

“… like, uh, Papyrus.”

unwanted opinions

Summary:  You do not tell Marinette Dupain-Cheng what to do when it comes to her relationship with Adrien Agreste.

Day #7 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is dealing with jealous people! (You can check out on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s post here! You can also find other amazing works for Adrinette April on @miraculous-months-of-love!) 

AO3 link here!

“…Miss Marinette Dupain-Cheng!”

The cheers that filled the air upon the announcement of her win might have made Marinette temporarily deaf, but nothing would be able to dampen her spirits.

With shaking knees and a grin slapped frozen on her face, Marinette made her way up to the stage, the host helping her up, squeezing her shoulders as he asked, “Is there anything you’d like to say to our viewers?”

“Uh, y-yeah! Thank you all so much for your support, it’s really been the best, uh, thank you to my family, my friends, everyone who’s been with me since day one! I couldn’t have accomplished this without you guys! This is for all of you!” she giggled into the microphone.

In the audience, she could see Alya and Nino whooping in delight. Her mother and father sat beside them, clapping proudly. And between them, acting like he was already part of the family (and to Marinette and her parents, he was), was Adrien Agreste, Marinette’s boyfriend, the love of her life. He was standing on his chair, clapping wildly, a grin plastered on his face, gesturing for her to look his way.

When she did, he grinned, blew her a kiss, and shouted, “I love you!”

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So after re-watching the new adaption (through reinterpretation is more fitting) of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and writing a short piece on the final episode, I decided to write a sort of analysis thingy of something I noticed within the CIA storyline. I’ve put it below the cut for spoiler reasons. Be warned – it’s rather long.

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