anonymous asked:

Then who don't you want to hook up with?

Anonymously ask my character a question you’d never ask them to their face.

He actually blinked rapidly for a minute, well that was unexpected, 
a soft laugh pulled from him as he started to rub at the back of his 
head, “Well to start the kingdom kids and bible thumpers are a no 
go for me, then there’s the two that look like they belong in rehab
to kick their addiction, that one dude who’s like obsessed with boys
he can stay as far away from me as possible. I’m not into that whole 
romantic touch stuff, contray to popular belief my dick has taken a 
restraining order out on Roddy, the playmates in the House of Truth
can just keep sipping on the cray cray juice, someone get ACH a baby
sitter because he watches too many cartoons for my liking, Cedric’s 
only good for when I need my back cracked and well I guess everyone 
else is okay.. and I wouldn’t mind them at all.”  He let out a breath of air 
and even laughed, “wow that’s a first for me.”