“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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A - Age: 19
B - Biggest fear: definitely failure
C - Current time: 1.18am
D - Drink you last had: tea
E - Every day starts with: a shower
F - Favorite song: currently Hustle by Sundara Karma
G - Ghosts, are they real: honestly what
H - Hometown: smallest village, south germany
I - In love with: traveling, quality time
J - Jealous of: people that do not have to work at all, for the things I am working hard for
K - Killed someone: not yet but who’s knows #amiright
L - Last time you cried: some weeks ago
M - Middle name: none
N - Number of siblings: one older sister
O - One wish: passing everything this semester
P - Person you last texted: a friend
Q - Questions you’re always asked: “So where are you from?”
R - Reasons to smile: jesus, sunny days, calm days inside, photography, kind people
S - Song last sang: probs rolling in the deep
T - Time you woke up: 8:20 am
U - Underwear color: black
V- Vacation destination: venice + the states
W - Worst habit: still comparison probably
X - X-rays you’ve had: my face, a few times
Y - Your favorite food: pizza, curry
Z - Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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There’s someone I’ve never spoken to but
I want to just yell st them and stop crying like I am right now. Ask them why they didn’t do what they could and how much I would have given to be them at that moment in time and how much they could have done that they didn’t and I hate them for it

Bonkai Halloween 2015 🎃

[In the early 80′s] Nerdy movie amateurs/friends/witch discover in the Gemini Coven library forgorten archives on the existance of siphoners. Witches born without magic but with capacity to suck it from other witches in a painful process for the victim. One siphoner stands out in particular, the most powerful of its kind . Passionated by the subject the friends decide to make an horror movie of it. It slowly became a cult movie for few members of the magic community.

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i’ll open commissions so i can take a trip in may :3c~

do you want me to draw your OC? Asriel ? your OC kissing 
Asriel? well my friend now that’s possible !

here are the prices ~ (i finally made it)

Any extra character will cost 20% of the commission 

What can i draw:




-humans a little


-vanilla nsfw

What i cannot draw:



these are the basics but i would recommend you guys to send me your request and i’ll tell you whenever i can draw it or not! 

i only have paypal! 

if you need reference of my nsfw please send me an ask and i’ll send you my blog link ! 

donations are open as well my lovely generous friends ~

just send me an ask so i can give you my email ! 

payments are done after i finish the commission and you guys are okay with my work

LIKE  FOR  A  STARTER  !  it  doesn’t  matter  if  we’ve  already  got  something  going  bc  !!!  hONEstly ,,  give  me  all  the  threads  ,,  no  cap  bc  i  don’t  love  myself  LASJDEKJTHRKGY