Kobe Part 3

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Fantasy on Ice in Kobe’s second performance has finished! The breaks during the intermissions of the shows are resting times 😴

taking a nap with tomas and brian💤

Thank you for the lovely refreshments ❤️

Tomorrow is Fantasy on Ice’s last show! Thinking about tomorrow ending is quite lonely 😭 I’ll do my best to put in my fighting spirit for the last one too!


Ah~ I can’t wait for this to happen in the next ep… eh? wAIT!– what exactly do you mean this-never-happened!?? ( ಠ_ಠ)

…behold my lame attempt to fluff my suffering away

The thing about Rhysha:

I’m kinda super bummed to go through the tags right now because there is so much hate for all the Rhys and Sasha moments we got in episode three. I want to take four seconds to talk about why I don’t ship them but I freaking loved their relationship this episode. Beware, spoilers and character development below! Also, beware, this is long. I have a lot of thoughts.

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Try to avoid reblogging Ferguson posts unless you’re sure it’s correct. If there aren’t any articles linked, ask OP or go on google. Reverse image search photos that people tweet since they may be taken from other events not related to this one. Be sure to add onto posts that are fake. Don’t spread names unless they’re confirmed. I know you’re all angry and have every right to be but the way to be the most effective is by spreading posts that are true and verifiable. Always include some form of proof whether it be a link or a video or a photo. Spread the truth.

Random thought before I sleep:

  • did you realize Nagisa spoon-fed Rin with his own spoon?
  • that’s an indirect kiss
  • did you realize they jumped to the next part after that so we didn’t see Nagisa eating everything?
  • which means he hasn’t eaten the cake yet.
  • what happens when cute people eat cake?
  • icing on the cheeks, icing on the tip of the nose
  • And Rin’s been so good at taking care of Nagisa the whole time, so he’ll definitely take a napkin and impulsively wipe it
  • yeah i know it’s super cute

I’m sort of crying laughing because good queer stuff is happening in the world rn…like /I’m only 18 years old/ and I get to see one of the most influential western countries make marriage equality a thing in all of it’s 50 states…??! like just imagine what will happen in a few years?! This is incredible and although there is still /a lot/ to fight for around the world, I am very glad to be apart of this celebration right now :) I’m so happy people like myself, those who experience attraction towards others of the same sex, can finally express their love one step more so and of course, legally. Here’s to the future of equality and love!


The albino looked her opponent up and down with appraising eyes. Luci was a capable fighter, one that already had a reputation in the ring, and Julchen couldn’t afford to go easy on her. There was a cash prize involved, one Julchen knew she could use to help a lot of people, and that was not an opportunity to be missed. “Good luck. You’ll need it against me.”

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Did you get a chance to converse with William Hope? Have you interacted with Walrider

“We were discussing something important a little before this incident.”

Save Me (Avengers One-Shot) pt 1

“Once I get out of here, I’m going to kill you.” You groaned. “When you get out of that chair, you won’t remember who you are.” He told you and you felt the shackles tighten.

“You see, you took our weapon. So now we need a new and improved face for Hydra.” He laughed. “And you think I’ll work for you?” You asked in a weak voice. “Not yet. But you will.” He said.

“What are you going to do to me?” You asked. “Wipe your memory and start over.” He said. “Why me?” You asked him. “You’re an Avenger and we’d love to watch you kill your brother.” He said and you heard laughter.

The chair then leaned back. “Relax, this’ll only hurt a lot.” He said then something moved down and was placed on your head. You tried to escape the shackles, but it was no use.

Hydra was doing to erase your memory like they did to Bucky, and use your to kill your brother. You closed your eyes, ready for the pain to hit you, but instead you heard the door breaking down.

You opened your eyes and saw Natasha and Clint. “Oh, God, Y/N.” Clint said as they ran towards you. The shackles released you and you fell off the chair.

“Are you okay?” Clint asked you. You then heard people groaning in pain and the room was turning blurry. “I, think I need a nap.” Then you fell on the metal ground.


When you woke up, you felt needles in your arms. You panicked and yanked them out then got off the bed and walked out the room. You ran into the hallway, until you bumped into someone.

You fell on the ground. “Y/N?” You heard the man say. You crawled back, then ran away. “Y/N!” You heard Clint shout. You turned around and saw him with Natasha.

“Hey, are you okay?” He asked you. “I, I think so.” You said. “What happened?” You asked them. “Hydra took you.” Natasha said. “And?” You asked.

“We found you before they could do anything to you.” Clint said. “But we think that they injected you with something before we could save you.” She told you.

“What did they inject?” You asked her. “We don’t know. We’ll need to do some tests.” Tony said as he joined the three of you.

“Great, more needles.” You sighed. “Hey, you’ll be fine. We’ll have maximum security to keep you safe.” Clint told you. “No, I’ll be fine. They just took me by surprise.” You told him.

“It’s necessary.” Clint said.“No it’s not.” You told him. “I’m with him on this, Y/N. Hydra could still be out there and they’ll want you.” Tony said. You sighed in defeat.

Part 2