Taeonthrial Leafbinder - Restoration Druid, @galestormguild

So, Tae here is my OC in The Galestorm. She’s a young, spirited elf who’s yet to see much of the world. She’s also a little headstrong and this can get her into trouble sometimes, but she’s eager to please.

Tae is Darnassian born and spent most of her life on Teldrassil, until her early teens where she spent her time between Dolannar and Lor’danel learning the basics of druidism. On her many ferry trips between Rut’theran and Darkshore she picked up some sailing experience, and has sailed the coast of Kalimdor.

She is part of the crew of The Galestorm, and has been for about a year or so and knows the timber shipping is a cover operation for piracy. She has been entrusted with a young sapling, which she called Akaela, to prove her potential as a timbermancer. She takes the tree everywhere with her, in an attempt to curb it’s unruly nature.

Her main role is keeping track of the crew, on paper at least. She keeps all of the ships records and registries up to date, to keep up the appearance that The Galestorm is a legitimate trade ship, so Khalind can focus on more important things. When she’s not doing this, she helps out the ships healers to further her learning.

Emily Kaldwin from “Dishonored 2”.

Citrus 3rd Track Rough Summary

if anyone is just too impatient,summary  translation is below this random stuff 

(edit: mmmthaitea​ did the whole Dialogue :D,  you can read it here or in mine)…

You do realize we are freaking out just for Mei and Yuzu holding hands and cuddling right?


Don’t mind me I’m just wasting time to avoid translating the 3rd track (I’m lazy urg)… (I know waiting for the raws is hard so the drama cd should at least please us a little)

you just need to know that they (Mei, yuzu,himeko,harumin and matsuri) went to the amusement park and Mei’s being a cutie about that bear she likes…

they go to several games, and Harumin being the most awesome wingmanwoman manages to give Yuzu and Mei some time alone,..

They went to the ferris wheel (omg I forgot to add this )

Yuzu asks Mei if she is having fun, Mei says she is…

then Yuzu talks about how nervous she was about moving into a new school city etc, and that now she has friends she is really happy, and having a lot of fun…

after that MEI JUST FALLS ASLEEP ON YUZU (omg that’s just so cute …the hell with the timing though) 

… anyways  they go back to the others, talk and matsuri talks to Yuzu…

Matsuri: so did you make any memories?, how far did you went? 

Yuzu: not too far..(something like that, she doesn’t grasps the meaning, obviously lol)

Matsuri: I didn’t mean that, I was talking about erotic things..

Yuzu: of course that didn’t happen!!! (she gets all embarrassed and all the stuff yuzu does, poor Yuzu she’s just so innocent )

It’s getting late so they decide to head Home


Sorry for any mistakes, I’m just too tired lol, please correct anything you see it’s wrong

Random thought before I sleep:

  • did you realize Nagisa spoon-fed Rin with his own spoon?
  • that’s an indirect kiss
  • did you realize they jumped to the next part after that so we didn’t see Nagisa eating everything?
  • which means he hasn’t eaten the cake yet.
  • what happens when cute people eat cake?
  • icing on the cheeks, icing on the tip of the nose
  • And Rin’s been so good at taking care of Nagisa the whole time, so he’ll definitely take a napkin and impulsively wipe it
  • yeah i know it’s super cute

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40 and ereri? :3 that one just screams it :D

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

Eren had been trying, he really has, for god knows how long to catch that elusive quirk of lips that disappears so fast that Eren is left underwhelmed and frustrated.

They’ve known each other for 3 months now and have been dating for 2 weeks and he has yet to witness it so naturally being the determined little shit that he is, he made it his life’s mission to get more than the slight raised brow. 

He had no idea it would be this challenging though.

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The albino looked her opponent up and down with appraising eyes. Luci was a capable fighter, one that already had a reputation in the ring, and Julchen couldn’t afford to go easy on her. There was a cash prize involved, one Julchen knew she could use to help a lot of people, and that was not an opportunity to be missed. “Good luck. You’ll need it against me.”