Highly Suspect // Asks Pt. 2
  • "Fuck everyone else."
  • "Get up off your knees girl/boy."
  • "I came down from the stars."
  • "I'm ready for love and I'm ready for war."
  • "I know that nobody's ever been this fucking ready before."
  • "Stand face to face with your god."
  • "Sit down, shut up and let me buy you a drink."
  • "Just have another one and try not to die."
  • "I don't care about what other people think."
  • "You're still afraid to die."
  • "You think you're better than everyone. Well, you're fucking not."
  • "They don't know shit and neither do I."
  • "Hey, Little One."
  • "I hope you know that you were worth it all along."
  • "I'm tired, you're angry and everything is blurry."
  • "I love you. I'm leaving. So long."
  • "I'm so scared of what this could've been."
  • "I know that today I lost my only friend."
  • "The places I took you, they seem so fucking empty."
  • "So pass out, black out drunk in another bathroom stall."
  • "It's raining, it's sunny, it doesn't make a difference."
  • "We always knew that you were the wild one."
  • "You flew too close to the burning sun."
  • "It still feels like yesterday. I'll love you always."
  • "You said that you had nothing to lose."
  • "I should've listen up, but I fucked up."
  • "I promise I'll see you on the other side."
  • "I wish that everyone I knew was dead."
  • "I just want to be naked and masturbate all day at home."
  • "My heart just started screaming."
  • "I think I wanna be alive."
  • "I'm afraid of you."
  • "Half in and half out of the light."
  • "I'm not that good of a person, but I might be enough for you."
  • "Life is incredible."
  • "Wake up. Try not to suck."
  • "Why you gotta act so tough?"
  • "Do you believe in love?"
  • "It's hard to be lucky in love."
  • "Send me an angel."
  • "Why am I fucking up so bad?"
  • "Baby, I met you in downtown Chicago."
  • "I flew your pretty ass to New York City."
  • "Was it love or my fantasy?"
  • "Remember one night getting too fucked up in the Hamptons?"
  • "I'm burying my pain into somebody else."
  • "Was it real?"
  • "It's a good time for a timeless song."
  • "I was born to rock and now I've gotta roll."
  • "Baby I love you, but the moon is blue."

anonymous asked:

"Can’t we support them as friends and as two people with personalities, feeling and aspirations before we support them as a duo who may or may not be romantically involved." it's pretty obv your views have change but you want to mask it as "I still like ks", sometime must have happen for you to realize the exaggeration of that ship after all the analysis and things you said about them before.

in case you hadn’t realised this was a joke just like you

These moments of downtime are the greatest. These babies aren’t going to stay little forever (Becca’s on day two of underwear with no accidents! Zach’s speaking more everyday! 😫) and I need to sit and cuddle with them while they still want to. Damn the laundry and the dishes. This right here is what’s most important in my life. I’d do anything for these little people and I love them to the moon and back.

Today I say goodbye to the sweetest, silliest, most adorable kitty I’ve ever had. Alex, I hope that you can breathe easy wherever you are now. I hope your comfortable and happy, and curled up on someone’s lap up there, purring your heart out. You weren’t just a pet, you were a furry little friend who was always there to offer your paw for me to hold when I was hurting. Bellatrix, Puppy, and Renfield will miss you immensely, as now their quadruple threat of fat, lunatic cats is missing the most affectionate member. Thanks for letting me be your human, fat kitty. We love you. ♥