Cuter than cute


dnd game kinda fell through this morning mostly cause i started having a breakdown but we ended up kinda fuckin around with character sheets for future oneshots and i decided i wanted to try my hand at a bard

…who follows the college of glamour, from the unearthed arcana…

which is the fey background, so i had the thought…what if……..

so! meet belphi. she’s (one of) qilue’s daughter(s). not blood related, qilue kinda had their own take on the whole ‘steal kids from the mortal realm and bring them to the feywild’ demand put upon them by the court

i’m still toolin’ around with what she can do, but she’s fun. and her maybe-girlfriend is a tiefling wizard.  ✨

(oh–i should also mention she’s aasimar–which was extra fun for qilue, i’m sure)

i did not plan on doing so much on this ugh

manga spoilers//

sometimes i remember how the manga just keeps going on like normal, but what if sometimes…just sometimes shigeo is hit with a crushing feeling and all he can answer is, “I don’t know.” 


Chantilly Lace: You know, you are shilly!” You are perfect and you don’t even know it.

Merlot: I am not perfect. 

Chantilly Lace: Oh yes you are! You make me feel things too! Things that I never thought I’d feel.

Merlot: Oh yeah? Like what?

Chantilly Lace: Like… you make me not afraid anymore! I could run into the ocean right now, and wouldn’t be scared!!

Merlot: Huh?

anonymous asked:

If Jack has slipped further into "feral"-ness, how does he get back out of it and back into control? Is there a possibility of him never coming back to himself?

Hah, well anon, let’s just say that Jack doesnt want to go back to that and avoids it whenever he can.

I’m not going to spoil too much, but that sort of scenario already happened (mostly out of an intense self-preservation sort of instinct and insane regeneration) and he wasn’t able to be pulled out of it without outside intervention. Since then he’s had episodes, but nothing near the sort of critical condition he’s already been hit with.

These days, tiring himself out or getting the shit beat out of him is enough to do it. Like Reaper blasting him with shotgun shells point blank. That sorta thing takes a lot out of you, lmao.

man so the group I dm sort of crashed and burned because I kept getting flustered and anxious. that said, I’m gonna start dming again eventually, and I’ve been inching along on a plot.

I wanted a means of re-using characters from sessions that ended/burned out/never started proper– mostly because it’s my fault that a lot of my friends characters went unused or underused– so the plot revolves around a guild of dimension-hopping heroes who recruit new members from across the multiverse. Teams in this guild consist of 3 (although maybe more if I expand my group) heroes, each representing the Coalition of Retribution Enactment, or the “CORE’s” core tenants. Those being revenge, prevention and recovery. In their own universe, they hunt down monsters and save people from tragedies as their heroic deeds in other universes have cursed their own to be proportionately unlucky. When they defeat a monster/villain, they drop “hero coins” which depict heroes of the multiverse, minted onto coins. These coins will have pictures of various PC’s from literally ANY other session. These coins can be tossed into the fountain (a huge whirlpool below the base of the CORE) at a rate of 3x to use it as a means of teleporting to a new dimension. There, they complete missions for inflated rewards, and are unable to return home until the task is finished. Only then will a portal back to their own world open.

The goals of the group is to uphold the tenants, intervene in tragedies because the innocents of the multiverse deserve better, and to get those coins. Collecting coins and depositing them into your team’s funds raises your rank on the leaderboards– This unlocks new items, better lodging, and secret spells!

The current leaderboard high score belongs to the “God Dang Gang”– who’s name i definitely am borrowing– Ft Maura, the half elf bard, Allay, the tiefling rogue/cleric, and Grott, the dragonborn ranger. They’re fuckin’ good at their jobs.

Now, there are some sinister things brewing in this universe. A greedy god has his eyes on the hero coins, whose magical properties have yet to be fully understood. A benevolent god grows annoyed that mortals are using his powers to skip across the multiverse on a whim. A powerful goddess’ followers believe that the actions of the CORE are disrupting fate.