anonymous asked:

im looking really cute, pre caskett fics (pref S3 or S4) that are long and well written! i have a weakness for pre caskett but they are in love with each other

Ok this should be pretty easy :) 

They are mostly season 3 and 4, but I’ve chucked a few 1 and 2s in there as well :)

Enlightenment by Kate Christie

Attachment Syndrome, Partners, and What Pales in Comparison by FanficwriterGHC

Extraordinary and Midnight Queen by kimmiesjoy

Love Boat and A Better Fate by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter

kairos by ColieMacKenzie

still our hands match by bravevulnerability

And The World Turned by daphnebeauty

A Death in the Family by Sandiane Carter

silence is star-like by closingdoors

Fractured by Cartographical

The Plan and Blizzard by Googie

What If? and If Only by Liv Wilder

Waiting Game by muppet47

Fluff by International08

Magic and I choose you by Ky03elk

Starlight by honeyandvodka

Righting the Applecart by Lydian Stone

Separation Anxiety by VioletHills

The More Things Change by jstar1382

Thaw by RedGrayBall

Sick Day by Jersey Caramel