Ok so I’m going to finish with the promos/compliments I have soon (if you want one I’m still doing them) but I’m having a kind of personal emergency? I bought some glue on nails because if I don’t keep fake nails on, I bite my nails like until they bleed it’s like a subconscious thing I guess I don’t realize I’m doing it. Well the nails I had done at the nail place came off like a week ago and I’ve chewed my nails down to nothing so I didn’t want to go get them done yet because it will hurt. So anyway I glued one on and it was too big but I thought it would be ok so i moved on to the next finger but then the other one started hurting, I tried to take it off but part of the nail had adhered to my skin and it hurts really bad and it won’t come off. Does anyone have any suggestions?