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Can you write a scenario when Empress Aria dies, Phantom's future s/o comforts him and tells him they love him yet Phantom rejects their feelings at first but eventually falls in love with her? Thank you :D

Phantom: Sadness was all you felt, it really wasn’t over Empress Aria’s death but rather how Phantom was acting. You had been with him since the beginning and Aria dying affected him greatly. There was one thing you knew that had to be done and that was not to let him be alone. He already knew you were there when walking up behind him as he looked at the rose in his hand. “She loved this world so much, [Y/n]….” Phantom began.

“I know she did but you know one thing she wouldn’t have love. It would have been seeing you with such a bitter and sad expression.” You reply causing him to shift so he could look at you. “Aria wouldn’t have wanted you to be crying over her death. Please don’t shut your emotions in. I know this most likely is the worst time to say this but I love you Phantom and I don’t want you to go mad with revenge.”

His eyes widened with shock, almost causing him to dropped the rose. After a second, a sad smile appeared on his face. “I’m sorry [Y/n] but-”

“You can’t bring yourself to love me after Aria’s death?” You finished, making Phantom have a guilty look. “I knew you would say that and that’s fine. But I will still follow you and I want to be that friend you can tell everything to. I don’t mind having my heart broke but I don’t want you to keep everything bottled up.”

“…Thank you [Y/n]. For everything.” The thief says as you gave him new hope. Phantom wouldn’t let this world die yet and he wouldn’t deny, that in the future, he would like to make you his.

Fic Ideas

So here is a list of ideas I have but I can’t choose which one to do. I’ll let you guys pick:

- Draco watching you dance and being entranced because he’s never seen muggle dance before.

- Anything with Sam because he’s so sassy and he needs so much more love

- Caspian Modern AU/ Ben Barnes

- Rainy day + reading with Caspian (Done)

- Peter comforting you after battle and helping you deal with possible PTSD effects of it.

- Legolas Modern AU (Done)

- Song fic (You pick or I pick but give me a character)

- Other (Pick your own)

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Alex! Have you been reading Six and a Half by deargebleidd?!?! It is so good and I wish everyone would read it! It's a WIP so waiting for that next chapter kills when I just wanna devour the whole thing at once haha

Ahh no I’ve barely had time to read anything lately but I’m glad you’re enjoying it!! Link here for anyone interested :)