it is with a heavy heart I must announce I will be putting peter on an indefinite hiatus. I’ve been writing peter parker for 2+ years and I really, truly, didn’t want to let him go. I’ve been struggling with his muse for 6 months, and while I thought this was due to a solid mix of stress, lack of time and a need for a break from rp in general - I’ve been proven otherwise.   My return to rp has been very successful for my other blogs, but here I’ve not been able to conjure up a speck of muse.  This is a problem I’ve been having for months, and one I don’t see going away anytime soon.  Furthermore, marvel’s shift into their own brand of spider-man makes me feel as if it’s time for mine to move along.

Over the years I’ve been here I’ve met so many amazing people and friends. I’ve had the opportunity to write so many amazing and unique threads with a host of special, inspiring and talented writers. Truly, you have all inspired me and honored me with your enthusiasm, your dedication, your passion and your care for all your characters.  I made this blog when I was 15, and I am now quite close to being 18. I’ve grown up with this blog, kind of.  And many of you have had such a positive influence on me to encourage my own creative growth and to explore new ideas and forms of writing - whether you knew it and I ever told you or not.

I hope one day I can return to peter. I hope it can be sometime in the very near future. I love him, I love writing him. I love every single one of you who has written with me. I love everyone for taking a chance on me and my peter and my blog despite the blunders and the occasional upset and loss on inspiration and the drama.

Over these years I’ve amassed very close to 2.5k followers, changed my theme/icons a million times (sorry!)  I’ve seen friends come and go, I’ve communicated with people around the globe on such a meaningful level, I’ve been able to talk to and be inspired by so many fun, creative, inspiring and beautiful people. I’ve seen the rp community react with love and resilience in the face of hate, drama and tragedy.  Although I’ve had many blogs, none have impacted me like this did.

You all truly mean so much to me. Thankyou for writing with me and following me and making me feel so included. I love you all alot !!  Thankyou especially to the tasm community, who embraced me with such loving arms and who have shared so many good times with me. I love u guys !! keep the fandom alive pls !! I can still be found at my EMMA CARSTAIRS, and I will be opening a new blog soon which I will post a link to here.  PLEASE find me there, if you would like to. I would love to see you all there and keep being able to have you guys on my dash.

I am sorry to everyone who was hoping for thread replies, who was waiting on drafts. I’m sorry to anyone/everyone who I didn’t get to talk to and/or write with. Sorry to anyone, if this decision disappoints you in any way. Every single person who I have come in contact with through this blog means alot to me, and the support I’ve received in these 2 years will never stop astounding me.

I WILL MISS THIS BLOG SO MUCH GUYS !!!   It is something I have put a mighty amount of love, time, attention and dedication into. I love peter and I will miss him and you’s so much. Thankyou for coming on this journey with me and taking a chance on a 15 year old girl who just loved spider-man.


Couldn’t find Meychan’s version of “Aishite Aishite Aishite” on here so. Here it is.

Meychan’s a king of choruses so take a listen. He somehow made Kikuo’s song at least three times more haunting and anyone who can do that is spectacular.

me finally watching gotham 2b: yeah that’s cute an’ all but where’s my maniac???

Woooah, so many requests! I think I’ve got eight of ‘em in the box… Since I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than half of them already done, I’m gonna leave requests open. But please be patient, it might take me a while to get around writing/posting them (I try to post only two fics a day at most)! It really makes me happy to know that y’all like my writing so much. :)