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LACE - I’m writing this essay

I took 12 years of Catholic church history at a very conservative all girl’s Catholic convent school growing up and, though I am no longer Catholic or any religion, I have A LOT to say about how people misunderstand Tolkien’s LACE essay in the context of Catholic teaching, the context of the history of the Catholic church, and the literary context in which Tolkien was writing. There’s sex scenes in the Silmarillion guys. It’s just that you don’t realize it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Also, keep in mind that Tolkien loved literature, especially Classic literature and medieval literature maybe even more than he loved Catholicism and that stuff is RIFE with sex eeeeeverywhere. It is absolutely imperative that LACE be looked at in the context of the type of literature that Tolkien was basing his writings on. 

Also - I believe he wrote LACE quite late in his life? That has a lot of bearing on whether or not it is applicable to his earlier writings.

For example: Did you know that the medieval Catholic church sanctioned same sex weddings? Did you know that in 15th century Spain (arguably the most Catholic country on the planet) couples were encouraged to have sex once they were engaged? (aka before marriage) Did you know that around the time of Beowulf (which Tolkien loved) having children out of wedlock was considered very commonplace and not shameful? Many of the “Catholic” concepts of sexuality that people are displacing onto Tolkien’s books are actually extremely modern views of Christianity. Let’s not forget that aside from being Catholic, Tolkien was also a historian, a literature professor, and a translator. 

rant-y post (sorry)

I literally want to vomit

fucking “Dr Wendy Walsh”

if you’ve never fucking met someone don’t automatically assume because they wear black they are depressed?? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LOGIC.

ANOTHER fucking thing. Phil is one of the most colourful people alive, and 100% Dan has admitted Phil is a good person in his life.


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