why do shaladins specifically go into anti shaladin tags just to like. reply to every single post there with some whiney bs response about how “evil” antis are or to justify their gross ships. like nobody asked for your input buddy that’s why it’s in the anti tags

I’m a little late with this and I got veeeerryyyy carried away. It was really fun but I am so burnt out, I’m glad he’s finally done lol

Here’s a punk glowy neon starry nebula insect boy for all your crazy living glowstick needs~

“O-okay, Li-listen..”

Then he stole the train. Part of it anyways. :) that’s how Rick made his train. I’m really tired cause this took long too make cause I was drawing slowly cause reasons

Just an idea I’ve had in my head for a while… xd just did it. Old 19th century men

NISA's NDRV3 website updates
  • NISA: get hyped guys we're updating our website for the release date
  • Me: k
  • Nisa, again after a month: get hyped guys we're gonna update don't worry
  • Me, already spoiled about one victim of the game: yeah it's fine I can wait
  • Nisa, after 3 months: ya guys we're updating the website soon haha
  • Me, spoiled about the entire game, killers, victims and mastermind: please
  • Nisa, after 98 years: ya guys we finally updated the website, NDRV3 is gonna come out in the year 2116, November 2nd, get hyped lol
  • Me, rising from the grave: f in a ll y
  • Nisa: ya btw the game is postponed till 2216, sorry guys lol but don't worry we got good news, we're releasing Danganronpa Another Episode remake fully HD and 3D and now you can collect underwear and eat them, also in VR, so you can see Komaru's panties all gameplay, as well as extra secret Servant level where you can drag his chain and call him a little fucking bitch
  • Me, going to hell: f u c k ing f uck

and more so newt and tina are constantly bailing each other out of trouble and grabbing one another by the collar and dragging them off like

“did you see?! that’s a total violation of class C wand restrictions and-” “yes, dear” “who knows what they’re using it for?! probably HIGHLY ILLEGAL things” “possibly, dear” “im taking them in!” “dear, we’re harbouring a case full of illegal creatures let’s just go home to bed” “justice never sleeps!!”


“that’s repugnant, they’re not dangerous.” “of course not, dear.” “they’re misunderstood, that’s all” “yes, dear, but that centaur DID drag a woman into the wilderness so he should at least explain himself even if she did sound awful” “let’s put him in the case” “newton, no.” “newton, YES.”