book pairings:Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch
from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

As they moved through the old barn, Adam felt Ronan’s eyes glance off him and away, his disinterest practiced but incomplete. Adam wondered if anyone else noticed. Part of him wished they did and immediately felt bad, because it was vanity, really: See, Adam Parrish is wantable, worthy of a crush, not just by anyone, someone like Ronan, who could want Gansey or anyone else and chose Adam for his hungry eyes.

*binge watches television series that are 15 years old instead of facing my rapidly approaching real life problems*


Every time Dipper reaches into his tiny vest to pull out a book that’s as large as his torso I have to wonder what else he manages to keep in those magical pockets of his

AUs I came up with probably at 1 in the morning

Most of them probably done before but who cares read them again

- “I’m a radio DJ and you keep calling to suggest all these songs who are you you’re music is fantastic” AU

- Princess Bride AU (Everyone watch this if you haven’t please)

- Ghost hunters AU

- “I’m a really famous person and you don’t recognize who I am and I’m vaguely pissed off with you” AU 

- Skulduggery Pleasant AU (practically no one will get this but it’s here go read the books now)

- “Are you sure you want that tattooed there?” AU

- “I so didn’t break into your apartment just to pet your cat please don’t call the cops” AU

- “We’re the only ones in Denny’s at three in the morning why did you order five plates of eggs” AU

- “You started insulting my favorite character in the middle of this bookstore I will punch you in the teeth take it back” AU

- “We got stuck babysitting this kid together oh my god do you know how to get it to stop crying” AU

- “I burn everything I try to cook what the hell I didn’t know you could cook please help me” AU

additionally, the last 3 movies I watched were terrible, so help me cleanse my cinematic palate

movie suggestions?
(I will accept “rewatching Cinderella for the 40th time” as a suggestion)

Of Pride and Justice

Chapter 6

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(Wow alrighty, so this took a while because the direction I was going to go with it initially just would not work. Every time I worked on it, or read it over, there was just something not right about it. So I ignored my original plan, let things go on their own, and here we are. I really struggled with this chapter, but I think it makes more sense now, and it has the added benefit of no longer requiring as many warnings haha. But anyways. Oh, but I will add a warning that it starts off with a potentially upsetting situation, but otherwise nothing applies)

The roof was caving in, rocks crashing down and dust filling the air. Anders coughed, choking on the particles he’d accidentally breathed in, moving quickly to try and hide and avoid being crushed. The mage found a spot in the corner, away from the barrier and the camp that had already finished collapsing, it seemed, and took cover, crouching down and trying to protect his head with his arms. His eyes were screwed shut, teeth clenched hard, and his mind was begging and praying for it to end, for there still to be a way out when it was all over.

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I’ve been on this account for a whole year ikr, I’ve been gone lately bUt I still love this fandom and account just as much as I did when I decided to start this blog. I remember how excited it was and how nervous I was too, just glad I stayed tbh. This may not be much but I wanted to show my gratitude to people who stood by my side when I went through utter shit. ; )

So, i dedicate this to my wonderful rpers ;A

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